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Does Your Dog Have Asthma? How to Care for Your Pup’s Breathing Issue

If your dog has asthma, it can be difficult to know how to help them. They can’t use words to tell you how they feel or what would help them best.

It is up to you to help them the best you know how.

Here are five ways you can start the process of making life a little easier for your asthmatic pup:

Does Your Dog Have Asthma How to Care for Your Pup's Breathing Issues

Ways to Help Your Asthmatic Pup

Remove Breathing Triggers

Just as with humans that have asthma, there are environmental triggers that can cause asthma to worsen.

There are things you can do to remove environmental asthma triggers, so your dog’s asthma isn’t as much of an issue.

Some of these triggers are obvious, such as not smoking around your pet or not using scented products like candles and sprays.

However, you may not think to check the outdoor pollen counts before going for a long walk or even giving your dog a bath more often.

Use a Cool Mist Humidifier

Humidity can help your dog with asthma a great deal.

If you run a cool mist humidifier for them, especially if you place it on the floor so it is level with them, you may see a big improvement.

The humidity helps to loosen up the mucous, so it is easier for them to get it up, allowing them to breathe easier.

You may not want to run the humidifier constantly, but at least at night in the room where they sleep would allow them to see the benefits.

Boost Vitamin Intake

Vitamins help in many ways, and for dogs as well as humans.

Some vitamins help with asthma-related problems more than others, however.

Three vitamins have been shown to help with breathing problems more than others so talk to your vet about the following if you think they might help: Vitamin C and Vitamin E to boost the immune system, and Cod Liver Oil to boost the immune system as well as reduce inflammation in the lungs.

Use Natural Herbal Remedies

Most ailments can be helped, at least to some degree, by natural remedies.

For asthma-related breathing problems in dogs, there are several remedies that seem to work together for a whole-body, holistic approach.

If they have a dry, hacking cough, you could try Mullein or Licorice Root.

For the sore throat that accompanies that cough, you may be able to use Marshmallow Root or Coltsfoot.

And to help boost the immune system to ward off asthmatic attacks, Echinacea, Oregon Grape, or Astragalus work great.

Know When to Seek Emergency Services

When a dog suffers from asthma, it is difficult for them to “tell” you they are having trouble breathing.

Instead, you need to be able to read their body language and understand what they are trying to say.

It is important to know when to take your dog to see emergency vet services for asthma attacks.

There is a lot that an emergency vet can do to help your dog that is having trouble breathing, so getting them the help they need at the right time is important.

While life may be a little different for a pup with asthma, it doesn’t have to be severely limited.

Once you find a routine and the right treatments, an asthmatic puppy can have just as full a life as any healthy dog.

So, start figuring out what triggers those breathing problems and eliminate them.

Find out what works to boost their immune system and use it.

Make their life the best it can be, and in the process yours as well.


Thursday 26th of April 2018

Really helpful for those that suffer from this. I think cats can get asthma too, similar tips for them too

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