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Is a Dog’s Mouth Cleaner Than Yours?

Have y’all ever heard that sayin’ that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human? Say What? Now, I’m a dog so I gotsa think on this one. But, let’s go back and look at where, and why, this sayin’ came about. Then we’ll see what ya think…

Is a Dog’s Mouth Cleaner Than Yours?

Most think the sayin’ came from a way back when some studies came out sayin’ human bites got infected more often than dog bites. Now a days, they say that simply ain’t true. Modern studies amongst the medical folks have shown that infections are equal whether from a human or a dog bite.

Another reason folks believe a dog’s mouth is cleaner is dogs lick their wounds and they heal up. Us dogs lick our wounds, but we don’t have no special healin’ powers in our spit. The reason the wounds heal up faster is ’cause of the lickin’ we’re givin’ it. Healin’ is promoted by removin’ the dead tissue, makin’ the wound heal faster.

Both dogs and humans have bacteria in their mouths. But to go comparin’ them is like the difference in daylight and dark! Human folk and dogs have different bacteria in their mouths. But, even though they’re different kinds of bacteria, BOTH cause dental problems and diseases. This in turn means human folk and dogs need to have our teeth cleaned, and occasionally teeth removed. If us dogs didn’t have any of this bacteria, then we wouldn’t have teeth and gum diseases from em! Thankfully, there are very few diseases that can be transmitted from dog to human through saliva.

While we’re on the subject of teeth and gum disease, you human folks brush your teeth all the time. Well us dogs need ours brushed too! Did ya know they have a whole mess of different kinds of dog toothbrushes and toothpaste made specially for us? You can usually find em at pet supply stores. I’m gonna admit I’ve never had my teeth brushed before.  But, my Lady puts somethin’ in our drinkin’ water. She says it helps with our dental health and gives us fresher breath too 🙂 Ha Hum…Little Bit needs to hit that drinkin’ bowl a little more often! WOOF!

S’cuse me! I done got off the subject I was a talkin’ about! Let’s get back to whose mouth is cleaner. Human mouths and dog mouths both have bacteria, only different. Both kinds of bacteria can cause infection. Human folk and dogs use our mouths for different things. Us dogs use our tongues to give ourselves a bath. We even use our tongue for toilet paper! Heck, my brother Ozzy’s even been known to eat poop before. And, ya all know we think cat poop is a delicacy! So now, ya still gotta ask – is a dog’s mouth cleaner than yours? Let’s get real human folk! Think about it! WOOFERS!

So, is a dog’s mouth cleaner than yours? The answer is NO! But, my Lady still wants my smooches 🙂 Shooosh, don’t tell!



Sunday 5th of June 2016

I put something in my pup's water to help with bad breath. I need to work harder on brushing his teeth as it's not something he nor I are used to doing.

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