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Great Gifts for Pet Parents from Hi-Jack and Safe Home Water Test Kits! #ValentinesGifts2022

Does your sweetheart have a pet? Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? If so, we have a couple of great gifts for pet parents that will make their heart swell!

Pet parents are a breed amongst themselves – pardon the pun!

Pets are a part of our family and when it comes to gifts for pet parents you can never go wrong with products that help us take better care of our furry friends!

Great Gifts for Pet Parents from Hi-Jack and Safe Home Water Test Kits!

Hi-Jack and My Pet Drinking Water Test Kits are two PAWSOME gifts any pet parent would be tickled to receive!

From organizing their keys, leashes, and bags to taking care of the health of their beloved furbabies, you simply can’t go wrong with these spiffy gifts!

Let’s take a look at them and you will see why!

Hi-Jack covering phone jack on wall with leash, harness, and keys hanging from it.


Are you, or your friend, like me and live in a home with those unsightly old phone jacks? GRRRR!

You either learn to live with them or work around them, right?

But, that is the beauty of this nifty Hi-Jack!

Hi-Jack is the perfect solution for not only hiding that ugly old phone jack but also holding all the essentials for you and your pet!

All your essentials are hanging in one place, ready to grab for your pet’s next walk, heading out to run errands, or that GOTTA GO NOW midnight run outside only to watch a stray leaf float across the yard.

Yup! We’ve all done it, right?

Contents of Hi-Jack system

Hi-Jack simply makes it easier on you.

You no longer have to run around the house like a mad person looking for everything!

Hi-Jack art inserts

Hi-Jack art inserts

It comes with 6 artful inserts you can interchange in the frame or better yet, why not showcase a photo of your furry friend.

Pit-Heeler mix watching preparation to hang Hi-Jack on wall.

Hi-Jack only takes seconds to install and really does beat the cost of having your phone jack removed.

Simply cover the ugly old phone jack up!

Even if you aren’t trying to hide a phone jack, simply screw the bracket into the wall.

If you are looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift idea for a pet parent, consider a useful Hi-Jack to make their life easier!

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Hi-Jack logo

Let’s look at another useful product pet parents will love – My Pet Drinking Water Test Kits!

These useful kits will help them take care of the health of their beloved pets which is something pet parents are always focused on!

Black German Shepherd-Lab with a My Pet Drinking Water Test Kit

My Pet Drinking Water Test Kits

I see you! Don’t be shaking your head over there! It’s really a thing y’all!

Seriously! Why would you spend all that money taking the utmost care of your pet with amazing nutrition and medical care and then disregard the yuckies they may be consuming in their drinking water?

When it comes to my pups, and in my way of thinking, it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Well, now we have an easy way of knowing exactly what is in their drinking water with these nifty ‘My Home Pet Drinking Water Test Kits‘ from EnviroTestKits!

My Pet Drinking Water Test Kit

My Pet DIY Drinking Water Test Kits are designed for testing freshwater sources, such as but not limited to: Well Water, Rain Water, Pond Water, Municipal Water, Filtered Water, Bottled Water, Spring Water, Lake Water or River Water.

Why use a Water Test Kit?

By using the simple kit and doing the test, you will know exactly what your pet is drinking.

Most of us use plain old regular tap water for our pups. But, did you know tap water contains chemicals and sometimes can contain contaminants? 

Some furbabies are super sensitive to some of the chemicals they use to treat the water which can compromise their immune systems.

My Pet Drinking Water Test Kit

My Pet DIY Drinking Water Test Kit is easy to use!

Simply dip the test strip in the water for 2 seconds. Then, lay on a flat surface and wait 30 seconds for the colors to develope.

After 30 seconds, match the test strip to the strip/colors on the bottle.

Each kit contains 100 test strips!

They also send along a pouch containing additional tests for one each of lead and pesticides, a test vial, and one dropper.

Black German Shepherd-Lab drinking water from a metal bowl.

Water is very important to keep our pets hydrated. So, why not test their drinking water to be on the safe side? 

Testing your water will be especially useful if your dog is having allergies and/or stomach issues you can’t get under control.

Black German Shepherd-Lab licking his lips after drinking water from a metal bowl.

It’s slurpin’ good to me Mom!

I wouldn’t freak out about your water, but checking it with a My Pet Drinking Water Test Kit would be worth it to know for sure.

It only takes a few minutes to perform and can relieve your mind or at the very least, tick off another possibility of what is causing allergies or illness in your pet.

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My Thoughts

Gifts for pet parents are not hard to choose!

All pet parents love any and everything to do with our beloved pets!

This year, Hi-Jack and My Pet Drinking Water Test Kits are high on the list as the most wanted gifts.

Both are products that help take care of their furbabies which helps them show their love daily!

And, that my friend, will cause any pet parent’s heart to swell!

We’ve added Hi-Jack and Safe Home Test Kits to our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Pets & Pet Lovers

Check it out HERE!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Lovers

Anne Perry

Saturday 23rd of September 2023

Never walk alone. I love that!


Sunday 30th of January 2022

These are great ideas. I love the "Never Walk Alone" gift.

Debbie P

Thursday 27th of January 2022

Thanks for the great gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

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