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Holistic Pet Health Care Questions

My Lady is back talkin’ ’bout that howl-istic stuff again. I’ve decided I like it! WOOF! Lots of good food and natural stuff has to be good for you doesn’t it? That’s all I know about it. My Lady says a lot of folks wonder and have holistic pet health care questions.

So, today, I’m gonna let my Lady do all the talking and tell you some important stuff.

Meanwhile, I can’t seem to stop yawning, so I’m gonna go take a bit of a nap. I want to be good and ready for playtime!

Holistic Pet Health Care Questions

Here’s what my Lady says ’bout them holistic pet health care questions:

If you’re a returning reader, you know that I’m a big fan of holistic pet care.

If you’re not a returning reader – and even if you are – you’ve probably got lots of holistic pet health care questions.

Well, that’s why I’m here – to help you navigate the holistic pet care waters and help you provide your pets with great health care options that work in conjunction with your vet.

Answering Your Holistic Pet Health Care Questions

Let’s start with the basics. What is holistic pet health care anyway?

Holistic health care is a whole-body approach to health that takes into account the entire body and how all of its parts work together.

It’s an approach to health that encompasses nutrition, exercise, supplementation, natural food sources, and natural approaches to reducing or eliminating pain. This goes for pets as well as people.

Hold up! Before you get all excited about dropping your vet and feeding your dog and cat some sort of all natural diet from the far east that supposedly eliminates the need for blood work, flea and tick preventative, and heartworm preventative, take a breath.

I’m here to answer holistic pet health care questions, however, I do not advocate a lack of proper veterinary care! Holistic care should be used in conjunction with proper vet care – not in place of it.

Okay. We know what holistic health care is, now let’s talk about what it encompasses.

The short answer is everything. However, here’s a rundown of some of the specifics.

Holistic Diet

A good holistic diet is one using all-natural, high quality protein sources, as well as carbohydrate sources that work in your pet’s body.

It’s an approach to healthy food that is much like our own approach.

In the same way that processed foods are bad for us, they are also bad for our pets.

Holistic Supplementation

Supplementation is key to the holistic approach to health care.

In addition to all-natural foods, proper supplementation is key.

They make multivitamins for dogs as well as people, and it’s a great idea to give them one every day just like it’s a good idea for us to have one every day.


Pets need exercise just like we do.

Exercise does a few different things for our pets.

It helps them work off their energy, it’s physically and mentally stimulating, and it’s great bonding time.

Natural Pain and Symptom Relief

The holistic approach to pain and system relief can be as simple as applying hot and cold compresses to a joint.

It can also encompass supplementation.

For example, a dog with arthritis can benefit from daily glucosamine and fish oil supplementation.

Glucosamine promotes cartilage health, and fish oil is an anti-inflammatory.

Again, this is not a substitute for proper vet care, it is only a compliment.

Some dogs may need medications like Rimadyl or Tramadol for severe joint pain.

I hope this brief overview has answered some of your holistic pet health care questions.

It’s a great starting point to help you in your journey to better health for your pet.


Friday 18th of January 2019

It amazes me sometimes how many people medications can be given to our pets. Do they ever get any side effects from them like humans do? Intersting article .


Wednesday 24th of January 2018

An important topic to cover, thanks for the outlook/insight

April Monty

Monday 20th of February 2017

What great approaches to pet health,it's a fantastic way to care for them


Sunday 19th of February 2017

Those dogs are cute

Sarah L

Sunday 19th of February 2017

I wish I'd known about this 40 years ago when I had a dog. It makes lots of sense to me.

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