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Holistic Treatment for Pets – Learning “Howl-istic” Basics!

My Lady says we need to talk more about this here “Howl-istic” stuff. At first I was a little worried because I thought she was going to fuss about some of the noises I make when I am startled. Then she says that it’s “holistic” and it is a good way to treat all animals. My Lady treats me real good all ready, so it must be somethin’ pretty wonderful!

Holistic Treatment for Pets

Some folks think that it is hard to adapt to holistic treatment for pets, but really, it’s quite easy and natural. You might even be doin’ some parts already. My Lady says holistic means “treatin’ the mind, body and soul” of a pet and keepin’ their whole system in balance.

Here’s what my Lady says holistic treatment for pets is:

Treatin’ the mind is easy and it’s fun. That just means to keep your dog’s mind active by playin’ games and teachin’ him things that make him think. So that’s why my Lady is always teachin’ me stuff and talkin’ to me! When she makes me go look for things, I thought it was just ’cause she lost it!

Treatin’ the body feels really good! I like my baths and groomin’ and a nice shiny coat looks awesome. I can’t read to good, but my Lady says it isn’t good to use shampoos that have big old words in them that even she can’t pronounce. She says chemicals are bad for my body and we need to find labels with natural ingredients like essential oils, coconut oil and even oatmeal.

Good food helps my body be in a healthy balance too. My Lady always feeds me the best quality stuff and doesn’t let me over eat so I don’t get fat and lazy. She says this is all part of that howl-istic mind, body and soul stuff.

My Lady takes good care of my soul by keepin’ me happy and healthy. She gives me lots of hugs and attention. She also makes sure I get exercise and plenty of fresh cool water. Well, y’all, that’s the basics of startin’ out with some good “howl-istic” approaches. That’s not so scary or weird. That just makes good sense. I’ll tell y’all more about what I am learnin’ next time!

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