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Ways To Make Your Dog’s Coat Shiny

Dogs with healthy coats are not only beautiful but healthy looking. If you are looking for ways to make your dog’s coat shiny, then take a look at these tips.

Beautiful shiny German Shepherd Lab mix running through the yard

Tips for Making Your Dog’s Coat Shiny

Brush them regularly

Nothing is easier than grabbing a brush and sitting down to brush your dog.

Not only will it help their coat to be shinier, but it can also help get rid of tangles and excess fur that would typically gather as dust bunnies around your house.

Most dogs also thoroughly enjoy the time and attention you are giving them as you brush them and talk to them.

Just like their human counterparts, these little acts mean a lot and make them feel loved.

Get rid of the parasites

Parasites like fleas, ticks, and similar can seriously dull your dog’s coat.

Not only are they irritating to your dog, but they are also dangerous.

These critters carry a ton of disease, as well as the potential for infection from bites and wounds.

One of the best things you can do for your dog is to make sure they are properly treated for fleas and ticks.

This will keep their skin safe, which will result in healthy hair and coat.

Change their food

There is a lot to be said about choosing a good wholesome diet and/or a homemade dog food regimen, and the health of their skin and hair is top on the list.

Organic, and natural, foods are great, but homemade dog foods can be controlled so much easier than store-bought dog foods.

This can also help you to eliminate items in their diet that may be causing skin irritations and stomach upset, both of which can give them a dull coat.

If they aren’t getting the nutrients they need from their food, their skin, nails, and hair will be some of the first things to show evidence of the lack.

Bathe them regularly with the right shampoo

While many would grab their own shampoo or even some dishwashing liquid back in the day to give their pet a bath, this isn’t always safe.

Not only can these chemicals hurt their skin, but they can also dull their coat.

Make sure the shampoo you are using is safe for your dogs.

These ways to make your dog’s coat shiny are really simple to put into place.

A better diet and proper grooming will make the largest impact on the shine of your dog’s coat.

These actions will help give your dog the most beautiful coat you could imagine them having.

Dorothy Boucher

Saturday 6th of November 2021

Thank you for this information, very helpful! and shared. @tisonlyme143


Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

She herself has a boxer dog. Although I don't know what dog grooming is haha, but I can sympathize with the owners of long-haired breeds.

Marisela Zuniga

Wednesday 24th of June 2020

this is great information, thanks for sharing

Amy Orvin

Thursday 27th of August 2015

Thank you for the tips! All ones I currently use, too. I try to bathe my dog twice a week in a highly fragrant dog shampoo that's imported from Italy. It absolutely smells like heaven and makes Toby's coat so shiny and smooth. I brush her every day and once a month I apply her Frontline or Advantage flea control. I like to switch them monthly so the fleas don't get immune to it.


Tuesday 18th of August 2015

Yes, I do all that. I also gave him chamomile wash when I discovered he had a skin-problem on his tail and it restored it in no time.


Tuesday 18th of August 2015

(I forgot to add that he also lost his fur on that -about half an inch- area and it regrew perfectly.)

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