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How Often Should You Brush a Cockapoo?

Cockapoos are well-loved pets all over the globe. They are known to be good pets for people who suffer from many allergies because they produce less hair and dander. Still, there’s a good chance that these dogs can still shed.

Proper grooming is needed for overall pet care, considering that this breed has fur of different types.

With various grooming brush choices, including self-grooming toys, it is important to know about the best brushes for cockapoos.

How Often Should You Brush a Cockapoo?

How Often Should You Brush a Cockapoo?

Cockapoos may shed a lot of hair due to genetics.

Since they’re a crossbreed of two dogs, they’re likely to take more genes from either parent.

This leads any cockapoo owner to know how to keep their house tidy with their pet’s hair all over the house.

Note that the hair shed by cockapoos differs due to their varying coats.

The coat of a cockapoo could be wavy, straight, and curly.

It can also be rough, soft, dense, and silky. It may lead owners to think of the frequency by which a cockapoo is groomed and brushed.

The answer to this is really regular brushing. The recommendation for most cockapoos is five times a week.

Closeup of a Cockapoo's face

Tips for Grooming Different Cockapoos

For more detailed information on grooming particular types of cockapoos, check out each of our recommendations below. Keep in mind that just like when you’re picking a goldendoodle brush or cavapoo brush, the key is to choose the right type of brush for your cockapoo’s coat.

We understand how difficult it is to care for our pets at times, but being equipped with the needed information will help a lot.

Curly-Coated Cockapoos

Regular clippings and brushing are needed for this type of cockapoo.

It helps ensure the prevention of having matted coats and the removal of dead hair.

That is why the edges of their hair also need regular cuts.

It might also help to keep the cockapoo’s curls short to keep grooming to a low-maintenance level.

Extremely tight curls would also require the daily brushing of the coat.

It is good to note that loosely wavy coats do not need a lot of other grooming steps that those with other coats require.

Tip: The only catch, though, is that tight curls can absorb mud and dirt more quickly than others, so clipping a cockapoo’s coat at about three to four centimeters in length will help.

Investing in good grooming products also makes a huge difference, especially those specifically formulated for your dog.

Ringlet Coat Cockapoos

This type of cockapoo requires more maintenance.

In fact, a special type of brushing technique, called line grooming, is best for it.

It is essential to use a flexible slicker brush and a bladed detangler.

Sometimes, you would also need to use detangling sprays.

As the name implies, these products help remove dead fur and deal best with conditioned, wet fur.

On top of the frequency and intricacy of brushing, a visit to professional groomers is recommended every three months.

Tip: Added attention is needed for ringlet coat cockapoos, especially for removing molted undercoats. It might also take several hours to complete the grooming process. The important thing is to work your way methodically from root to tip.

Straight-Coated Cockapoos

Straight-coated cockapoos are fortunate to keep their hair length at a natural level just by a few times of brushing every week.

Experts recommend that two to three times is enough.

However, regularly trimming overgrown hair, especially between the eyes, is still recommended.

Doing so helps the dog have a clearer vision and prevents infections. It also helps prevent possible accidents.

You can also trim the beard from the dog’s bottom jaw because the hair can get clogged when drinking.

It can potentially cause many health problems for your pet, especially in the long run.

Tip: As mentioned, clipping is much needed for straight-coated cockapoos. Due to low to medium shedding, you need to do this three to four times annually. The same tip applies to straight-coated cockapoos with loose waves.

ockapoo with a yellow ball laying by the ocean

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the type of cockapoo you own, frequent trimming and brushing are really a must.

It must be said, though, that for a cockapoo’s first six months of life, 10 minutes of brushing in a span of four times a week is already enough to keep it in order.

On another note, regular checks for infection and proper treatment from the veterinarian are necessary.

You should avoid overbathing as this will make their skin dry and remove the essential oils that are supposed to be on their coats.

You should also follow other grooming tips, such as not putting cotton buds in a dog’s ears.

With proper brushing, exploring different types of cuts, such as summer, lamb, and cockapoo cocker cut, will also work for some good, clean fun with your pet.

Molli Taylor

Thursday 24th of March 2022

I love cockapoos but I don't know if I'm up for the grooming, I would never want to fail my dog!

megan allen

Tuesday 15th of February 2022

I always learn something new when I visit this blog! Thanks for sharing!

jason jennings

Tuesday 15th of February 2022

great i need to try

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