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How to Avoid Dog Fights When You Go For A Walk

Walking our dogs should be a pleasurable experience. However, there is always the possibility of encountering another dog. Between the strange dog and your dog, sparks may fly and the danger of a dog fight is on your hands. The question is, would you know what to do in this situation?

In this situation, there are a few things you can do to protect your dog and reduce the possibility of dog fights occurring.

How to Avoid Dog Fights When You Go For A Walk

First, and foremost, your dog should always be leashed when you walk him. Always make sure he has a good collar and a strong leash or harness.

A sturdy dog harness bundle is great to use.

A walk is a bad time for a leash to break. You may wish to carry a spare, just in case.

If you are faced with another dog, try to avoid them by going in a different direction.

However, if they are intent on checking each other out, do not tense up and immediately pull your dog away.

Allow them to smell and say hello. Sometimes, they just want to greet the other dog.

By pulling back on the leash, you can possibly escalate the greeting into a fight.

However, at any sign, the greeting is not going well and a fight is brewing, take action to remove your dog from the scene.

Train Your Dog to Follow Commands

Of course, prevention is always the best course. But, sometimes it cannot be helped.

In this case, training is the best thing you can do for your dog to avoid a dog fight.

If your dog is well-trained, then you will be in at least some control of the situation.

It is always best to leave and avoid the situation if possible.

A well-trained dog who will listen and follow your command will benefit you in this situation.

A well-trained dog should walk away with you when you tell him to.

However, walking away is sometimes not an option.

If Your Dog is the Aggressor

If you have a dog that is known to be the aggressor and picks fights, you will need to be careful to walk him alone and in areas where you are unlikely to encounter strays or other dogs who might respond to his posturing.

You may also consider muzzling him when walking.

At any time, and for everyone, it is always a good idea to walk where there will be few strays.

You never know how they will act and they could be carrying diseases that you don’t want to expose your own dog to.

Defense Against a Dog Fights

As a defense against dog fights, consider carrying an umbrella to pop open in case another dog attacks.

The sudden opening of an umbrella between the dogs gives the element of surprise and can buy you time.

It may also frighten the attacking dog away.

An easy way to carry an umbrella and leave your hands free is by attaching a shoulder strap.

Some people carry pepper spray or a taser as a defense. However, these methods can cause physical harm and I do not condone using them.

If you feel these are necessary, perhaps a different place to walk is in order.

Socialize Your Dog

The best way to avoid dog fights while out on a walk is to properly socialize your dog while he’s a puppy.

Well-socialized dogs have less of a tendency to fight. But any dog can be jumped on by another dog.

If you are walking your dog and he is attacked the best thing for you to do is to drop the leash and let your dog defend himself.

Try to call him off verbally (without panicking and screaming, as this will only escalate the fight), but do not physically put yourself between the two dogs.

Try to get your dog’s attention, but do not put yourself at risk.

You can get a nasty dog bite and be severely injured.


Tuesday 5th of February 2019

I try to avoid getting too close to the other dog.

Lynne B

Saturday 29th of September 2018

My dog seems to be picky about which dogs she'll tolerate or play with. I don't know if this behavior is left over from before we adopted her.


Sunday 26th of March 2017

This is good information. I would like to have a cute little dog someday, and do want to make sure it doesn't get attacked.


Friday 24th of March 2017

I like the umbrella idea. We have some dogs that run wild in our neighborhood but we've never had issues.


Sunday 5th of March 2017

I like the umbrella idea. That's not one I have heard of before. One great idea that I think hasn't gotten enough attention is the yellow ribbon on the leash. Yellow ribboned dogs don't like to be approached, so I'll never ask to pet a dog sporting one!

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