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How To Choose The Right Toy For Your Dog

Other than the basic needs, such as food and water, toys are also considered essential items for dogs.

They usually use them for playing and chewing.

Without toys to play with, dogs may develop certain behavioral problems. Hence, it’s essential to provide your dog with toys.

However, considering your dog’s preference and the endless toy options in the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

There are toys that might not provide enough stimulation for your dog, while others may simply be unsafe for them to play with.

That being said, you need to conduct thorough research before making a purchase.

To help you get started, this article will teach you the basics of how to choose the right toy for your dog.

How To Choose The Right Toy For Your Dog

Get Familiar With Different Toy Types

When looking for the perfect dog toy, it’s crucial to take into consideration the different toy types available.

While there are a vast number on the market, you need to understand that not all types may suit your canine friend.

So, it’s highly advisable to familiarize yourself with the different types of dog toys before buying one.

These include the following:

Plush Toys:

Many dogs love this type of toy because they can carry them around in their mouths like a constant companion or rip them apart as if they’re prey.

Since most plush toys are filled with a kind of stuffing and often come with squeakers, they can be the perfect toy for dogs who love to play and chew.

However, you need to supervise your dog as they play with plush toys to ensure they don’t swallow the squeakers or stuffing.

If you want to get several toys in unique designs, you can visit Gage Beasley Shop and other similar sites for different options for your dog.

Tug Toys:

If you’re looking for a toy that provides good physical exercise for your canine, tug toys are an excellent option.

Choose one that’s easy for your dog to bite and pull on so that they can get the most out of their toy.

You should also make sure that the one you purchase is durable enough to endure your dog’s pulling strength.

Tug toys can keep your dog busy for long periods, as they provide your dog with a fun and somewhat challenging activity.


If your dog likes to play games with you, a ball can be a great toy for them, since you can throw it around for them to run after and fetch.

When shopping for one, you need to consider the size of the ball you’ll get.

It should be large enough for them to carry without swallowing it accidentally, but not so large that they have a hard time picking it up with their mouth.

Check The Texture

As mentioned earlier, dog toys are usually used for playing with and chewing.

That said, it’s essential to factor in the texture of the toy before deciding on one for your furry friend.

You should be careful not to select one that’s too hard or too soft.

If the toy is too hard, your dog may find it hard to chew on, and it could cause damage to their gums and teeth.

Alternatively, if the toy is too soft, it’s susceptible to breaking and may be a choking hazard if your dog decides to swallow pieces of it.

By choosing a toy with the right texture, you can provide your dog with a fun time while keeping them safe.

Brown and white dog running while carrying a ball

Think About The Other Benefits

Dog toys aren’t only good for the physical well-being of your pet; some of them also provide wellness benefits.

To make the most out of your purchase, choose a toy that not only requires your dog to be physically active but also promotes their well-being.

For example, throwing balls for your dog to fetch allows them to run around and get exercise, but this activity also provides your dog with an extremely fun playtime.

This is especially true if other dogs are joining in on the activity as well.

Thus, balls are a perfect option for allowing dogs to socialize and for boosting their well-being.

If you’d like your dog to exercise their brain too, you can look for puzzle toys to stimulate your dog’s cognitive function.

Consider Your Dog’s Age

It’s crucial to consider how old your dog is when you’re selecting toys for them.

You should make sure the toy you buy is appropriate for their age to ensure their safety.

For example, if you have a puppy, it might be best to get a soft item, like a plush toy, to protect their gums and teeth from damage.

If you have a fully grown dog, items such as balls, hard rubber chew toys, and ropes may be good options for them.

Since their teeth and jaws are strong enough, grown dogs can have fun with tougher toys without danger of harming themselves.

Young woman playing with her dog at home

Bottom Line

As a dog parent, it’s one of your responsibilities to provide your pet with the best toys they can play with and chew on.

You can’t expect them to be entertained by just any random item lying around the house; you have to buy a toy especially for them.

So, keep the information mentioned above in mind to help you pick the right toy for your canine.

In doing so, you can ensure your dog will have an enjoyable and safe playtime.

Molli Taylor

Wednesday 16th of March 2022

my dog loves to play but he's so small, it's hard find something fun that's suitable

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