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QWIZL Dog Toy from West Paw Design Provides Fun Mental Stimulation #Petpalooza2

Us pups love to run and play outside. We chase them squirrels up into trees and wrestle with each other. Then again, we love hangin’ out in the house with my Lady. That doesn’t mean the fun stops! No sirree! We have what my Lady calls “busy toys” cause they are good for mental stimulation. Say what? My mind gets stimulated alright! I get down right busy trying to get at them treats in there WOOF! Well, the other day, the nice folks at West Paw Design asked us if we would test out their new QWIZL Zogoflex Dog Toy. Yea buddy! Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! Of course, we all raised our paws to get a chance to give the new QWIZL Dog Toy a try!

QWIZL Dog Toy from West Paw Design Provides Fun Mental Stimulation

My Lady is still talkin’ ’bout mental stimulation, activities, and treat savin’…hum! I don’t know ’bout such things, so lemme round her up to tell ya more.

Here’s what my Lady says about the QWIZL Dog Toy from West Paw Design

When it comes to my pups, I want to do the very best for them. While they love to go for outside exercise, they also love laying at my feet while I work. Truth be known, I can’t hardly get separated from them. In order for them to go play outside, I have to go with them or they just hang by my side and refuse to go. I know – strange dogs! I call them my Velcro babies 🙂 However, their need to be with me all the time leaves me feeling guilty about them being bored while I type away. However, it is also why I appreciate dog toys that give them mental stimulation and helps enrich their lives. West Paw Design has a new fun and stimulating Zogoflex® dog toy called a QWIZL!

Before, I tell you about the QWIZL Dog Toy, let me introduce you to West Paw Design and tell you why they are so pawsome!

About West Paw Design

When you live and work in a place like Montana, you can’t help but be inspired by the planet’s natural beauty. This is why West Paw Design incorporates sustainable practices in manufacturing and thoughtfully design their toys and beds. An example of this is their award winning and extremely durable Zogoflex® dog toys – they can all be infinitely recycled through our Join the Loop® program. It also inspired them to became co-founders of the Montana Coalition for the Outdoors and Pet Sustainability Coalition.

QWIZL Dog Toy from West Paw Design

We all know that a bored dog is a dog that can find trouble. You have heard me talk about enrichment activities and that is exactly what the QWIZL Dog Toy is! The fun QWIZL dog toy helps by channeling their energy and providing mental stimulation.

QWIZL Dog Toy from West Paw Design

How Does the QWIZL Work?

To use the QWIZL, simply add a high value treat, cheese spread, or peanut butter (xylitol free please) inside the grooves. They will be able to access it from both ends and see/smell it in the middle. While my pups love a lot of treats, their guilty pleasure is Pup-Peroni. So, I simply stuck them inside the QWIZL! In the large, I added 2 side by side and one in the smaller sized one so that they would not slip out easily.

German Shepherd-Lab Mix playing with a QWIZL dog toy from West Paw Design

Of course, the dogs don’t know the why’s of the QWIZL. All they know is there is a tasty treat in there and they want it! But, that’s not all!

For us dog parents, it has another added benefit! Those tasty treats are expensive, especially for the high value, high quality ones. The QWIZL benefits us by making those high dollar treats last longer while being a fun stimulating activity for the dogs! It really is a win-win for the pups and for us pet parents! Happy dogs, happy humans!

German Shepherd-Lab Mix playing with a QWIZL dog toy from West Paw Design

I love that the QWIZL Zogoflex dog toy is 100% recyclable! I also especially love that it is dishwasher safe. When it gets grimy and dirty, it is a simple fix to run it through the dishwasher! Easy-peasy!

Most importantly, I love that it is super tough! With my big brutes of 100+ pounds that are heavy chewers, I need tough! The QWIZL is hard, yet soft. I know that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, so let me try again. It is hard enough to be strong and durable, but the non-toxic material is spongy too. I love it because I don’t have to worry about them breaking any teeth trying to get at the treats inside!

German Shepherd-Lab Mix playing with a QWIZL dog toy from West Paw Design

Qwizl Zogoflex Dog toy features in a nutshell:

  • Non-Toxic and Latex Free
  • Guaranteed tough
  • Bounces and Floats – great for Summertime pool time!
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in the USA

What sizes are available?

The QWIZL comes in two sizes – large and small. The pups are German Shepherd-Lab mixes and the large is perfect for big Ozzy (132 pounds). The small is great for Brandi (116 pounds) and has a much smaller mouth. In other words, these are medium-large breed dog toys – not small or toy dogs, and made to be tough and durable.

My large breed dogs are tough chewers and require tough toys. They thoroughly enjoy playing with their QWIZLs and have yet to destroy them! Got to love that! While the QWIZL is tough and made for heavy chewers, never leave your dog unsupervised with a chew toy! I love seeing my pups happily entertained with their QWIZL toys rather than just laying around looking bored to death! I also enjoy the mileage I can get out of a treat or two! Instead of swallowing their treats whole, they are able to thoroughly enjoy them and have fun doing it! I’m not sure who enjoys it more, them or me! It’s an all paws up from the pack on these fun toys!

I bet your pup is already begging for a fun QWIZL! You can find these fun dog toys on the West Paw Design website. They are available in large and small in fun bright colors! Head on over and get your best friend one today! 

We’ve added the West Paw Design QWIZL to our Petpalooza Gift Guide! Head on over and check out all the PAWSOME pet friendly items!

Karen Propes

Friday 16th of March 2018

We need one of these. I don't mind giving my dog treats but he eats them and still wants more. I think this will give him activity and treats and he will be happy. We play with him every day, but he always wants more. Thanks for sharing.

Darcy Koch

Tuesday 25th of April 2017

These are great. I think any dog would like trying to get the treat out. The colors are bright. I like they bounce and float in water and are latex free.

Saki AB

Friday 21st of April 2017

I've never tried ( I mean my pup! ) QWIZL toys. It looks awesome. Thank you for sharing.

Lori Hic

Sunday 2nd of April 2017

My puppy would love it and I like that it is made in the USA


Sunday 2nd of April 2017

These look awesome! I love that they are made in the USA and are Dishwasher Safe!

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