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How To Keep Your Dog Healthy When You Can’t Go To The Vet

As a loving dog owner, you want nothing but the best for your pet. You’ll do everything to make sure that they’re healthy and happy all the time.

One of the things that can help you achieve this goal is to bring them to the vet regularly.

But then, there are also times when you’re too busy and can’t take some time off to do so. 

Does this mean they can no longer be healthy?

Fortunately for you, not at all. You can still keep your dog healthy even when you can’t go to the vet just yet.

How To Keep Your Dog Healthy When You Can’t Go To The Vet

Then, there’s also another obvious reason it might not always be safe to bring them outside for a vet visit—the pandemic.

Whatever the reason may be, there’ll be times when you need to be proactive and learn how to keep your little companion healthy so that they won’t need to go to the vet unless it’s extremely necessary.

Here are some ways:

Smiling vet in blue uniform cuddling boston terrier breed dog.

Tapping Online Pet Services

It’s still possible to get professional vet advice even when you can’t bring your dog personally to the doctor.

One helpful tip you can try is to find a reliable pet shop like, that you can turn to for any dog supplies and accessories that you need.

There’s also an option to chat with one of their vets or staff for an online consultation anytime you need it.

You’ll find shops like this quite helpful especially if you’re looking into getting insurance for your pet.

Dog eating from a bowl being offered by owner

Proper Dog Nutrition

Your dog needs to maintain a balanced diet composed of quality food so that they can meet their nutritional needs.

They may also need to take supplements, depending on what the doctor has prescribed.

Give them enough fresh and clean water so that they stay hydrated all the time.

Additionally, be mindful when giving them treats and junk food as too much of those could lead to obesity in dogs.

Keeping pets at an ideal weight helps them avoid obesity which is connected to several chronic illnesses in dogs.

Excess fat can negatively affect your dog’s health and lifespan.

When they’re overweight, they’re more at risk of getting diseases like diabetes mellitus, cancer, hypertension, and heart disease.

Woman jogging with her dog

Exercise Also Matters

Aside from good nutrition, dogs also require physical activity to remain fit and healthy.

Taking them on regular walks is a great help in keeping them physically active.

As for other activities, some ideas include swimming, playing fetch, and hiking.

You may not have a lot of time to spend with them and that’s all right.

At least, make it a point to walk them every day for, at least, a few minutes. 

Toys and games that could help with mental stimulation are also recommended.

For example, instead of simply handing them their treats, you can hide them in different areas of the house and let your dog look for them.

You can also engage them in dog training and learn new tricks to keep them busy and entertained. 

Keep Preventive Medications At Home

At some point, you’ll bump into occasional non-emergency situations that you might contemplate whether or not to go to the vet.

If you can do something to prevent such situations, the better.

What you can do is to stock up on preventive medications for when you can’t visit the vet. 

You can always keep medications for health issues like flea- or tick-related diseases, as well as heartworm.

If you have the medications for such concerns, you can immediately take charge and help your dog get better.

Happy dog being bathed by owner

Good Grooming Goes A Long Way

Regular grooming can also contribute to your dog’s health and wellness.

It’s a good way to keep an eye on any issues or changes in your little buddy’s skin and fur.

Some of the things to watch out for include dry skin, rashes, bald patches, lumps, and dandruff.

Most of the grooming routines can be easily done at home, so you no longer have to bring your dog out.

Trimming their nails regularly and brushing their coat several times a week are just some of the routines that you can do to help keep them healthy.

Smiling happy gray puppy


Dogs are also a part of your family, so you should also take the time to ensure they remain healthy even if they can’t visit the vet for now.

Feed them well and right, allow them to get some exercise, keep preventive medications always ready for emergency needs, and, of course, groom them regularly. 

These are just some of the things you could do to make sure your pets grow healthy and happy despite not being able to see the vet. 

Jan Roberts

Monday 29th of November 2021

I always say that the cheapest pet insurance is to provide the best food!

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