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How to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly Without Sacrificing the Style

If you were to ask your dog what would make your home dog-friendly, their advice would probably be something along the lines of, “More chew toys! More snuggly things! More dog hair!”

Not that we don’t appreciate this sage aesthetic advice, but for some reason, a lot of people seem to have a different idea of what makes for a stylish home.

Strange as it may be that you don’t want to live in a space in which you’re choking on dog hair anywhere you sit, a fashionable house is definitely attainable even if you disregard your puppy’s interior design ideas.

If you want a beautiful home in which both you and your darling furball are completely comfortable, we’ve got some advice that will help you out.

How to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly Without Sacrificing the Style

Give them their own space

A nice, comfy bed with a treat waiting in it with their favorite chew toy nearby.

A pet bed can be very useful because it will give your dog something that’s very personal, a sort of safe space for them to enjoy, and it’s also a lot easier to tidy up than other furniture.

If you like letting them climb the sofa and sit on your lap that’s great, but do give them a space of their own to enjoy as well.

Besides, these come in so many different colors and shapes today that you can easily find something to match the rest of your décor.

How to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly Without Sacrificing the Style

Groom your pet

Frequent brushing and an occasional bath will keep both your pet and your furniture clean.

All the hair you pick up on the brush is the hair that won’t end up on your sofa.

Another tip is to take your pup to get their fur trimmed by a professional groomer.

Make sure they are trained

The best way to have a stylish home is to make sure your dog is trained and understands boundaries that they shouldn’t cross.

We recommend positive reinforcement and plenty of treats used as rewards.

Be patient with your dog or, if you’re not sure you can pull it off, hire the right kind of professional.

In Australia, for example, quality dog training in Sydney requires a coach who bases their approach on the natural way dogs think and learn, and people like Liarne Henry only ever use positive reinforcement instead of physical discipline.

You need to find a trainer you can trust to do these things, so always ask for a recommendation in your area, and never put your dog in the hands of someone who isn’t willing to be patient and gentle.

How to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly Without Sacrificing the Style

Pick the right fabrics

Some fabrics are just terrible for people with pets because they trap hair and are a real pain to clean.

Velvet, silk, or chintz are not the best choices. However, leather can be really great as long as you trim your pet’s nails and aren’t worried about scratches.

There’s another option that’s even better – Crypton, a tightly-woven fabric that doesn’t trap hair, dander, or grime, and that’s one of the best stain-resistant fabrics on the market.

How to deal with hairs

Vacuuming and lint rollers!

Seriously, these two will be your best friend when it comes to dog hair, but another quick approach when you just have no time is very simple: wet your palms.

Just run your hands under the tap and then run your wet palms down your clothes and your furniture and it will help get the worst of the hairs off.

Another trick is to use damp rubber gloves or to spray a mix of water and fabric softener on the upholstery and then wipe it down.

Grab a big basket

Or a big box, whichever you think would fit the style of your living room better.

It’s a very chic way to keep your dog’s toys and knick-knacks in one place instead of having them all strewn around on the floor.

How to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly Without Sacrificing the Style

Hardwood floors

Carpets trap germs, dust, and stains even without a pet, so if you want to avoid kneeling down and scrubbing away each time your pup has an accident or comes home and leaves muddy paw prints everywhere, consider sticking to hardwood floors.

Ceramic flooring is also very easy to clean, and if you want to decorate you can use smaller-sized carpets that don’t cover the whole floor.

While difficult, it’s definitely not impossible to achieve that lovely balance between having a sleek, stylish home and making sure your dog is comfortable.

And hey, when in doubt, why not match your decorations to your dog’s fur?

We’re sure they’d appreciate it!

Jacqueline Godbout

Thursday 24th of May 2018

My dog totally has a big toy box!

Linda Manns Linneman

Thursday 24th of May 2018

These are such great tips. Hardwood floors help keep the odor down so much with pets and they are much easier to keep clean. We love our fur babies. Thank you so much for sharing

Dana Rodriguez

Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

These are great tips. I am really battling pet hair right now because it is already hot where we live.

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