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Huge Savings on Canine Probiotic Supplements!

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Hey y’all! My Lady and I got some excitin’ news for ya! Do y’all remember that Probiotic Daily Powder and Probiotic Paste we was a tellin ya ’bout the other day? It’s the stuff that was a helpin’ my little sister with her upchuckin’ and my brothers with that ‘leave the room’ gas they was a havin’! Oh yea, they could stink ya right on outta there! WOOF! We gots pawsome news and my Lady is a bustin’ at the seams to tell ya. Im feelin’ a might onery today though. Should I keep a yackin’ or let her tell ya? Uh Oh! She’s givin’ me the stink eye so I better turn it over to her.

Huge Savings on Canine Probiotic Supplements from Fullbucket!

Here’s my Lady to tell ya the pawsome news about the Canine Probiotic we been tellin’ ya ’bout!

Molly is right about the pawsome news! I am so excited because these Canine Probiotic Supplements have became a staple at my house! Each night, I just add it to their food! Simple, easy and they love it! Little Bit is doing so much better these days without the icky throwing up spells! And, Ozzy and Seager are definitely easier to be around without fear of being gassed to death 🙂

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Enough talk! Let’s get straight to the point! Fullbucket is offering all of Miss Molly Says readers 30% OFF any and all dog products! HOLY MOLY! That is an amazing savings! 

But, I will tell you it’s also super PAWSOME because this is the very first time Fullbucket has offered a coupon on their products! Miss Molly is very honored and extremely proud to support such an awesome product!

Overview of the Canine Probiotic Supplements:

Daily Dog Powder

The Daily Dog Powder has the highest concentration of probiotic to help fight pathogens. It also has prebiotics to feed the native microflora and complete enzymes to improve digestion. By optimizing the digestive system, your dog can get more nutrients out of their food and keep a strong immune system.

Canine Probiotic Paste

Canine Digestive Care Probiotic Paste is to be used for daily digestive health or when dogs show signs of diarrhea or loose stool. Causes could be from stress or anti-microbials/antibiotic therapy. Stress factors could be training, travel or new surroundings. If your pet needs to be on antibiotics, the probiotic paste gives a quicker boost to the digestive systems bacteria.

Be sure and get your Canine Probiotics before the end of June using coupon code MissMolly30 during checkout to get 30% off your order! It’s really is an amazing probiotic for your furry friend! Give your pet the gift of better health and a happy life!


Debbie P

Wednesday 17th of November 2021

These sounds interestin.


Sunday 7th of June 2015

I think probiotics are super important, but never have given to my dog. I am excited to see they have this product.

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