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Illnesses and Ailments to Keep an Eye Out for in Your Dog

When you have a four-legged friend, the health and well-being of your dog are likely one of your top priorities.

Over time, different types of ailments and illnesses can start to develop, making it necessary to continuously monitor their well-being.

Here are a few illnesses and ailments to keep an eye out for in your dog.

Illnesses and Ailments to Keep an Eye Out for in Your Dog


You may notice your dog starts to develop a milky coating on their eyes, which is a common sign they’re suffering from cataracts.

This can gradually cause vision loss to occur and makes it difficult for dogs to see clearly.

If the condition is caught early on, surgery may be effective in restoring the pet’s vision.

Skin Infections

Skin infections can develop due to food allergies and can cause dogs to become uncomfortable as they start to scratch more frequently.

Soy, corn, as well as wheat are common food allergies and are found in many different food products, making it necessary to switch to cleaner alternatives. Itching can also develop due to yeast and bacterial infections, making it necessary to visit the vet to determine the underlying issue.

Vet looking into the eyes of a dog

Pink Eye

Dogs are prone to developing pink eye, which is easy to notice because your pet may start to blink excessively or squint during the day.

They can even start to paw at their eye due to the discomfort. There are many dog pink eye products that can offer relief and help it heal.

Dog on a scale


Many dogs suffer from obesity due to a lack of exercise or because they eat large portions.

Try to feel the dog’s ribcage to determine if they’re overweight. If you can’t feel their ribs, it’s a sign they need to lose weight.

Changing their diet and helping them increase their exercise throughout the week.


It’s common for dogs to have digestive upsets at times, which can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.

This can be serious if you notice the issue is persisting and is becoming more frequent.

Some of the causes of digestive upset could be parasites, intestinal worms, and illnesses, making it necessary to visit the vet to determine the exact cause so you can begin the correct method of treatment.

Once you learn about different illnesses and ailments that are common with dogs, it can be easier to discover the warning signs early on and get your pet the help they need.

You can provide a higher level of care and improve your pet’s health by keeping a close eye on their well-being.

Debbie P

Tuesday 19th of July 2022

Thanks for the important information.

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