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K9s For Warriors: Helping Rescue Dogs and Military Heroes!


Some of my dog friends are gettin’ a chance to do some mighty important work! My Lady says she can’t think of anything better than helpin’ rescue dogs and military heroes, except when you can do it at the same time! It’s like doin’ double good! Have y’all heard of K9s For Warriors? My Lady and I are very honored to tell ya a bit about K9s For Warriors. It’s not often you find a program you can believe in whole heartedly, but this is one of those programs! I’m gonna let my Lady do the tellin’ cause she can explain it better than I can WOOF!


Why we believe K9s For Warriors is Pawesome!

K9s For Warriors is dedicated to providing service canines to warriors suffering from post-traumatic stress and/or traumatic brain injury as a result of military service post 9/11. Their goal is to give a new leash on life to rescue dogs and military heroes. They empower warriors so they can return to civilian life with dignity and independence.

For the many returning Veterans that suffer from the sights, sounds, and memories of the horrors of war, service dogs work like a walking prescription. A lot of time these returning service men not only suffer from Post Traumatic Stress, it is also common for them to have depression and suicidal thoughts. That’s where the service dogs come in.

We all know the that our pets provide us with unconditional love and companionship. Service dogs have proven to be an aid in helping warriors suffering from post-traumatic stress. These rescued dogs are trained in a wonderful program, which also allows the warrior to participate. Each of the academy training sessions are three weeks, in which the warrior learns the necessary skills to participate in the final training of their canine companion. K9s For Warriors provide a service canine, training, certification, equipment, seminars, vet care, most meals, and housing, free of charge!

Here’s a short clip I thought you might enjoy:

Another wonderful part of the program is that ninety-five percent of the canines in the K9s For Warriors’ program come from rescue shelters! They rescue the dogs and in return, the dogs rescue their warriors. The K9s For Warriors program is proven, efficient and effective allowing both the K9 and the military hero to have a new lease on life!

Here are a few K9s For Warriors graduates. They all look so happy! Just check out those smiles!


Like I said, I cannot think of a better way to help both rescue dogs and our returning military heroes. If you would like more information on the K9s For Warriors program or would simple like to make a donation to help these Warriors, you can find them online. K9s For Warriors receives no government funding and relies totally on contributions, fundraisers, and volunteer support.

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Tracy H

Friday 14th of November 2014

Sooo Sad but yet so happy that their are amazing peopkle doin g the rescue homes, etc.

Thank you ALL!!

Sue Hull

Wednesday 12th of November 2014

I have heard of this and I think its an amazing program.Ive seen a couple on Oprah and orther shows.Dogs are so smart and have a great sense of smell to really help a warrior.Great post :)

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