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The 4 Best Breeds For Emotional Support Dogs

Dogs are more than pets in the healthcare industry, and they’re great at their jobs. Emotional support dogs help patients with disorders such as PTSD, stressful or anxiety-inducing situations, and recovery after tragedies.

Not all dogs have the right temperament for the task, however, and it takes careful training for man’s best friend to pass the test for those who especially need it.

Below are the four best breeds of dogs for emotional support.

The 4 Best Breeds For Emotional Support Dogs

The 4 Best Breeds For Emotional Support Dogs

1. Labrador Retriever

Renowned for their intelligence and friendly, easygoing nature, Labrador retrievers make excellent emotional support dogs.

USA Service Dogs explains that emotional support dogs accompany owners in need of support from issues such as depression, anxiety, and more; this breed makes for fantastic companions in all sorts of stressful events.

Their loyalty and positive attitude have made them one of the most popular dog breeds many times over.

German Shepherd laying in the grass

2. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd breed consists of loyal, obedient, gentle dogs well-suited to the job of emotional support.

They’re also easy to train and are considered to have human-like intelligence.

This comes in handy when dealing with psychiatric distress.

They may be better known as police dogs, but they’re just as talented at being loving companions.

As with the other breeds on this list, they do great in family environments and get along well with children.

Golden Retriever laying in the grass

3. Golden Retriever

Like their Labrador counterparts, Golden Retrievers are sweet, smart dogs that are well-known for having a high capacity of affection for their owners.

Being a playful breed, they can be the perfect match for a patient in need of activity.

They’ve historically been top-notch service and therapy dogs, as well, and being registered means you can take your pet into public spaces like businesses without worry.

Yorkshire Terrier laying in the grass

4. Yorkshire Terrier

One of the first therapy dogs was a World War II Yorkshire Terrier named Smoky.

Since then, the breed has kept up her standard of affection ever since.

This friendly, curious breed enjoys human company and is known to be easily trained.

They make for loyal and upbeat friends.

The breed’s small size also makes them easier to take on flights and other trips, not to mention smaller spaces like apartments.

Woman and Labrador looking at each other

While there are many great dog breeds out there, these four are specially qualified thanks to their wonderful dispositions, smarts, and loyalty.

If you’re in need of a dog that can support you with whatever emotional distress you experience, these breeds will be there for you.

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Amy Vertrees

Monday 12th of February 2018

I keep googling to see which dogs are the best emotional support dogs. And dogs for helping with PTSD. I think most posts are missing dogs that are highly intuitive. Yes, they need to be smart, but can the dog intuitively know you are about to cry and will it come over to comfort you? So, my answer... blue heelers, and collies. These dogs are incredibly intuitive. They are loyal too. Not many people know about these dogs. My blue heeler is spot on when I am feeling down. She will come sniff my face and sit beside me. That is what is needed.

Linda Szymoniak

Monday 24th of April 2017

A lot of it has to do with what breed you are most comfortable with before you need an emotional support dog. I love them all and can see just why the Golden Retriever is most often used for this purpose. They are amazing!

Sherry blamer

Sunday 9th of April 2017

This is good to know. You never know when someone needs an idea for a good emotional support animal.

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