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Life is Easy with PetLibro Automatic Feeders & Fountains for Pets #ValentinesGifts2022

Recently, I rescued a kitten from our animal shelter.  I wanted a sweet companion while my husband was out of town for work.  Since it’s been a while since I had a kitten, I had to go out and buy all of the necessities.  I wish I had known about Petlibro before I bought food and water bowls for her because you sure can make life easy with PetLibro Automatic Feeders & Fountains.

Life is Easy with PetLibro Automatic Feeders & Fountains for Pets

About Petlibro

Petlibro’s vision is to create an easier, happier, healthier everyday life for both pets and pet owners.  And they do just that. 

I’ve always bought the basic auto feeders and water dishes for my dogs. 

You know, the ones that you fill and gravity bring water and food down as the animal eats out of them? 

There is nothing basic about the Petlibro Grananry Feeder and Capsule Water Fountain.

Black and white cat laying in front of PetLibro Automatic feeder and water fountain

PetLibro Grananry Feeder

Petlibro makes several different auto feeders but this one is very cool! 

The Granary Feeder has so many features that I didn’t even know I was missing with my other feeders.  

Closeup of filter in a PetLibro automatic feeder

  • Comes in two sizes: the 3 liter or 5 liter
  • Comes in two colors:  Black or White
  • There is a filter and sealing strip to assure that the food is at it’s freshest for your pet
  • An twist-lock lid keeps debris and bugs out
  • Built-In food dispenser
  • Easy touch controls
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning
  • Programable feed times and amounts:  up to 50 servings, up to 6 times a day
  • Battery Back up
  • Record your voice feature

Adding food to the PetLibro automatic feeder

Sprout cracks me up when she hears the feeder dispense her meals. 

She runs over, even if she’s not hungry, just to investigate. 

I wasn’t sure how easy it was going to be to transition her from the normal cat food bowl to the automatic feeder. 

But I worried for nothing.  She loves it! 

There was practically no transition time. 

She took right to it.

Food display window on PetLibro automatic feeder

PetLibro Capsule Fountain Automatic Pet Water Fountain

Cats and water traditionally don’t mix. 

But in this case, the Capsule Water Fountain goes very well with them. 

The sound of running water lets animals know that the water is fresh and clean. 

The Capsule keeps water cycling through 24 hours a day, keeping the filtered water fresh. 

There are a couple of neat features of the Capsule:

PetLibro automatic water for pets fountain

  • Whisper Quiet (and the tinkle of running water is soothing)
  • 5-Level Filtration System:  big filter, activated carbon, filters hair and impurities
  • Transparent Water Tank makes it easy to monitor water level
  • Two flow methods:   Free Falling (Sprout’s Favorite) and Bubbling Fountain
  • Sleek Modern Design 
  • Available in four colors:  Blue, Orange, Purple, Green

Cat drinking from a PetLibro automatic water fountain

Sprout has kept me entertained with this fountain. 

She had a normal water bowl before I received the Capsule and I am so happy we changed. 

She drinks all the time and I was constantly filling her bowl. 

The day we set up the fountain, she was very skeptical and wasn’t sure about it. 

But after a little while, I noticed that she was tapping the water, drinking from the waterfall flow, licking the side of the bowl, and eventually laying in front and staring at it like it was the best thing ever.

PetLibro automatic water fountain for pets

My Thoughts

I had looked into getting a fountain for Sprout, but I had not actually bought one so when I received the Capsule, I was so excited to see if she would like it. 

My beagle is scared of the automatic water bowl that is downstairs but I was hopeful the curiosity of my kitten would win out with the fountain. 

PetLibro automatic feeder for pets

I couldn’t be happier with the Capsule Fountain and Granary Automatic Feeder

Both have made my life so much easier. 

No need for me to rush home to make sure the kitten has food or water. 

I know that she will get fed up to six times a day and have fresh water 24 hours a day. 

Sprout took right to the feeder and fountain without any delays in her meals. 

Cat drinking water from a PetLibro automatic water fountain for pets

Petlibro makes automatic feeders and water fountains for fur babies. 

Both the fountain and feeder have to be near a plug-outlet as a power source so I set them both up in my bedroom, giving me a front-row seat to each entertaining meal. 

Life is easy with PetLibro Automatic Feeders & Fountains.

Black and white cat reaching for water in PetLibro automatic water fountain

Do you need a little help making life easier with your pets?

Of course, you do!

It means more snuggle and playtime, right?

Life is Easy with PetLibro Automatic Feeders & Fountains for Pets

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Peggy Salkill

Saturday 1st of January 2022

Love these!

Stefany Thode

Saturday 1st of January 2022

I used to use fountains for my cat. I need an auto feeder for my dog now! I will check these out.


Friday 31st of December 2021

What an amazing product!

Rochelle Haynes

Thursday 30th of December 2021

This is so nice looking good

jason jennings

Thursday 30th of December 2021

love the cat i bet the foutin is helpful

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