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Monitor Your Pet’s Food With Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder

Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder Keeps Your Pet Fed on Schedule!

If you own a cat, you know that they don’t hesitate to let you know they’re hungry.

My cat is 14 years old and she has always let me know when her food bowl is empty.

I got my cat when my husband and I bought our first house and she was 8 weeks old. She has been my best friend ever since and has been through a lot with me. She has endured moving to 3 different states and adapting to when my two children were born.

Over the years, life has gotten very hectic.

In the morning, sometimes feeding her would slip my mind when trying to get my kids out the door for school.

And even though she is watched over when we go out of town, I still worry that her food bowl will become empty. However, with the Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder, I can make sure she’s fed and happy at all times!

You may remember the Petlibro Grananry Feeder and Capsule Water Fountain we talked about. But, now they have outdone themselves with their nifty Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder!

Cat with Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder

The Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder is Petlibro’s first automatic pet feeder with a camera and is one of the most advanced camera feeders on the market.

This automatic feeder is easily controlled remotely with the user-friendly app so you can monitor your pet from anywhere, anytime.

Designed so you can keep an eye on your pet as well as scheduled daily feedings whenever you’re away working, traveling, or just on a night out. This feeder is also a great way to better understand your pet’s eating habits and behavior.

Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder comes with a stainless steel bowl and detachable parts for easy cleaning.

Monitor food levels with the transparent window of the feeder. The user-friendly app makes it easy to set a feeding schedule, manually feed, as well as watch and talk to your pet in real-time.

Sometimes I think my cat feels lonely when we are gone for a few hours, so when I pull up the app and talk to her, I can tell she feels at ease. She meows back letting me know that she has heard me and I can tell she is happier to have heard my voice. I love hearing her little meows, it also makes me happy to hear and see her!

Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder

About Petlibro

They are on a mission to find out what is best for our fur pals, provide the problem-solving product for you and your pets, so that you can get to know each other further and live better together.

Cat with Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder
Petlibro camera view

Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder Features

  • 1080P Camera
  • 145 ̊ Wide-Angle Camera
  • TF Card Storage Video
  • Supports 2.4GHz & 5GHz Wi-Fi Networks
  • Efficient and Convenient App
  • Two-Way Voice Interaction
  • Quadruple Seal System
  • Infrared Safety Detection
  • Night Vision System
Cat with petlibro
Transparent Window


built-in desiccant bag

My Thoughts on the Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder

My cat and I are literally obsessed with the Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder!

Setup was super simple, taking only about 10 minutes.

I can’t decide on my favorite feature of this automatic cat feeder because everything about it is noteworthy.

If I had to decide, it would be setting up a feeding schedule through the app.

This gives me peace of mind that my cat is always fed through the cat food dispenser, no matter how busy our day is.

Being able to pull up the camera to see how much food she has eases my mind.

I also just love to pull up the camera to see her peacefully sleeping in her bed.

Being able to see how much food she has through the transparent window makes it is easy to monitor food levels.

I also love being able to detach the parts to keep them clean.

Everything about this feeder is convenient and every cat or small dog owner should have one!

Why You Need It

Pets love routine, that’s why feeding them on a schedule helps them thrive and stay happy.

Reassure your pets with the sound of your voice and hear them respond with meows or woofs.

Capture memories when you’re not there or catch them doing something mischievous.

The patent rotor in the tank base and twist-lock lid prevent pets from sneaking into the feeder for extra food.

The built-in desiccant bag and sealing strip keep food fresh and crunchy.

The Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder redefines the way of pet-keeping.

Satisfaction is just a glance and a treat away.

Petlibro is a professional and reliable pet brand you can trust. 

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Antoinette M

Friday 12th of August 2022

This feeder sounds great, especially the camera feature!

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