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Luca Crate Cuddler Bed from Luca for Dogs for Pawsome Comfort! #Review

I have to tell ya that most of the time our house looks like a doggie slumber party gone bad WOOF! My Lady is always a talkin’ ’bout all the dog toys, bones, and dog beds all over the place. But, whatcha gonna do when ya got 7 dogs up in here? Six of us are good size pooches and then there is the little princess Little Bit. So, in all, that means 7 dog beds PLUS all our toys. My Lady also fusses ’bout how dirty the beds get and how they tear up in the washin’ machine. I have to admit, she seems to always be havin’ to get a new bed for somebody. I heard her sayin’ she wanted a Crate Cuddler Bed from Luca for Dogs and was talkin’ ’bout how easy they are to care for. She also said they are orthopedic and would be perfect for my brothers and sisters with the hip and joint problems.


Luca Crate Cuddler Bed from Luca for Dogs for Pawsome Comfort! #Review

Well, them folks at Luca for Dogs sent us a Crate Cuddler Bed so we could try it out and see if we liked it. All I gots to say is that I can sure count some sheep on that bed! WOOF! Matter of fact, all us pups give it a paws up. But, I’m gonna let my Lady tell ya all about it. She don’t even sleep on it, but she sure has been a gushin’ over it!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Luca Crate Cuddler Bed:

With all the pups at my house, we have had a lot of dog beds. Molly is right in that my biggest complaint on dog beds is how hard they are to wash! That, and the fact that a lot of them go flat. I want all my dogs to be comfortable, but a few of my pups with hip and joint problems need beds that give them cushion, comfort, and support. At the same time, I want a dog bed that looks good and will hold up to the daily wear and tear.

The Luca Crate Cuddler bed has a supportive orthopedic center pillow that provides them with ultimate comfort and it also has overstuffed bumpers around the bed that is filled with eco-friendly recycled fiber. The bumpers provide them with a comfortable place to rest their head and neck.

Luca Crate Cuddler Bed from Luca for Dogs for Pawsome Comfort! #Review

Maggie is a German Shepherd and typical of her breed is already showing signs of arthritic hips. I like to provide her with a comfortable place to lay and sleep that won’t aggravate the condition. She loves the new Luca Crate Cuddler bed!

Luca Crate Cuddler Bed from Luca for Dogs for Pawsome Comfort! #Review

Ozzy is my big lovable goofball. He is half German Shepherd and half Lab, but he is HUGE – as in Great Dane size! As a matter of fact, he grew so big so fast that it caused him bone and joint issues. The vet explained it as growing pains (the kind that kids have). As he has reached adulthood and the growing stopped, he has gotten better, but is still bothered with occasional leg and joint pain. He hunts for the softest bed in the house to lay on! I can’t say that I blame him though!

Luca Crate Cuddler Bed from Luca for Dogs for Pawsome Comfort! #Review

My senior girl Sallie had a turn at trying the new Luca Crate Cuddler. Sallie is 11 years old and has severe arthritis in her hips and knees. She settled down on the bed and took her a very long restful afternoon nap. I believe if the sound of snores were any indication, she really liked the new bed!

Luca Crate Cuddler Bed from Luca for Dogs for Pawsome Comfort! #Review

Caring for the Luca Crate Cuddler Bed is easy!

This is my favorite part! Most beds I have had, you have to throw the whole bed into the washing machine. Needless to say, that is a pain! Not only does it take forever for it to get dry, but 9 times out of 10, the bed comes apart in the washing machine. I’m sure most pet parents have had the privilege of opening the washing machine only to discover it full of stuffing. Not fun at all!

Well, the Luca Crate Cuddler is designed so that it is easy to wash and care for. You can do a quick wash by unzipping and removing the center foam pillow. Then, wash the bed with bolster zipped up using cold water and then tumble dry on low, or lay flat to dry. You can also deep clean the bed by unzipping and removing the bolster pillow. I love having these options because most of the time for me, it is just the cover that needs to be cleaned. Then, every so often I like to deep clean the whole bed for any smells that may have penetrated it.

I also love the bottom of the Luca Cuddler bed! It has a tough nylon base that is water and dirt resistant! Woo Hoo! If you are a dog owner, I am sure you can relate to this point also! Most dog beds have that mesh-like material on the bottom. At my house, with all these shedding shepherds, the hair is relentless. It gets stuck on the bottom of the dog beds and there is no getting it off. I think it sets up roots in that material! I can vacuum and wash the bed and it is still there. With the Luca Cuddler Bed, it is as slick material that hair and dirt doesn’t stick too. Praise be!

Luca Crate Cuddler Bed from Luca for Dogs for Pawsome Comfort! #Review, Solid Cuddlers

Luca Crate Cuddler Bed Colors and Sizes

The Luca Crate Cuddler is available in color choices such as: Eucalyptus, Taupe, Charcoal, Cobblestone, and Oyster.

While my dogs don’t use a crate at home anymore, the Luca Crate Cuddler Bed is made to fit standard size crates. If your pup uses a crate, the Luca Crate Cuddler makes a restful little den they can call their own. It’s also great for traveling or for their special resting place in the home.

Sizes available:

  • X-Small 18×12
  • Small 24×18
  • Medium 30×20
  • Large 36×24
  • X-Large 42×28

What else can I say? I LOVE the Crate Cuddler Bed from Luca for Dogs! The pups think it is PAWSOME! It looks super nice in whatever room you place it in, it’s easy to care for, extra cozy and comfortable, and is holding up super well! It is definitely worth the price! I only have one problem with it and that is I need 6 more of them to solve the “who gets to sleep on it” problem!

Right now you can receive a 20% discount on one of these awesome beds by using coupon code “giveaway” for any of the beds on their website!



Ashley C

Friday 28th of August 2015

I really love the looks of this bed. Even though it's for a crate, it looks like it'd be great for just laying on the floor somewhere. My 100 pound golden would absolutely love this, especially in the winter. He has a bed right now, and it started out wonderful, but after many uses, it's starting to break down. Definitely going to check this bed out.

Sara Schwab

Wednesday 26th of August 2015

This dog so cute and that that dog bed looks cofy

Caren Gittleman

Tuesday 25th of August 2015

Dakota is normally not much of a fan of beds, there is one that he DOES use that has a similar concept that is much, much thinner than these are.

I really like the look of these and think they might be something that he just might use! Thanks for posting! DakotasDen

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