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Neater Scooper Scoop-to-Bag Litter System #Petpalooza #Review

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Welcome to the Neater Scooper Review for the Petpalooza Pet Event

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Petpalooza Pet Event 2015

Obviously, I am a dog and us dogs don’t need much in the way of a bathroom. Just give us some out door space and we’re just hunky dory with that, ‘cept maybe when it’s poorin’ down rain. It ain’t the same for them cat friends of mine. They get to have an inside bathroom. I’m still a wonderin’ if that would be a good thing or not, as I like to go outside WOOF! Because they have an indoor bathroom, it means their humanz have to clean it. Apparently, them cat boxes don’t come equipped with plumin’!


I don’t live with any cats right now, but we have plenty of cat friends! My Lady has a friend that has two of them cat critters that has been tryin’ out this new Neater Scooper for us. So, today y’all are gonna get a special treat! We’re gonna let Ms. April tell ya ’bout this new fangled Neater Scooper Scoop-to-Bag Litter System!

Here’s what Ms. April says about the Neater Scooper Litter System!

There is a better way. Neater Scooper has the best scoop-to-bag litter system on the market!

About Neater Pet Brands:

Neater Pet Brands, LLC is based in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Neater Pet Brands’ mission is to bring innovative products to the market that will enhance the joys of pet ownership. Their desire is to make care of the pet easier by positively impacting the pet’s daily life.

Neater Scooper Scoop-to-Bag Litter System

I know scooping cat’s waste can be a messy job. It’s something we do because we love our fur babies. I have two cats in our home who share one litter box. The box must be cleaned daily, sometimes twice a day. In the past I have used grocery bags that had to be doubled with a scooper. Somehow even after double bagging, there always seems be a small hole in the bags and litter pours out on the floor in transit to the trash can!

Neater Scooper Scoop-to-Bag Litter System
Luckily, Neater Scooper Cat litter scoop has come to my rescue! Neater Scooper is one self-contained unit that is so much cleaner than my old method and is easy to use! My children actually argue over who will get to scoop the cat’s waste now. WOW, that is out of the ordinary around here! Normally no one would want that dirty job.

Neater Scooper instructions

The Neater Scooper fits nicely and neatly together for use and storage. To use, snap the scooper onto the bin lined with a disposable waste bag. The bin has a door that closes during the scooping process and opens when held upright to bag the waste. After use, squeeze the bin and the scooper will gently pop off. Then, use the convenient tie handles to lift the bag off the bin and throw away!

We use natural cat litter that is thicker than “scoopable” cat litter. My cats prefer it because they can cover their business easier. The Neater Scooper works perfectly on this kind of litter also.

Neater Scooper refill bags
The Neater Scooper has a place to store the fresh scented refill bags right inside the bin! When you are ready to refill the bin, take a bag out from the bottom and line the container for the next use. Place the scooper upright or down inside the container for easy storage. What a brilliant idea!

The Neater Scooper comes in four fun colors: Pink, Blue, Green and Tan. The unit also comes with 15 pet waste bags. The waste bags are individually folded with easy to tie handles. You can also order an additional 45 bags packaged in individual boxes of 15 bags each. I highly recommend the Neater Scooper.  It provides a smarter way to zip through your daily cat chores!

For more information, connect with Neater Pet Brands

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Kathleen Kelly

Tuesday 20th of December 2016

Now that is a clever tool and something we could certainly use. Happy Holidays!

Mary Czerczyk

Sunday 26th of April 2015

I just cleaned out my cats litter box yesterday. Boy, I sure was wishing I had a Neeter Scooper.

Sandra Watts

Sunday 26th of April 2015

My son's family has lots of cats. They could use this.

Sarah Oswald

Saturday 25th of April 2015

This sounds and looks like a wonderful item to add to my cats accesories I will have to check it out some more thanks for sharing!!!


Saturday 25th of April 2015

No litter scatter as it goes from box to bag...great idea!

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