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Pet Dental Routine for Clean Teeth and Fresh Breath: #SmoochUrPooch and like it!


I’m feelin’ a bit on the self conscious side. My Lady is always a talkin’ ’bout bad breath, wantin’ to look in my mouth and goin’ on ’bout a pet dental routine. Surely she doesn’t think my breath stanks again! There was that time I ate somethin’ nasty… I love smoochin’ on my Lady. I love smoochin’ on my brothers and sisters. Truth is, I just love smoochin’ on everybody! Who doesn’t like smoochin’? Yea, yea, I get it! If’n my breath be stanky no one wants my smooches. My Lady explained to me that if’n my breath gets bad stanky, it might mean I’ve got a dental problem. After all, I can’t tell her my tooth is a achin’. Then she went on to explain other stuff about dental chews, water additives, gum gel and was a talkin ’bout teeth brushin’. She had my head a spinnin’!


I know we all get a dental chew everyday. She says they help get the tartar off our teeth. Most of us like em, but a couple of my pack ain’t big chewers, which is what is causing all the fuss. They need somethin’ to help their teeth too, like the water additive she is talkin’ ’bout from TropiClean! Then again, I have a couple in my pack that will chew just about any darn thing. Just check out my brother Seager happily munchin’ on a stick! His teeth look purdy darn good though, don’t cha think? Since I musta passed her breathalizer test, I’m gonna go back to my smoochin’ and let her fill ya in on all the particulars of that pet dental care business.

Here’s what my Lady says about a Pet Dental Routine

Miss Molly is a character isn’t she? She does like giving smooches! I am like most of you that have pets. For a long time, I never knew that you needed to do anything to a pets teeth. Yes, I could see the tartar on their teeth and I have smelled some atrocious bad breath. However, a few years ago, my vet explained the correlation between their breath, teeth and overall health. It made perfect sense. Just like with humans, oral disease in pets, left untreated can seep into the blood stream and cause serious health risks. Obviously, they can’t tell us their teeth hurt and bad breath is often the first signs we notice of teeth and gum disease.

Since then, I have been trying to do what is needed to care for my pets teeth. I will be honest and say I have never tried to brush any of my dogs teeth. Let’s face it. I have 7 and most of them that weigh as much I do. They have some very large and should I say scary teeth! While some of them don’t seem to mind what you do in their mouth, I have a couple that you just don’t go there with them!

I started giving my dogs dental chews each day. This helps with some of them. However, while some of them would chew through the house if you let them, others just aren’t big chewers and not interested in the dental chews. For this reason, I was extremely interested in the TropiClean water additive! For a few of them, including Molly, the gel is a definite possibility.


Miss Molly is our smiling girl. She is always happy and always smiling. She is not afraid to open her mouth and show off her pearly white dog teeth! She is also our biggest smoocher! That girl goes smoochin’ crazy! She loves dental chews and happily takes her time chewing them thoroughly. Her smile is always nice and white when she opens wide and shows her full set of teeth as she does when she smiles!


Ozzy, at about 20 months, has some pretty white teeth! He is one of our biggest chewers. He, and his sister Brandi, are the ones that would chew the darn walls down if you let them! But, Ozzy loves his dental chews and looks forward to them every day.


Did you know that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of periodontal disease by age three? They can also have cavities and broken teeth! Well, Maggie Mae is my gorgeous German Shepherd. She is 3 years old, almost 4. While her front teeth look nice and clean, I am noticing some plaque and buildup in her jaw teeth. She is not a big chewer, which makes the dental chews a bad choice for her. She may chew for a minute or two on the dental chew and then leave it. She is one of the reasons I am anxious to check out the TropiClean water additive and the gel!

So, if Maggie is already showing signs of dental troubles at age 3, what does that say for my senior girls Sallie and Little Bit? Sallie, the Rottweiler mix at age 10, is another reason for needing an alternate dental routine. She needs a dental routine that requires no touching whatsoever! She will allow most anything, but don’t go near her mouth or you can be guaranteed of a snap! I can only imagine what her teeth look like. While she is not a big smoocher, she could definitely use a mint for that breath! Meanwhile, we wait on the vet’s help with checking for any issues – another story in itself!


Since dental health is an important part of over-all health, I am very excited for the opportunity to partner with TropiClean! TropiClean is an easy non-invasive solution to in-home dental care through 3 Simple Steps. They have a TropiCleanWater Additive, Clean Teeth and Gums Gel and all with ingredients from Nature. My dogs are like my babies and I want each of them to live a long healthy and happy life! I wouldn’t go without tending to my teeth and dental care, so it’s time to get real and take care of my furkids too!

We hope you will join us on our journey over the next few weeks while we are exploring the different Tropiclean products and options. See which dental care option will be our fav! Meanwhile, do you have a pet dental routine for your pets? Is your pet smoochable?


Saturday 12th of August 2017

I wish they had something like this for cats. It would really help me out with mine!

Lily Kwan

Tuesday 4th of November 2014

These dental products sound very useful. Miss Molly you keep on giving smooches! ;0P

Michael Lambert

Monday 3rd of November 2014

My wife was a vet tech and has seen some pretty severe dental disease. We try to make sure to brush our dogs teeth daily but sometimes it's difficult.

Deb E

Monday 3rd of November 2014

I really like the chew bones they have for fresh breath. Keeps the dog busy and freshens as the same time.

Robin Creager

Monday 3rd of November 2014

We have a small chihuahua and hates his teeth messed with, needless to say his teeth are really bad and his breath is horrible. He didn't like dental chews and we only feed him hard dog food. I feel so bad for him as I know his teeth both him..:( I wonder if Tropiclean could help him?

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