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The Pros and Cons of Adopting a Cat

Cats are one of the most popular pets people take into their homes and without a doubt, they make for a great addition to the family. If you are in the process of trying to decide which pet is best, take a look at these pros and cons of adopting a cat.

Cats make great companions, but it all depends on what you as an individual or family are looking for in your pet.

Many are of the perception that cats are better for people who are busy with city life compared to other people.

However, this is not necessarily the case as they are suited for people in other categories as well.

The Pros and Cons of Adopting a Cat

A Few Points About Cats

Communication is a strong point for cats.

They know how to use their meows to send their messages especially when hungry.

In addition, their meows come in different tones so their owners will know what is going on.

Compared to dogs, cats do not require daily walks and won’t throw a fit if they are not given that…but, they can surely be bossy when they are ready to play or be fed!

Are you still debating on adopting a cat?

We have highlighted a few of the pros and cons of adopting a cat to help you determine if they are the best option for you.

Woman in bed holding a gray cat

Pros of Adopting a Cat

Every animal has some positive attributes and with that said, the pros of adopting a cat are:

Cats are Easily House-trained to the Litter Box

When it comes to a litter box, cats are one of the easiest pets to house-train, especially as a kitten.

There is a saying that cats don’t like when people see them “use their bathroom” so they will always use their boxes and ensure it is fully covered before leaving the location.

Orange cat cleaning himself

Cats Take Care of Cleaning Themselves

When it comes to cleanliness, cats are a winner as they take their hygiene pretty seriously.

Cats are literally hygiene freaks!

They will take the time to bathe themselves regularly and ensure all areas of their body are taken care of.

Cat Food is Less expensive than Other Pet Foods

If you already have a pet, then you know just how expensive the food can be.

Cat food on a whole is less expensive than other types of pet food considering they are a smaller pet and it will take less to feed them.

There are different varieties, and the prices vary but they are still relatively more affordable.

With all that said, cats can be a bit finicky and may accept or refuse certain foods you offer them so purchase in small quantities until you know for sure your cat will eat it.

Cat paw touching woman's palm

Cats Can Entertain Themselves

Cats don’t wait on anyone to entertain them as they are well-equipped to do that themselves.

They are quite independent and love to have their own space.

When ready to play and they have their toy in hand, they will give you all indications that they can handle their lives on their own without your help.

Cats Have Cheaper Pet Visits

By far, it is cheaper to take your cat to the vet compared to some other pets.

They don’t require vet visits often unless your cat seems sick or you have a particular reason to take them such as check-ups or immunizations.

Woman scracthing under the chin of an orange cat

Cats are Great Stress Relievers

Cats are good at relieving stress and anxiety and provide you with a level of calmness.

Their cuddles alone are quite relaxing and comforting and will give you a sense of ease and peace.

I don’t know about you but it is quite calming to have a purring kitty on your lap!

Cons of Adopting a Cat

With every positive side that comes with a pet, there are a few drawbacks that you will encounter as well.

They are nothing you can’t deal with but just a guide to fully understanding is key before you make a commitment.

Here are a few cons of adopting a cat:

Cats Can be Hard to Train

Cats are a little headstrong and don’t like to take instructions too easily.

They don’t obey commandments easily so it will be a bit hard to train in that department.

Having their way is what they love, and they give the impression that they are the parents and you are the child!

Orange cat with head held up and back seeming aloof

Cats Can Be Aloof

Cats can seem aloof and even selfish at times, especially if not socialized at an early age.

They will be skeptical of strangers and can be judgmental of even their own family.

Cats are highly independent but once you can understand them and how they operate, you won’t feel so bad that they don’t cling to you.

It is just their nature.

Just relax and eventually, they will allow you to pet them again 🙂

Cat scratching post

Might Scratch Your Furniture

Cats will scratch your furniture! Scratching is something that comes naturally to cats and is to be expected.

If left alone without anything productive to do, this could make matters worse.

The best solution is to provide a fun cat scratching post.

You can even make one like our fun DIY Cactus Cat Scratching Post for your cat to enjoy!

Cats are more Prone to Cause Allergic Reactions

It seems a lot of people are allergic to cats, especially young children.

Most often it is cat dander that causes the reactions so it is best to have a trial run with your feline friend and see how the family settles in with them before making a permanent commitment.

The Pros and Cons of Adopting a Cat - Beautiful gray cat

Cats Don’t Do Well With Traveling or Constant House Moving

Cats do not find constant house moving exciting!

Once your cat settles into your home, they want to get comfortable in their environment and not be forced to move away from it.

Having read a few of the pros and cons of adopting a cat do you think they are the best choice for you and your family?

Melanie B

Friday 11th of November 2022

Really good article, and very true aspects of adopting a cat; if you take extra measures to cat-proof your house beforehand it does help with scratching.

Debbie P

Thursday 10th of November 2022

I haven't had a cat in many years but I really like this article.

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