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Signs Your Cat’s Rash Needs Vet Care

When you have a furry feline as a member of your family, you know it is not at all uncommon to see them sitting around bathing and licking themselves from time to time. However, when you go to pet your kitty, you may notice they have a rash. While it may be no big deal and go away on its own, it may also turn into a problem that requires a vet visit. If you notice the following signs regarding your cat’s rash, it’s time to seek out veterinary care.

Signs Your Cat's Rash Needs Vet Care

The Rash is Spreading

If what was only a small red spot on your cat one day has turned into a rash that is getting much bigger and spreading rapidly, don’t hesitate to take your cat to a vet for immediate care.

While it could be that your cat is extremely sensitive to fleas and simply needs some flea treatment, it could also indicate something more serious, such as being bitten by a tick.

An Allergic Reaction

If your cat’s rash forms quickly and is also exhibiting other signs of potential problems, such as trouble breathing, take your cat to a veterinarian at once.

This could signal they are suffering from an allergic reaction to food or medication, or perhaps may have ingested something that was poisonous.

Orange cat rubbing face on bookshelf

Hair Loss

If you have a long-haired cat, you know all too well just how much they can shed their hair everywhere.

However, if you begin to notice your cat is shedding more hair than usual or is developing bald patches near a rash, they need to be examined by a vet as soon as possible.

This could indicate anything from a simple case of dermatitis to something more troublesome such as ringworm, so don’t delay in seeking out treatment for your cat.

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Scabs, Ulcers, and Open Sores

When you take a closer look at your kitty and notice it now has scabs, ulcers, or even open sores on or near a rash, you most certainly need to schedule an appointment with your vet.

While a scab can often be a sign something is healing up, ulcers and open sores can indicate a bigger problem.

If left untreated, open sores can become infected, ultimately putting your cat’s life at risk.

When you notice a rash on your cat, don’t take any unnecessary chances by simply ignoring it and assuming it will go away on its own.

Instead, have your cat examined by a vet.

When you do, you will gain peace of mind, and your cat will get the exact treatment needed for their condition.

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