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Teaching Your Dog not to Bite

There are so many families around the world that have pet dogs. They all love them and cherish them as an important member of their family! But, we need to talk about an important thing today. With all these families having pet dogs, we also hear of thousands of cases where a family dog has bitten a child. Some of these dog bites are causing a lot of damage or even death! So, teaching your dog not to bite is very important!

You will need to teach BOTH your dog and your children, how they should behave with each other is very important in all families!

Teaching your Dog not to Bite

Teaching Your Dog to Respect the Family

Whether you’re introducing a new dog into an established family, or you have a new little one you are bringing home where you already have a dog member, it’s important to make sure everyone knows their role in the family.  

For dogs, their position in the household revolves around their position in the pack or in this case (the family).  

They have to understand that every human in the family is in a leadership position in the pack.

However little they may be, this includes children and babies because the dogs will respect and obey those who they see as a leader.

Teaching your dog to respect your children is a fairly easy process, especially if you start when the dog is a puppy.

The most effective way to do this is to include the children in the process of training your dog

Have them help teach the dog new tricks. You have to always back your child up while they do this.

For example, your child is helping you teach a new puppy to sit. 

If the dog doesn’t listen, you need to step in and make the dog sit!  

Teaching the dog that he has to follow commands from your children will help him understand his role of being submissive to children the same as adults.

Teaching Your Children to Respect the Dog

Just as important as teaching your dog to respect and obey is teaching your children they have to treat the dog as a loved family member. 

Some children think that because dogs will put up with being hit or their tail being pulled that it’s ok. 

Kids need to understand that they are not to ever hit, or hurt, your dog in any way.

The kids should treat the dog as a valued member of the family who is to be loved and cherished.

If you start as soon as the new member of the family is brought home you won’t have any difficulty keeping your dog and children safe and happy in the home. 

If you’re bringing home a new baby, you need to expose the dog to the baby as much as possible as they grow up.

You need to always ensure the dog is staying calm and submissive while around the baby.  

Of course, it’s also very important to provide supervision with dogs and kids at all times, especially small kids!

Never assume that all will be fine! It’s always better to be safe than sorry and risk a dog bite!

Most folks would agree that there isn’t anything better than having a happy family dog that will play safely with the kids. 

With consistency and patience, teaching your dog not to bite is a simple process that will bring years of happiness for you and your dog!

Jerry Marquardt

Monday 1st of May 2017

I love training pups, so I enjoyed reading your post on training them not to bite. This is very helpful and informative.

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