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Transitioning to an All Natural Dog Food for Better Health #PawNatural

Hey everybody! My Lady got us some new dog kibble the other day that is just doggone woofalicious! She was going on about it being all healthy and natural and I was getting a bit worried there. Sometimes that healthy stuff might be healthy, but so what if it ain’t got no taste? I shouldn’t a worried none though! That new food downright makes me drool just thinking about it! I don’t know anything about what’s healthy. All I know is how it tastes good. So, I’m gonna let my Lady tell ya all the particulars about the Only Natural Pet PowerFood. I’m gonna nap and dream of supper time! I gotta feelin’ I’m gonna wake up mighty hungry WOOF!


Here’s my Lady’s take on our new All Natural Dog Food from Only Natural Pet!

We have been trying to eat healthy and are all about eating organic and natural.

Well, if we do that for ourselves and our pets are part of the family, should we not be giving them the healthiest dog food possible too?

When it comes to my furbabies food, I am very particular!

You know that saying “you are what you eat”?

Well, I want my dogs to be their healthiest possible.

A good healthy diet keeps them healthy and happy.

A healthy diet keeps their immune systems at their best and keeps them out of the vets office because of sickness.

Pets are just like us humans.

The healthier we are, the better we can fight off whatever sickness comes our way.

So, I was very excited to get a chance to try out Only Natural Pet’s new Canine PowerFood which is an all-natural dog food!

The reason I’m so excited about this dog food is because it is an all-natural dog food formulated by a holistic vet!

You have to love that!

And, of course, it’s made in the USA! Only Natural Pet also has 10 years of experience in the natural pet food industry which speaks for itself!


Only Natural Pet Canine PowerFood is packed with protein, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

The PowerFood also contains low-glycemic carbohydrates like garbanzos and lentils, which offer healthy and long lasting energy without spiking their blood sugar.

It also has fruits and vegetables, which provides important vitamins and minerals. Y’all know I am all about mine getting their veggies in!

But that’s not all! Each piece of the all natural dog food is infused with PowerBoost! PowerBoost is a raw, freeze-dried blend of superfoods like green lipped mussels, sea cucumbers, probiotics and pumpkin.

Only Natural Pet is also an allergy-friendly dog food!

It is corn, wheat, oat and soy free! Plus, it’s made with gluten-free ingredients!

Sallie was excited over the allergy-friendly!

She has to have a grain free diet for health reasons. Being an allergy-friendly dog food, she was able to have the tasty kibble too!

Transitioning to Only Natural Pet PowerFood All Natural Dog Food

Before you go changing foods, you have to transition into it over a bit of time to reduce the chance of stomach upset.

I love how Only Natural Pet gives this handy guide right on the packaging!


Start the new food by following the handy guide on the package.

But, please remember, this is just a basic guide. If you find that your pet is having loose stools, then slow down a bit.

Changing between the higher quality dog foods has never been a problem for mine.

However, I always do start off slowly and increase each day.

Even we humans can get an upset stomach if introduced to new foods we aren’t used to eating!

Mine loved the food and had no issues at all.


A couple of mine are joining me in the office today while I work.

With 7 dogs here, I have to separate them to eat anyway, so I allowed a couple to hang out with me.

Molly is chowing down on her Only Natural Dog Food.

She loves, loves, loves the Poultry Feast!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her eat like that!

Most of the time she is just sort of interested in it and nibbles at it.


Maggie loves the Poultry Feast too!

Just look at her licking her lips.

She is a delicate eater, but she manages to wipe her plate – or should I say bowl?

She just takes her time about it. Maybe she likes to fully savor the flavor?!


We are loving the Only Natural Pet PowerFood and can’t recommend it highly enough!!

It’s not every day that you get everything you wish for in things.

But, the Only Natural Pet dog food has all the requirements rolled into one delicious dinner for my dogs!

I love knowing they are eating the healthiest natural food possible and they love the great taste!

It doesn’t get better than this folks! Only Natural Pet Canine PowerFood comes in the flavors of Poultry Feast, Just Fish Feast and Red Meat Feast.

Since mine love beef, we’re going for the Red Meat Feast next!

Purchase Only Natural Pet All Natural Dog Food!

If you would like to give Only Natural Pet Canine PowerFood a try, and we highly encourage you to, it will be available for purchase starting October 6th, 2014!

It’s available exclusively at

Connect with Only Natural Pet

We also encourage you to connect with Only Natural Pet for more information and updates! You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest,

Do you eat all natural and/or organic foods?

Have you considered feeding your pet an all natural diet for better health?

We would love to know your thoughts!


Friday 28th of April 2017

I have started feeding my boy probiotics and he looks 100 times better. from his coat to his disposition, he has improved so much.

Christine Gaskill

Saturday 14th of January 2017

I was interested in the product after reading your review so I followed your link to the online store. I liked the amount of variety in the flavors. We recently switched from Nutra Source to Pro Plan, I pay a lot less than Natural pet. $70. For 7.5 lbs was a bit higher than we are willing to pay. I am surprised a chicken based formula was so expensive. We try to stay away from chicken considering the problems with chemicals given to chicken. We all want our pets to be healthy and eat a good diet, and as long

Windy LaShea

Friday 25th of November 2016


Stacy Bennett

Wednesday 28th of September 2016

This sounds great! I have an older dog with a sensitive stomach. Thanks for sharing!

Sandra Fitzgerald

Monday 26th of October 2015

What a great recipe!

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