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A Pup Above Offers Nutritious Human-Grade Food for Your Best Friend

When it comes to food, our dogs deserve the best in nutrition to keep them healthy and happy. A Pup Above offers just that and more!

Like I am always talking about, good health starts in the gut! Good nutrition is the first step in keeping our pups healthy and out of the vet’s office!

Just like humans, they need essential vitamins and nutrients to stay strong and healthy.

What they don’t need are fillers, artificial flavors, colors, etc.

This is why I, and my pack of pups, are loving A Pup Above dog food!

I shouldn’t have to remind you that I am the Queen of reading dog food ingredients and only the best of the best will pass my inspection.

After all, my dogs are my family and I wouldn’t serve just any old thing to my human family!

Take a look and I think you will agree that A Pup Above is something your pup needs AND wants to try!

A Pup Above Offers Nutritious Human-Grade Food for Your Best Friend

What is A Pup Above?

We already know our pets need the ultimate nutrition to keep them healthy and happy.

After all, we are what we eat and that also stands true for our pups!

A Pup Above not only creates tasty 100% human-grade delicious dinners for pups, but they also believe in making dog food more sustainable so it’s better for humans, dogs, and our planet!

I love that they take into account ethics during every phase of a product’s lifecycle—from packaging design and ingredient sourcing to how their product is sold.

They believe in recyclable packaging, upcycling where they can, and sourcing from farmers with strict animal welfare standards.

First, let’s look at why dogs everywhere are woofing about this delicious dog food!

Then, I will tell you more about their how they are keeping their carbon footprint low AND helping our planet!

A Pup Above Beef Stew recipe in dog bowl

Dogs are Woofing about the Tasty Sous-Vide Fresh Food from A Pup Above!

To start with, A Pup Above is 100% human-grade food sourced from non-gmo produce and meat without steroids, antibiotics, and hormones.

Working with top food scientists and vet nutritionists, each recipe is carefully formulated to be 100% complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards for adult maintenance.

Once formulated, the food is gently cooked sous-vide at their USDA inspected facility to maximize nutrient retention, enhance flavor, and deliver a high meat protein food your pup is guaranteed to love.

It is then tested for pathogens to ensure is safe for your pup.

The final step is flash freezing for safe shipping and storage convenience.

A Pup Above has ingredients you can pronounce

A Pup Above Ingredients

A Pup Above uses real HUMAN GRADE ingredients you would eat yourself!

Y’all this food smells so DELICIOUS! It’s no wonder the pups dig in with gusto!

The ingredients are ones you would eat yourself and it is made in a USDA human-grade facility.

A Pup Above dog food offers 72% MORE protein than other dog foods. And, as you probably already know, protein is important in building healthier muscles, skin, and joints. Protein also aids in weight management!

The dog food uses non-gmo veggies that are grown in antioxidant and nutrient-rich soils.

It also includes superfoods such as turmeric, thyme, and parsley for joints, immune, and digestive support.

Each recipe is prepared using a single source of protein. The all-natural meat is WITHOUT antibiotics or growth hormones.

The recipe also contains a yummy natural gravy that is rich in collagen and healthy amino acids.

Sounds bark worthy, right?!

A Pup Above is transparent from farm to bowl

In addition, A Pup Above is always transparent about the sourcing.

You can trace the ingredients from the source to your pup’s bowl!

A Pup Above recipe flavors

4 Woofalicious Flavors to Choose From!

A Pup Above offers 4 tasty recipes your pup will certainly woof for!

  • Turkey Pawella
  • Texas Beef Stew
  • Chicka Chicka Bow Wow
  • Porky’s Luau

But, if you can’t decide which one to try first, you can do what we did and grab the sampler pack!

It includes a bag of each of their 4 tasty recipes. Then, let your pup decide.

My pups LOVE them all and enjoy eating a different variety each night.

Now, let’s get back to what sets this company above all others!

German Shepherd Lab mix licking their lips after eating A Pup Above dog food
Mom! Any chance of seconds on this tasty A Pup Above Beef Stew?

A Pup Above Upcycles, Recycles, and Gives Back!

Take a look at how they are helping our planet at the same time they are producing healthy, nutritious dog food for our pups!

A Pup Above Upcycles by Picking the Ugly Produce

I love the fact that they use ugly produce

Seriously! It has the same amount of vitamins and minerals and is a great way to upcycle ingredients!

We’re not talking bad produce! Just produce that doesn’t conform to norms and often gets thrown out.

Take it from me, it all eats the same and gives you all the proper nutrients!

100% Recyclable Packaging

With all the plastic pet food and treat bags filling our landfills, who wants to keep contributing to that problem? Not me and certainly not A Pup Above.

A Pup Above is keeping its carbon footprint low by using 100% recyclable packaging material.

They Use Renewable Energy

In addition to their recyclable packaging, they source locally AND use renewable energy where they can.

Actually, their fulfillment center runs on 100% renewable energy.

How awesome is that?!

A Pup Above Contributes Back!

I love when companies give back to communities and A Pup Above does this by donating 1% of their revenue to the White Buffalo Land Trust to help fund their flagship farm.

For those not familiar with the farm, it is a living, breathing example of regenerative agriculture and a resource for farmers and ranchers from all over the region.

Regenerative farming aims to capture carbon from the atmosphere and restore the health of our soil and water.

German Shepherd Lab mix eating a bowl of tasty A Pup Above dog food

My pups are certainly enjoying their delicious A Pup Above dog food!

I was having a little trouble with a couple of mine taking FOREVER to eat – guess the excitement of mealtime wore off for them.

I certainly don’t have that problem with taste A Pup Above on the menu!

When I call mealtime, they come running and slide into place to wait on their tasty meal to be served. 

There is no coaxing and begging them to finish eating as it is gone in no time flat and then they are licking their bowl clean!

German Shepherd Lab mix eating a bowl of A Pup Above dog food

I love when I can give my pups nutritious healthy food they love. They are all happy smiles and waggie tails!

Be sure and check out A Pup Above!

Take a look around and read the ingredients! I am sure you and your pooch will want to give it a try too!

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Antoinette M

Thursday 24th of March 2022

Great flavors!

Marisela Zuniga

Wednesday 23rd of March 2022

I'll have to let my family know about this brand!

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