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Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review

We are making it through Fall here and my Lady and some of my brothers and sisters are feeling poorly. They have things called allergies and my Lady says they are bad during this time of year. She gets all weepy-eyed and sneezes and Ozzy does some strange kind of sneeze that my Lady calls a reverse sneeze. Sallie gets to itching and scratching to high Heaven and even my eyes have been itching and runny. So, I talked my Lady into one of them there Venta Airwasher Purifier and Humidifier machines for the bedroom like she’s got in the living room.

After all, we all sleep in there and we were waking up snorting and sneezing! WOOF!

Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review #ChristmasMM15

We needed something that would wash and clean the air, plus humidify the room we were all sleeping in.

I wanted my own Venta Airwasher so I could get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling spry — not all tired, worn out, and watery-eyed! WOOF!

I don’t know about all the particulars of the Venta Airwasher, so I better get my Lady to tell you about it…

Here’s what my Lady says about the LW15 Venta Airwasher

While humans can certainly be allergic to pets, did you know that pets can also have allergy problems of their own?

The most common allergies in dogs are airborne such as pollen, grasses, trees, dust mites, and mold spores (sounds like my allergy list!), food allergies, and flea allergies.

Airborne allergies appear as itchy irritated skin in dogs.

If you remember, our dog Sallie has suffered from these allergies all her life. It can be severe at times, especially in the Spring and Fall, with big sores and hair loss!

Ozzy has a problem with reverse sneezing, which is also a sign of allergies. He also has frequent ear infections, another tell-tale sign of allergies! 

If your dog is scratching, licking, or has frequent ear and skin infections, this could mean they are experiencing allergy symptoms.

Treatment for a pet experiencing allergies is much like they are for humans including: medications such as antihistamines and other allergy medications, frequent washing of their bedding, avoidance of the allergen, and managing the environment by removing as much of the allergens as possible .

One of the places in our home where the dogs spend a lot of time is the bedroom.

All 7 dogs and beds are piled in one tiny bedroom.

After playing outside in the dust and pollen, they come in and crash onto their beds in one small bedroom with us.

Tell me that isn’t a lot of allergens going on!

So, Molly’s request for a Venta Airwasher for the bedroom made sense to me.  

I needed to do something about the air quality in our bedroom to fully help with the allergy problems!

I already knew how amazing the Venta Airwashers was because I had one in the living area of our home where I spend a lot of time.

The LW15 Venta Airwasher, which is smaller (covers about 200 sq. ft.) is perfect to help cleanse the air in the bedroom.

Not only would it help me, but it would also help the dog’s allergies and itchy skin.

About the LW15 Venta Airwasher

The LW15 Venta Airwasher is the most compact, small humidifier and best room air purifier on the market. The LW15 Airwasher contains their most advanced technology to remove dust, particles and allergens from the air we breathe. This filterless humidifier and dual-function device cleans indoor air making it the best humidifier for baby rooms, living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Their filterless technology reduces mold and waste, along with other additional life changing air purifier benefits. The Venta Airwasher brings new meaning to, and appreciation for, personal space. Their Airwashers were designed with advanced technology and German engineering, making them the best room humidifiers and purifiers on the market.

When our new LW15 Venta Airwasher came in, I was excited to get it set up!

I think the pups were too! I had a couple of helpers to help put it together.

Setting up the LW15 Venta Airwasher

Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review #ChristmasMM15
Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review #ChristmasMM15

Setting up the Venta Airwasher is easy! Start by removing the upper housing by lifting it off.

Set it aside for now.

On the inside, you will find the disk stack.

You don’t have to remove this, I just wanted to show you the parts.

The pups relaxed while I went to get some water and the water treatment additive.

When I got back, I found the pups checking out all the parts of the Venta Airwasher.

They seemed very interested in the fan in the top housing of the unit.

Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review #ChristmasMM15

When you have the disk stack in place, you can pour the water treatment additive directly into the disk stack.

The water treatment additive is used to help prevent mineral deposits (that icky hard white stuff) from becoming hard and difficult to remove. 

It makes it easy to rinse out. It also helps improve the efficiency of the Venta Airwasher by allowing the water to sheet on the disk stack instead of “beading” up.

The water additive does NOT need to be added everyday when you add water.

It only needs to be added when you clean the unit (every 10-14 days). More on the cleaning of the unit below.


Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review #ChristmasMM15

Continue by adding water to the lower reservoir.

The helper pups are still helping, or getting in the way, whichever you prefer!

Ozzy decided he wanted to taste the water as it was being poured! Silly dog!

I had to refill my pitcher again to completely fill the Venta up to the maximum fill line.

The LW15 holds a little over a gallon of water.

One word of caution here! You can add the water and the water treatment through the disk stack.

However, NEVER pour water or other liquid through the top housing and fan!

Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review #ChristmasMM15

The LW15 Venta Airwasher controls are located on the top of the unit.

They are very simple and self-explanatory.

You can see from looking at the picture above, that I have the unit “ON” and my fan speed is on ‘1’.

The LW15 Venta Airwasher offers two fan speeds — “1” and “2” (high and low).

While this pic was took with it on fan speed “1”, I run mine on “2”.

I figure I need the highest, strongest setting available to tackle the bad air quality problems in my bedroom!

The Venta Airwasher also has an automatic shutoff.

When the unit runs out of water, it will shut itself down.

So far, mine will run a couple of days without adding water to it.

Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review #ChristmasMM15

Well, we made it! Our Venta Airwasher is ready to go in the bedroom.

Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review #ChristmasMM15

While I was figuring out where in the bedroom I wanted to put the Venta Airwasher, Brandi relaxed and waited.

Venta Airwasher - Seager and Ozzy

Ozzy went and got Seager to come to check it out.

Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review #ChristmasMM15

I love the Venta Airwasher so much, it got a home directly on my nightstand!

I wanted it up front and center and I was also afraid that the dogs would hit it with their roughhousing if it were on the floor. 

In case you are wondering, the Venta is whisper quite! You can barely tell it is running.

How the Venta Airwasher Works

The Venta Airwasher works by pulling the dry indoor air into it. This is where it will be washed.

The dirt, dust, dander, pollen and allergens, old tobacco smoke, and particles stick to the revolving disk stacks. They are then collected in the water in the lower housing compartment.

Clean humidified air evaporates back into the room.

Every 10-14 days the yucky particles can be rinsed away!

The Venta Airwasher humidifies the air through the process of cold evaporation.

Because of the cold evaporation, there is no white residue, vapors, or mists.

As the disk stack rotates in the water, the dry air meets the surface area of the disk stack, and the water evaporates and is sent out into the room.

By using the cold evaporation process, any excess humidity can be virtually ruled out.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about over-humidifying or lime deposits!

For anyone, including pets, with sinus problems and allergies — air purification and humidification are a blessing!

Oh, and the best part is it does this all WITHOUT a filter!!

No messy filter changes or extra cost to keep replacing filters that cost as much as the unit!

Cleaning the Venta Airwasher

To clean the unit, just empty out the dirty water and wash the lower housing with warm water.

Then, using warm water again, wash the disk stakes. I found it easier to spray the disk stacks with the hose nozzle on my sink.

Wipe the fan blade with a soft cloth, refill with Venta Water Treatment Additive, and add water.

You are now ready to go again for another 10-14 days.

Twice a year, you can break the unit down by taking the fan out. Then, thoroughly clean by using the super easy directions that come with it.

Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review #ChristmasMM15

We are totally in love with our Venta Airwasher!

We, and the dogs, are resting much better!

The bedroom DEFINITELY smells and feels so much cleaner! I feel more rested after waking up and am not my usual sneezing, hacking, stopped-up self!

And, the pups seem to be doing better too! Ozzy’s ears have cleared up and while some itching and scratching are still happening, I think it is much better.

I will go so far as to say, we will never be without a Venta Airwasher in our home again!

The benefits are truly amazing, both for us and our 4-legged family members!

LW15 Venta Airwasher features in a nutshell:

  • Dual-function: humidifier and air purifier in one
  • Compact, efficient, and powerful for indoor air spaces up to 200 sq. feet.
  • Low maintenance – just add water
  • Auto shut-off feature and low water warnings
  • Light and durable – weighs only 7 lbs.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors like stale tobacco smoke
  • Accommodates all water densities, soft or hard
  • Energy efficient, requires little power (<10 watts)
  • Simple to use with on/off light and speed controls
  • 2X year worry-free cleaning
  • No ions, no ozone, no white dust; will not over-humidify
  • Available in Anthracite Gray or White

The LW15 Venta Airwasher covers a 200 sq. ft. area, making it perfect for bedrooms and other small rooms.

Venta also has several other models, and sizes, to choose from for your home.

There is sure to be one to fit your needs

laurie damrose

Monday 4th of January 2016

that would be good for my dog.

Jenny @VentaAirwasher

Wednesday 6th of January 2016

Hi Laurie! The Airwasher is absolutely perfect for pet parents. Call us toll-free and start your 14-day trial today. 888-333-8218.


Wednesday 9th of December 2015

Sounds like a great product! So cute that your pups where curious about it! :)


Wednesday 9th of December 2015

The Venta Airwasher looks GREAT! I'd like to use one in our house, as I personally have allergy problems -- maybe it could help!


Wednesday 9th of December 2015

Hi Tarissa! Thank you for your kind words about the Airwasher. Team Venta absolutely believes we can help with your allergy issues and would love to start you on your free trial. Call us toll-free at 888-333-8218 today!

June S.

Tuesday 8th of December 2015

(Venta Airwasher & Humidifier is Great for Pet Allergies #VentaFamily #Review #ChristmasMM15) I sure could use one of these in our master bedroom when we sleep at night. Our two cats shed a lot during the winter months.


Wednesday 9th of December 2015

June, the Airwasher is perfect for keeping on all day in the bedroom for perfect indoor air quality and more restful sleep at night. A few drops of your complimentary Aromatherapy will turn your bedroom into your personal spa. Call us toll-free at 888-333-8218 and order today.

Richard Brandt

Sunday 6th of December 2015

My sister could use this with her cats.


Wednesday 9th of December 2015

Team Venta couldn't agree with you more, Richard. The Airwasher is the perfect gift for everyone on your list this holiday season. Call us toll-free at 888-333-8218 and make your sister's (and her cats') season bright!

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