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Welcome Home, Pup: 3 Reasons to Get Your Dog Fixed

When it comes to welcoming a precious pup into your household, you may be thinking of quite a few different “should I? How Do I?, and What Do I Do?” questions. If you’re here, you are asking why you should get your furry pal spayed or neutered and if it will be the right choice. Below you will find just three reasons of many to spay or neuter your new puppy.

Welcome Home, Pup 3 Reasons to Get Your Dog Fixed

Welcome Home, Pup: 3 Reasons to Get Your Dog Fixed

You’ll Be Doing a Service to Society

Unfortunately, there are millions of cute, furry, loveable dogs filling out shelters and roaming the streets all over the world. A large percentage of these incredible animals will have to be put to sleep because there simply isn’t enough space to house them safely in shelters. Having your dog spayed or neutered will cut down on the homelessness crisis and help to ensure that those currently seeking forever homes have a better chance. If you find yourself in Anchorage, Alaska and would like to have this procedure completed, consider calling a vet clinic like the Chester Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Spaying Helps to Ensure That Your Female Pup Lives Long and Healthy Life

Spaying has a profound impact on your female pup’s lifespan, lifestyle, and overall health. When a dog is spayed, their reproductive organs are completely removed. This significantly cuts down on the chances that they will develop cancerous tumors related to those reproductive organs. Not just this, but your dog will not go into heat. Dogs that go into heat risk getting injured by bigger male dogs looking to mate. Lastly, females that do not get pregnant do not risk life-altering complications from carrying a litter of puppies or giving birth. Without the stress of cancer, mating, or pregnancy, your pup is sure to live a long and healthy life.

Neutering Can Help Deter Negative Behavior

Males that are not neutered are more likely to act aggressively, particularly if they have discovered a female in heat within a short distance. They may also have a heightened tendency to be territorial, bark excessively, and mark furniture in the house to show dominance. Fixing them will likely help to stop or deter these negative behaviors.

Take Home Advice

Your dog is an endless source of love and understanding. When it comes to ensuring that their health is in tip-top shape, it is not hard to make the decision to have them spayed or neutered. The three reasons listed above are by no means exhaustive. In fact, you can find many more reasons with a little more personal research that is specific to your lifestyle circumstances.


Linda Szymoniak

Sunday 7th of May 2017

Millions of dogs and cats die in shelters in the US every year. There is absolutely no excuse for NOT having your pets spayed/neutered. I'm involved in rescue and it's heartbreaking to see so many beautiful animals dying in shelters just because so many people can't be bothered to alter their pets. Until the number of pets being adopted equals the number coming into shelters, we really need to get more people to spay and neuter their pets.

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