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West Paw’s Zwig Zogoflex Echo Dog Toy is the Perfect Alternative to Dangerous Sticks

Ah, the lazy days of Summer. Us pups spend most of the time layin’ up under the cool air of the air conditioner. Can you blame us? But, during our playtimes, we love to run and fetch. Well, some of us still lay around under the shade tree gnawing on a stick WOOF! My Lady is always tellin’ us to stop chewin’ on them sticks ’cause she’s scared they will hurt our mouths. And, now, my Lady has issued us a challenge with a fun new West Paw Twig Zogoflex Echo Dog Toy!

West Paw's Zwig Zogoflex Echo Dog Toy is the Perfect Alternative to Dangerous Sticks

Us pups are always up for a challenge and so we raised our paws and said WOOF!

The funny thing is I’m not sure if we won or lost.

We like the Zwig better than our sticks, so what does that mean?

Boy howdy, too much thinkin’ for me. Lemme fetch my Lady to tell ya ’bout this fun new dog toy!

Here’s what my Lady says about West Paw’s Zwig

All dogs love to play with sticks. Yep! The kind that falls from the trees.

Miss Molly and the pack are no exception.

While the good old stick may be a favorite plaything, it can also be dangerous.

Sticks can leave tongue splinters and puncture their mouths and throats! 

As a matter of fact, we had a scary incident with Seager and a stick.

He got a short stick stuck in the roof of his mouth.

It was firmly planted from his top teeth on one side to the teeth on the other side.

We noticed him not wanting to eat and the foul odor coming from his mouth.

looking in his mouth, we found the culprit, and needless to say, it had set up an infection in the gums and required a vet’s help to remove it and antibiotics to treat it YIKES!

So, we were super excited to learn West Paw (our favorite dog toy place) has a new fetching dog toy called the Zwig Zogoflex Echo Dog that is kicking old sticks to the curb!

This fun stick is much more fun and, most importantly, much safer! Take a look!

West Paw Zwig Zogoflex Echo Dog Toy

Zwig Zogoflex Echo Dog Toy

The new Zwig Zogoflex Echo Dog Toy is bendy and squishy and combines shapes and textures to create an irresistible chewy-feel.

It has a bouncy action that keeps going even when dogs are just carrying it around (which they love to do).

The fun shape and size make it easy for pups or senior dogs to grasp by mouth or hold between the paws while chewing.

The Zwig Dog Toy is made of West Paw’s much-loved Zogoflex and is Nontoxic, free of BPA, latex, and phthalates.

It is blow molded with a hollow center to be lightweight and durable for moderate chewers and persistent chewers who like the springy resistance of this more flexible chew toy.

The Zwig Zogoflex Echo Dog Toy is available in 3 fun colors. You can choose from Eggplant, Jungle Green, or Melon. Better yet, collect all 3!

West Paw Zwig Zogoflex Echo Dog Toy features in a nutshell:

  • Intriguing shape creates erratic bounce and energy to keep dogs engrossed
  • Hollow, squishy feel is satisfying to chew, catch and carry
  • Dishwasher safe and buoyant in water
  • Perfect for dogs who like a lighter, softer toy that still stands up to chewing
  • Interactive toy to play with dogs or people, yet good for encouraging solo play
  • Safe and sound! Nontoxic, free of BPA, latex, phthalates
  • Backed by Love It Guarantee®
  • Measures 13.75″
West Paw Zwig Zogoflex Echo collage

Miss Molly and the pack’s thoughts

Our pack has little dogs, large dogs, persistent chewers, ones with soft mouths, and all kinds in between – with a pack of 8 you get a variety 🙂

The Zwig Zogoflex Echo is perfect for all of them. I honestly don’t know which dog loves it more.

From Ozzy, the largest of the pack, to Poco the little Rat Terrier, and everyone in between, they LOVE their new Zwig toy!

Ozzy hauls it around with him and has fun throwing and watching it bounce.

And, when Poco gets a chance, he hauls it up on the dog bed to hold and gets his fill of chew action in!

With its hollow center, it is light enough for even the little ones (like Poco) to haul around!

As a fur Mom, I love that it is safer than the old basic sticks and I also love knowing they enjoy playing with the Zwig!

It’s their new favorite toy next to their Zogoflex Wox dog toy!

West Paw Zwig Zogoflex Echo

Does your dog love to chase and chew sticks?

Do you often worry about splinters and punctures from them?

I believe that would be a yes for most pet parents, right?

Visit West Paw and check out the new bouncy, squishy Zwig Zogoflex Echo Dog Toy as a super fun and safer alternative!

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Rebecca W

Monday 1st of October 2018

We got a new puppy a few months ago, and he loves to play fetch! The stick looks like a fun toy!

April v Monty

Saturday 11th of August 2018

I bet the fur babies have tons of fun with these ,great for playing in the yard.

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