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5 Tips to Discipline Your Puppy

My Lady can tell ya if there’s one thing we know round here, it’s puppies! Actually, we still got two pups in trainin’ right now. They got the outside business down good, but they still gotta learn a few things like what they can chew and what they can’t! They’re always into somethin’!

Tips to Discipline Your Puppy

For starters, a lot of new dog owners make the mistake of lettin’ their puppy do whatever he or she pleases just cause they are so adorable and cute. They believe it’s too young to start learnin’ to behave properly.  Wrong! This isn’t only worng, it can cause your puppy to be confused when you do start trainin’ em.  As soon as a puppy is old enough to be separated from its mother, it is old enough to start learnin’ how to be a member of it’s new pack (your family).  Part of teachin’ a puppy it’s role in your pack is discipline, but if it’s done wrong it can cause a lot of problems and troubles.  Learnin’ the best way to discipline your puppy will help speed up the trainin’ and help your dog adjust to livin’ with your family.

Here’s 5 tips to discipline your puppy:

Never discipline your puppy out of anger or cause you’re mad.  Trainin’ a new puppy to be a part of your family will take time.  Dogs don’t automatically know how you human folk want em to behave, so they will make lots of mistakes.  When you discipline em only do it in a calm way to correct the behavior. Discipline is not a punishment, but a correction.

Praise your puppy more than you discipline him.  While discipline is an absolutely essential part of trainin’ any puppy, it should be secondary to praise.  Every puppy wants to please it’s leader and it is much easier to get the behavior you want by reinforcin’ proper behavior through praise and affection.

Understand the difference between respect and fear.  A puppy needs to know that you are his master, or alpha, so it will respect and submit to ya.  This doesn’t mean that it should be scared of you!  If you’re hittin’ or beatin’ your puppy it will become nervous and scared, which can cause the puppy to grow up to be an unpredictable dog.  With consistent discipline used properly, your puppy will be calm and submissive and will respect, and obey, you.

Discipline immediately after the bad behavior.  Dogs ain’t able to associate discipline given at one time to somethin’ they did more than a few moments before.  If you don’t catch your puppy in the act of doin’ something’ wrong then it is too late for discipline.  Proper discipline requires you to be very attentive to the puppy so you can catch him misbehavin’, or doin’ the bad deed, then provide an immediate correction.

Be consistent with your discipline.  If you’re not consistent in what you discipline your puppy for, and how you do it, he will just become confused.  If, for example, you don’t want your puppy chewing on shoes it is important to discipline him immediately every time you see him chewin’ on em.  In addition, if you’re unable or unwillin’ to discipline quickly at a specific time then remove the shoes from the area so he can’t chew on em.  This will ensure he is disciplined every single time he does this behavior and will quickly realize that it is unacceptable.

Trainin’ a dog takes a lot of time at first, but if you do it properly it will be well worth the effort.  When you discipline your puppy properly, you can eliminate bad behavior very quickly.  Followin’ these five tips to discipline your puppy will help ya out.  But, findin’ the right types of discipline is also important.  Each puppy will respond best to different types of discipline, but you should NEVER violently hit or beat any dog as it will not get you the results you’re lookin’ for and only traumatize your dog. Love and a lot of patience will get ya there 🙂

Lana Simanovicki

Wednesday 6th of May 2015

This is good info I did not know these things


Friday 8th of November 2013

Those are good points but I see a lot of dog owners doing it the wrong way all the time. It makes sense that they have no clue what your screaming at them about when they did the deed 10 minutes ago. All they here is some blah blah and mommies mad at something lol.

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