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4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in Extreme Weather

As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your four-legged friend is protected during all kinds of weather. Today, we want to talk about keeping your dog safe in extreme weather.

If you cannot keep your pet indoors, an area outside needs to be designed for safety.

You also need to pay attention to changing weather conditions, especially when you know it could be extremely cold or hot.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in Extreme Weather


In the summer months, you need to make sure your dog has plenty of water available.

If possible, give your dog a few ice treats as well.

A fountain can keep water in your dog’s bowl flowing so that it stays clean.

Even with a fountain, you want to change your dog’s water each day so that it’s cool and refreshing.

Along with fresh water, you need to make sure your dog has plenty of fresh food as well.

Shady Spots

Make sure your dog has a place to stay in the shade during the summer months if you can’t have him inside.

This will help to keep your dog cooler in the summer.

An option would be to build a dog lot that is underneath a few trees.

You could also place a tarp over part of the lot so that there’s an area where your dog can enjoy being in the sun when he wants warmth.

A fun option would be to get a small pool for your dog to splash in when it’s hot outside.


Whether it’s a thunderstorm or a snowstorm, your dog might get anxious about the sights that are seen outside.

You can get dog clothes that hug the body that provide a calming effect when storms occur.

These clothes can also be worn when it’s cold outside.

Coats and socks are good options for colder temperatures so your dog’s temperature doesn’t get too low.

If it’s during the summer, shoes or socks can be worn to keep your dog’s feet from burning.


In the event that the weather turns severe and you’re told to evacuate, make sure you have a plan for your dog or you plan to take your dog with you.

Get enough food for your dog if you plan to be gone for a few days.

If possible, make reservations ahead of an approaching storm, such as a hurricane, so that you can stay in a hotel that is pet-friendly.

When it comes to caring for your dog, one of the things that you need to do is ensure that he’s safe in extreme weather.

Consider the season of the year so that you prepare the proper area for your dog either inside or outside your home.

Always have a backup plan to keep your dog safe in extreme weather.

Sandy Klocinski

Saturday 17th of August 2019

Know your dog’s limits! Some dogs are more susceptible to the cold than others. Short-coated, thin, elderly, or very young dogs get cold (and hot) more quickly – so adjust the amount of time they stay outside! When I had chows they had double coats and were better able to stand temperature extremes (yes, that double coat insulates against heat as well as cold) and so I allowed them to stay outside longer. The little Chihuahua I have now usually doesn't want to stay out any longer than necessary to relieve himself when it's cold but in the summer he wants to go outside and lay in the sun. I have to be careful to only allow him a few minutes in the sun before bringing him back inside.

stephanie jones

Saturday 17th of August 2019

great tips! thanks for sharing!

Cali W.

Friday 16th of August 2019

I think training your animal to wear little booties might help as well.

Mallory Bailey

Friday 16th of August 2019

Although my dog is very much an indoor dog I did find this informative in that I do need to consider evacuation plans for taking him and our cats with us in case of an emergency.

Shelley P

Thursday 15th of August 2019

Great tips! There are so many great calming products on the market to help your pet stay relaxed and more comfortable in these severe weather situations as well. My dogs get so frightened when we have big rain, thunder and wind storms and these have helped.

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