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6 Friendly Dog Breeds That Can Live Happily With Children

Every dog owner will agree, that it’s always a pleasure to watch a child play with a dog. That special bond and the way the youngster instinctively knows how to connect to an animal and how much it makes them happy, well, it melts your heart. However, not all dog breeds are friendly dog breeds that are the perfect match for families with children.

So before you decide to bring home that cute little puppy, do your research about which dog breeds can live happily with kids and would make an ideal match for your family environment.

To help you make an informed decision, here is a list of six friendly dog breeds that can live happily with children.

6 Friendly Dog Breeds That Can Live Happily With Children


Yorkies are known as the ‘most loving breed’ and not without reason.

They love to be around their owners, following them from room to room and even snuggling up on their lap.

These dogs do not require a lot of exercise but they will need to bond with their owners as much as possible, thus creating the perfect opportunity for playtime with your kids.

According to YYorkie, they are loving dogs that are affectionate towards all members of the family and love to be around children, often putting up with anything they dish out.

They may even enjoy playing with your kids’ toys if you encourage them, as long as those toys are well made and can stand up to a small dog’s teeth.

Yorkies make the perfect family dog and they will be happy to have a child of any age in their life.

Golden Retriever

If you are looking for a breed that is gentle, affectionate, and highly trainable with kids, then look no further than the Golden Retriever.

This is one of the most popular family dogs and they love spending time with children.

The affectionate temperament of this breed makes them very patient and understanding, even when the youngster accidentally pokes or pulls on their ears or tail.

Undoubtedly, your child will hold this gorgeous dog in their lap, pull its floppy ears around like drumsticks and ride it like a pony.

More likely than not he’ll let them do anything to him without so much as an annoyed glance!

These attributes make Golden Retrievers a perfect match for families with children.

Little boy with an orange popsicle hugging his dog

Labrador Retriever

The Lab is the most popular breed in America for three reasons: their gentle, loving temperament; their high intelligence; and their affectionate, playful nature.

However, they are also known to be highly active dogs that would do best with children who have plenty of energy because it will keep them both busy.

The Labrador’s life mantra can be summed up as ‘go-go go’ so you have to ensure that your kids are willing to take this breed on long walks or jogs every day.

Playing fetch until the dog drops will wear out even the most energetic child so your son or daughter must know how to help exercise this breed properly.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small breed that loves to play and would be the perfect addition to any family with children.

These dogs are known for their happy, cheerful natures and have been bred for centuries as ‘lap dogs’.

They thrive on being around people and simply love the attention of a young one sitting in their laps or chasing them around the backyard.

Their playful demeanor means they’ll keep your child entertained for hours together – what more could you ask from a dog?

This breed does tend to bark so will need training early on but if either you or your son or daughter can implement positive reinforcement techniques, then it won’t be long before your pup understands when it’s OK to make noise and when it’s not.

Little boy playing with his Bull dog


Bulldogs are fiercely loyal, intelligent dogs that were originally bred for protecting their owners and property.

While this kind of protection is no longer needed in most homes today, it’s comforting for parents to know that these natural watchdogs always have your back.

Bulldogs are also known for being gentle with children but do not appreciate being roughly handled by kids who don’t know how to behave around dogs.

Unlike some breeds that will snap or growl when displeased, Bulldogs simply go into ‘shutdown’ mode until the child understands which behaviors are appropriate around dogs.

Despite this docile nature towards humans, Bulldogs make excellent guard dogs and will be quick to alert you if a stranger knocks on the door or comes into your yard.

Cocker Spaniel

Cockers were bred to be family-friendly dogs that are gentle and affectionate with the children in their lives.

These laid-back canines are one of the most adaptable breeds, acting just fine whether they’re living in an apartment or a large house with yards for them to romp around in.

They are very patient dogs that are more than willing to play dress-up or sit on your lap while you watch television.

Although Cockers are high-energy dogs, they make great companions for kids who would love nothing more than teaching this breed new tricks and having fun.

Little girl and her black and white puppy sleeping on a sofa

These are some of the friendliest breeds that will fit into a family environment just fine.

Some of these friendly dog breeds do require more attention than others but none of them are unsocial or will tolerate being simply left in the backyard all day.

As long as you’re willing to commit to taking care of your pup, you shouldn’t have any problem with keeping one or more of these lovable breeds happy around your children.

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Sunday 13th of March 2022

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