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Canine Pool Safety 101: Top Considerations for Dog Owners This Summer

There is nothing like a dip in the pool to cool you on a hot day. You may be thinking of letting your four-legged friend cool off with you. However, there are many dogs that are not good swimmers. You want to be sure it is safe for their breed to go swimming. If your breed can swim, there are several canine pool safety tips to keep your dog safe in the pool.

Canine Pool Safety 101 - Top Considerations for Dog Owners This Summer

Teach Your Dog How to Swim

One way to keep your dog safe in the pool is to teach them how to swim.

You can research techniques for teaching a dog to swim online or in books.

If you do not feel comfortable teaching your dog to swim, you can always hire a professional dog trainer.

A professional knows what techniques to teach your dog, and they know what to do if your dog is afraid of the water.

Invest in a Life Vest for Your Dog

A life vest is a great idea if your dog is not a good swimmer.

You may decide to get your dog a life vest even if they swim well.

The life vest offers buoyancy to keep your dog afloat in the pool, and it comes in bright colors to ensure your dog is always visible.

Remember, a life vest is not a substitute for staying with your dog in the pool.

Learn the Techniques for Dog CPR

You never know when a tragedy is going to strike, but you can prepare for it by learning dog CPR.

It is important to know how to administer CPR and respiration should your dog accidentally drown.

There are websites that offer instructions for dog CPR, but it is better to learn the proper techniques from a certified instructor.

You can find a class by contacting your local animal shelter, organization, or veterinarian.

Install Fencing Around Your Pool

If you do not want your dog to swim unattended or at all, it is best to keep him away from the pool altogether.

One idea is to hire a company to install a pool fence.

You can choose from several types of materials for your pool fencing, such as wrought iron, tubular steel, and frameless glass.

The gate on the fence features a latch and self-closing hinges to ensure your dog is safe around the clock.

Your dog is just as precious as the rest of your family.

This is why you want to take the steps to ensure your dog is safe when swimming.


Thursday 1st of November 2018

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