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Fun Ideas for Summer Exercise with Your Dog

Summer is a welcome change from the months of being forced to walk in the cold and rain. You can finally start to enjoy some time with your best friend, soaking up the Vitamin D together. There are so many activities you can engage your dog in that are not only fun but provide them with energy-burning exercise. Here you will find a few ideas for Summer exercise with your dog you will both love!

Fun Ideas for Summer Exercise with Your Dog

There are a few preparations to consider when preparing for spending time in the sun.

These include the possible need for sunscreen on your dog, sufficient access to water, and allowing for cooling down time.

Also of importance is to consider the activity level of your furry friend. Obviously, this will be different for puppies to teenagers and even more so for our senior furbabies.

Fun Ideas You and Your Dog Might Enjoy this Summer:

Head for the Beach

There are many beaches that are designated for dogs and their owners.

It can be a lot of fun in the water for your dog.

Remember to keep your dog on a leash when walking to and from the beach and be responsible for any fouling.

If going into the water, remember to keep your pooch in shallow water and ensure your dog has a life jacket on for safety.

Most pet stores offer a variety of sizes to ensure a proper fit for our 4-legged friends.

White dog wearing an orange life vest beside the water at the beach

A Kiddie Pool Can be a Lot of Fun

If you have access to a kiddie swimming pool, then why not set it up and invite your pup to join you?

It’s a great way for them to cool off and have some fun at the same time.

Add in a few floating toys and let them have fun splashing and playing in the cool water.

Go Hiking

This can be a great day out. Hiking allows your dog to explore its natural senses.

It can be a lot of fun for them to run as fast and as much as they want.

Always remember that in the summer you need to be prepared with anything necessary to keep your dog cool.

Border Collie catching a red Frisbee

Play Frisbee

Most dogs love this activity or a simple game of fetch.

It is important to buy a Frisbee especially designed for dogs, as normal ones can damage your dog’s gums.

Be sure and have fresh cool water on hand as too much chasing the Frisbee can work up quite a thirst!

Visit a Dog Park for Summer Exercise

Socialization is very important to dogs. It gives them the opportunity to be natural.

However, before visiting the park, make sure your dog is open to being around other furry friends.

Also, ensure your dog has all vaccinations before introducing them to other dogs.

You know your dog best and know if they love to play with other dogs or not. If not, please skip this activity!

Dog parks can also be very relaxing for owners to sit and watch their dogs interacting with other dogs.

Hide and Seek

This is a fun game and outdoor activity if you are training.

Hide some treats around your backyard and excite your dog as you both try to find them.

Eventually, if you integrate a command your dog will seek out its treats on its own.

This is great exercise and stimulation for their senses.

Pumpkin and Banana Homemade Kong filler

Frozen Treats and Kongs

This is a great way to keep your dog entertained as well as cool.

Fill a Kong with wet food and freeze it overnight.

You may like to try our tasty Pumpkin and Banana Kong filler recipe! Pups love it!

These frozen treats provide physical activity as well as mental stimulation.

In addition, they are the perfect cool treats for all age levels and most importantly, our pups love them!

As an alternative (and if you forgot to freeze their Kong or make frozen treats) dogs love munching on ice cubes or ice chips in hot weather.


The most important thing for Summer exercise and fun Summer activities with your dog is to be prepared.

Your dog will be more susceptible to overheating so make time to stop and allow your dog to cool down while enjoying fresh water.

Brush up on the signs of heat exhaustion so you can recognize them quickly as you do not want your best buddy to suffer a heat stroke!

Dogs do not sweat as we do to expel their heat they cool down through panting.

Keep plenty of water with you depending on how long you are heading out.

The long days of Summer is a rewarding time for both owner and dog and with a few preparations, you can ensure it is a healthy and bonding experience.

Suzie B

Saturday 16th of September 2023

I love the idea of a kiddie pool for the pups! It would be a great way to keep them cool but active


Saturday 9th of September 2023

These are great ideas. My dogs love playing Frisbee!


Tuesday 29th of August 2023

There's a lot of out of shape pets that could benefit from daily exercise. It's healthy and feels good to be active.


Monday 28th of August 2023

I never realized frozen treats help dogs exercise!

Vickie Gallo

Sunday 27th of August 2023

Great reminder about the frozen treats!

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