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Dressing & Preparing For Exercise With Your Dog

Sometimes we walk our dogs, and sometimes, our dogs walk us.

It can at least feel that way when they’re jumping at us each morning, clearly interested in going for our local park run.

Or, we see it when we mention ‘walkies’ and they light up, as if we had given the coolest, most revelatory insight in the world.

For many, walking with their dog can be a great way to start the day and to exercise our little furry friend. Some may find that exercising with them, such as going on hikes and even running natural trials with them can be ideal.

Now, to begin with, we need to make sure our dog is the right breed to do this.

A husky (in the right cold environment) a golden retriever, or any other dog that can be trained properly and is capable of running for a considerable period without damage to their joints or overall body are all this will be suitable for.

But what do you need to bring with you to prepare in advance? Let’s consider that below:

Dressing & Preparing For Exercise With Your Dog

Wear The Right Underwear

With THE ICONIC – men’s underwear, you don’t have to worry about chafing or feeling unsupported while running.

Too many people feel as though they can commit to exercise but when the basic necessities like this aren’t cared for, they notice.

On top of this, wearing the right underwear can mean sports bras, the appropriate socks, and of course, winter-adjacent comfortable items like long johns can make a big difference.

As long as you can breathe, feel comfortable, and maintain the right temperature, your running approach, even in the local park or nature trails, will be as comfortable as it can possibly be.

Woman jogging with a Beagle

Fingerless Gloves Can Help

A great set of fingerless gloves will help you more easily hold the leash of your dog even if it needs to be extended, and with them tugging on it a little.

Of course, proper training can help prevent the need to wrestle with your dog, but appropriate hand protection will make a tremendous difference on top of that.

This can also help you maintain grip or the chance to easily wipe down a phone you have, even when it’s raining or snowing.

Fingerless gloves can be useful for exercise because they provide you with all of the benefits of good gloves while also providing you the appropriate precise grip and control of your fingertips.

It makes all of the other provisions that are important to you – like being able to pick up after your dog, much easier.

Man and woman jogging with their large white dog

Body Straps

A larger harness for your dog can be preferable to a leash because this gives them more contact points against which you can control their movements.

It will also help you better show them where you hope to go, or will give you the chance to attach the leash part should you come across a public area or park where dogs are recommended to be placed on a lead. 

This can also help you define the exact amount of give to provide on your extendable leash, because when running nearer to roads or more public areas, having that necessary degree of control is a worthwhile way forward.

In the long run, it will make a major difference.

Shades & Hats

It’s good to protect against the heat should it be present.

A good pair of shades and a worthwhile hat that covers your neck can provide this quite comfortably, so don’t be afraid to utilize it. 

There’s nothing fun about heat stroke or sunburn, so don’t forget to match this with proper hydration and suncream so that you can feel protected, of course, if you’re lucky enough to have darker skin this may feel less necessary, but actually regardless of your color, suncream has been proven to have true benefits against direct sun exposure even if you might not sunburn as quickly as some others.

If you’re exercising, anything that can help you perspire more easily, hydrate properly, and retain the protection you need is probably a good idea to follow.

Man and large black dog running in a race

Trim Your Dog’s Hair

In the right temperatures, it’s important to note that dogs need to shed heat, too.

This is why taking them to the groomer so that they can properly have their hair cut during molting season will make a big difference.

On top of that, bringing around some water in a bottle and a portable bowl will help them cool off and hydrate more easily – don’t force them to wait until they’re home in order to get the drink they need.

Pooches can overheat just as easily as the rest of us.

With this advice, you’re sure to dress and prepare for exercise with your dog in the best way.

Debbie P

Friday 22nd of July 2022

Thanks for the informative info.

Molli Taylor

Saturday 16th of July 2022

wait, there's prep besides putting flip flops on and walking the neighborhood in my pjs? who knew?

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