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How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy During Summer

For most of us, summer is a period of fun, outdoor activities, swimming, and going on vacations. Although some of us don’t like extremely high temperatures, others don’t seem to mind them. The beauty of summer lies in the fact that we can always jump in a pool (if we have one) or take a quick cold shower. But, do you know how to keep your dog safe and happy during the summer?

How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy During Summer

If you’re a dog owner, these hot months may not be a time of cheer for your pup.

The reason behind this is simple: dogs don’t sweat the same way we do.

First of all, they have fur which is usually very thick. Second, they reduce their body temperature by panting.

Finally, the only place on their bodies through which they actually release sweat is between their toes.

However, this is not very helpful when the temperatures are extremely high.

So, if you want to find out how you can help your pooch endure and enjoy this summer, read on carefully.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy During Summer

Cold water

Sometimes, dogs don’t know when to stop playing.

If you’ve spent the entire day out in your yard having fun with your dog and playing with a ball, it’s time to take a break.

Take your pup inside or in a shaded area, and give it fresh, cold water.

If your dog drinks it all quickly, repeat the process.

Also, it’s important that your dog has access to cold water at all times.

Think about having several bowls inside and around the house, and clean them regularly.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy During Summer


Okay, not all of us can take our dog to the bathroom and wash it whenever there’s a need for it.

However, if your dog is too big and is not afraid of water, simply take a hose and give it a bath outside.

Pay attention to their feet and wash them first, since it’s the quickest way to cool down your dog.

Bear in mind that some breeds, such as retrievers, have very sensitive ears, so avoid hosing this part of their body, and wash them with your hands instead, but only on the outside.

You can also make a doggy pool!

Simply take a bucket or anything else that’s large enough, pour the water in, and let them cool down there.

It can be really something to see, as well, since they sure know how to have fun in the water!

How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy During Summer

Safe area

If your dog lives inside your house, let it spend some time in the coolest room.

You can also turn on the air conditioning and create a pleasant atmosphere, but make sure you don’t set the temperature too low.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy During Summer

However, if your dog simply prefers to be outside most of the time, you should pay attention to where it is.

They usually like to be close to us.

If you like spending time on your porch with your furry friend snuggled next to your feet, you should think about installing waterproof shade sails so your pup has maximum protection from the sun and heat while enjoying their time with you.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy During Summer

As you can see, summertime can be pretty difficult for dogs because they can feel the heat more intensely than people.

Luckily, however, with your care and assistance, they can enjoy the sun as much as we do.

Just remember to make sure that they are never exposed to direct sunlight for too long and never ever leave them inside the car, or anywhere else for that matter, without water and a place to hide from the sun.

After all, they are our best friends so we should make sure we do our best to make their life as comfortable as possible.

Julie Mulzer

Monday 10th of April 2017

Thank you for this very important information. It will save lives and make comfy our best friends. It was very well written and I enjoyed the pics. Very sweet. Way to go!?

Michelle L

Friday 7th of April 2017

What beautiful dogs

jennifer corrado

Monday 27th of March 2017

Good tips! I have 2 dogs that love to take walks!

Susan Bilger

Sunday 26th of March 2017

In Texas it gets hot fast. In summer we are lucky when it cools down to 80 outside. I let my dogs play only for short periods time and make sure they have plenty of water. I bring them inside until the yard is shaded before I let them out to play again. Then its back inside until early evening for one more round of play.

rochelle haynes

Wednesday 22nd of March 2017

Thanks for the info will use this

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