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How To Make Sure That Your Dog Is Always Healthy

Your dog is a member of your family. It’s not just an animal that should be taken care of but instead treated as if it were one of the kids or another loved one in your life. You need to make sure that you’re doing everything possible to keep them healthy and happy.

The biggest thing to remember is that dogs age much faster than we do.

They go from being a puppy or young adult to an old dog in just a few short years, and you need to make sure they get the proper care.

This means regular vet appointments and making sure they get everything they need to stay healthy, which can sometimes be easier said than done.

In this article, we’ll explore some ways to make sure your dog is always healthy-what they should eat, how often they should exercise, and more!

By the end of it all, you’ll have a better understanding of what needs to happen for them to live a long and happy life with you by their side. 

How To Make Sure That Your Dog Is Always Healthy

Low carb, high protein diet

Dogs should be fed a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

This is because dogs age much faster than we do, going from being a puppy or young adult to an old dog in just a few short years.

Dog professionals from Mount Pleasant veterinarian services explain that dogs need to have the right nutrition for them to grow and stay healthy.

To do this, they should still have carbs but their carbs should be minimal.

The nutrition should mostly consist of protein which will provide the nutrients they need.

They should also have a high protein diet because it has many health benefits.

It can allow them to live longer, improve their coat and make sure they are more active overall. 

A low carb, high protein diet is recommended for your dog for them to be healthy, happy, and live longer.

Even though it may seem silly, also make sure that your dog always has access to fresh water just like you do!

Large dog eating a carrot out of person's hand

Healthy treats

You should be giving your dog lots of healthy treats.

Make sure that they will provide the nutrients they need to stay healthy, happy, and live longer.

You can give your doggie some carrots, they are high in fiber and vitamins while being low in fat. 

While it may not be exactly what you want to do, if you don’t want to buy human food then make sure their treats are healthy snacks like oranges, blueberries, or even broccoli.

These snacks will help them remain fit and treat them on occasion.

Remember not to do it too often, since the book might stop eating dry dog food as they easily get spoiled just like humans. 

White puppy running in the grass

Exercise is key

If you don’t want to end up with a lazy, overweight dog then you need to make sure that they get plenty of exercise every day.

A good idea would be to take them on long walks at least once per day since this will allow them to run around outside and help keep them fit as well as provide mental stimulation since they’ll be exploring new areas around the neighborhood.

You could even go so far as to join a dog sports team with them or take them swimming.

Keep track of their weight

Weighing your dog regularly is important because it allows you to monitor the changes in weight so as not to overfeed them.

We all love our dogs dearly and want what’s best for them but if we don’t keep tabs on their nutrition, they’ll gain weight which will lead to other problems like joint pain and heart disease.

So weighing your dog monthly is recommended, if not weekly instead.

Online apps allow users to weigh their pets regularly and keep track of them.

Vet giving a dog injection

Have their shots up-to-date

If you have a dog, then you’re probably well aware of how hard it can be to make sure that they’re healthy.

It’s not just about giving them the right food or making sure that they get enough exercise.

You also need to make sure that they’re getting the necessary vaccinations and preventative care to keep them healthy year-round.

Vaccinations are especially important for dogs; several different vaccines will help them prevent diseases like rabies, distemper, parvo, and kennel cough.

These vaccines should be administered 10-12 weeks before the animal is 12 months old (depending on their size) and then every 3 years after that point.

The best way to do this is by using some sort of schedule to mark all the doggie vaccines that they need.

If you’re not sure if your dog has had their shots, then you can always contact your local vet clinic for help with this.

They will be able to tell you which vaccines are needed and how often they should be administered.

If your pet hasn’t had any shots throughout their life, then make an appointment with them as soon as possible so they can receive their shot records and start on a vaccination schedule right away.

White dog being given a bath

Regular grooming

No matter if you are taking care of your dogs’ coat and hygiene yourself, or you need services from a professional groomer, your dog must have regular bathing and nail trimming.

The grooming session should include brushing their coat, making sure all the mats and tangles are out of their hair. 

This process can be done at home to save money if you want to DIY it, but keeping up with it is better left to a groomer who knows how often dogs should have these services as well as how they should be performed so as not go overboard during one grooming session.

Dog food recipes

Owning a dog comes with many responsibilities, one being finding quality dog food. It is important to know what kind of nutrition your canine needs to keep them healthy.

If you put them on a poor diet, it will severely affect their health and wellbeing.

If you want to know how to make your dog food, then there are recipes available online that can help give your dog the full nutrition they need.

Brown and white dog sitting with woman beside the lake

In case you notice that your dog is exhibiting any of the following signs of illness, it’s important to get them to a veterinarian as soon as possible: vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and excessive panting.

These could be signs of several different diseases or medical conditions, so it’s important to get them checked out by a professional.

As you can see, there is plenty that you need to do if you want to ensure that your dog is always healthy.

However, the more time and effort you put into taking care of them now, the better their health will be later on in life so it’s worth it!

sarh s

Monday 13th of December 2021

Our pup had parvo and survived, so once she was well again I put her on Wild and Free high protein puppy food and she did wonderful! Aside from the parvo she is also the runt and surprisingly she is a healthy whopping 50 pound boxer/pit bull mix. She is still on the high protein diet for now at a year old. Maybe in a year or so we can put her on a more regular food, but for now this is so good for her.

Constance Hill

Sunday 12th of December 2021

great ideas! Thank you

Jeanna Massman

Sunday 12th of December 2021

Great information! It’s so important to maintain a dogs health right from the beginning.

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