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How to Take Care of Your Pet If It’s In Poor Health?

Our furry friends provide us with everything from company, to unconditional love, to protection. It is only right that we reciprocate that appreciation with as much love and support as we can muster. The biggest thing that you can do is love them, keep them healthy and happy, and take care of your pet if it’s in poor health.

While many people pay attention to getting their pets enough exercise and the right kind of food, problems can get far more serious for certain animals.

How to Take Care of Your Pet If It's In Poor Health?

Especially if you have a pet that you got from a shelter without proper vaccinations or a pet that has some physical challenges that are inherent to its specific case or breed.

These cases would require much more diligent attention.

Certain breeds, such as bulldogs, are naturally more inclined to breathing problems. Others, like German Shepherds, have issues with hip joint-related problems.

Whether you have a senior dog, pet with a skin condition, bone condition, or mental health condition, you need to make sure you are giving them the assistance they need to live a healthy and happy life.

Below are some of the main aspects you need to pay attention to if you are caring for a dog in poor health or unstable health condition.

1.  Accommodation

Just like humans, and any other living creature, dogs are heavily influenced by their natural environment.

Certain breeds have been bred to live in certain conditions. Other breeds have been bred for specific purposes only.

If you keep your canine friend indoors, consider a few changes around the house that will make it easier for them to share your space.

If your pet has a kennel outside then consider making necessary changes to make that accommodation more comfortable for them.

For instance, if you have a breed that is not comfortable in cold climates, then consider making the necessary changes to ensure that their kennel is comfortably warm when it gets really cold outside.

At the same time, you want to make a solution that won’t harm them.

For instance, a heater with an exposed flame will not be a good option, for obvious reasons.

Sad dog at vet office

2.  Illnesses

If you own a pug or a bulldog you need to be aware that these breeds of dogs are heavy breathers, even when everything is fine.

They usually drool a lot more than average because they often breathe through their mouths the majority of the time.

It can be a bit hard to catch the signs your dog is dying but it’s important that you stay informed on what to pay attention to.

You can find out if it’s due to breathing problems, any other underlying issue, or if they are just under the weather for one reason or another, so be sure to go for regular checkups.

Similarly, some breeds also have eyesight-related issues that are hard to diagnose because they can’t actually communicate or explain their pain, you have to observe and deduce what is happening.

In all these situations, as well as with internal problems, the best option is to consult with a specialist.

Ideally, you should be going in for regular checkups for your dog every few months just to make sure everything is okay and hopefully detect any problems before it turns into a major one.

German Shepherd carrying a green ball in his mouth

3.  Lifestyle


The dog breeds that we have today are the result of centuries of dog breeding.

These breeds have quite literally been modified to suit certain requirements and are built for specific tasks.

Therefore, they all have their own unique requirements.

If you own a large breed of dog chances are that it needs quite a bit of exercise, whereas smaller animals such as lap dogs get enough of a workout just by staying indoors and running around.

Similarly, certain dogs do better with certain kinds of foods, while others can eat whatever you put in their bowl.

If you have a German Shepherd for example you might want to make sure they are not getting too much protein which can later impact their joints and create problems with mobility.

It’s a good idea to understand what your dog needs and create a lifestyle that addresses those requirements.

Man hugging a smiling brown dog


Ignoring your dog’s cleanliness and hygiene can pose a problem for them eventually.

Especially with those that have thick coats and already live in environments that have pests; it is very important that your dog is always clean.

If you aren’t confident about giving your dog a bath every few days, then consider seeking the assistance of a professional. Either way, making sure your dog is in good physical condition is key.

Especially with animals that have certain natural traits such as the way the skin folds on bulldogs, it’s important that they get a good wash.

In between the folds, with all that saliva, bacteria can flourish and small infections can turn into life-threatening problems.

Keeping your dog clean and regularly checking its body for any problems can help keep all health issues at bay.

Plus, it’s a great activity for both of you to enjoy; dogs love being in the water.

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