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January PetBox Review: Woofalicious Dog Treats and Pawsome Toys!

We’re starting our new year out right by gettin’ one of them PetBox gifts we love so much! My Lady loves us bunches and likes to spoil us every month with a box full of goodies! So, who am I to complain ’bout feelin’ spoiled and pampered. WOOF! Actually, she says we’re on an important mission to try it all out and tell ya ’bout it. After all, somebody’s gotta try it – right?

January PetBox Review: Woofalicious Dog Treats and Pawsome Toys!

WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! I see treats and fun lookin’ toys! That’s right up our alley! S’cuse me!!! Maggie just pushed me right on out the way so she could get her big nose up in it!

January PetBox Review: Woofalicious Dog Treats and Pawsome Toys!

Maggie is a eyeballin’ it all over and I just know she’s gonna take her pick. Well, just like I thought! She’s got her eye on that big ole stick lookin’ thing! But, that’s all right! There’s always plenty to go ’round and my Lady always makes it fair WOOF!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about our January PetBox: Dog Treats, Dog Toys and More!

January’s PetBox was once again filled with delicious dog treats, dog food samples and fun dog toys! All the pups had a fun afternoon playing and taste testing. I think they have truly associated that blue PetBox with doggie presents! They certainly won’t leave me alone until it is opened, which always makes for a truly fun day of play and delicious taste testing!

Smart n’ Tasty Twizzies Chew Dog Treats

Maggie’s nose had already sniffed out her favorite in the PetBox – the Smart n’ Tasty Twizzies Chew. If you remember we received a “Piggy” Twizzie Chew last August in our PetBox and Sallie, claimed and loved that one! The Twizzie chews have all natural ingredients and are made in the USA. They are also grain free, soy free and dairy free! On top of that, they have no artificial ingredients, colors or flavors! How healthy can you get?! This time we received the Turducky flavor and, as expectd, Maggie loved it! The Twizzie Chews come in Piggy, Turducky and Chicken flavors in a 6″, 9″ or 12″ size and are definitely a favorite!

Ruff & Tuff Snakes Chew Resistant Toy for Dogs

I believe the Bow Wow Ruff & Tuff Snake dog toy was the younger pups favorite toy this month! It was brightly colored in royal blue, complete with a spooky red tongue and eyes! I think Ozzy thought I needed saving and snatched it up!

Ruff & Tuff Snakes Chew Resistant Toy for Dogs - Ozzy and Brandi

Brandi and him played a hard game of chase and tug with it. It is made of chew resistant material, but I am not sure I agree with that. While it is still in one piece, it is already starting to fray after one afternoon of play. However, I will give it the benefit of the doubt, as these are 100+ lb dogs and they play hard. For lesser chewers and smaller dogs, this would be a great toy. It’s also still a fun toy for them as long as there is pet parent supervision in case it comes apart. For Ozzy and Brandi, they are still playing with it while I am able to watch. It just looks worse for the wear.

Smart n Tasty All-Natural Dog Seafood Dog Treats

We also received a bag of Smart n’ Tasty All-Natural Dog Seafood Treats! The pups have also tried these Seafood Treats before back in October. The verdict remains the same. Five of them love the treats and apparently two of them are not into seafood. As I said then, that’s ok. I don’t eat seafood either so I have to agree with them. However, for the ones that loved them, these healthy treats promotes clean teeth. They are also perfect for dogs with sensitive gums or teeth. They have various varieties including grain free, gluten free, dairy free and soy free. The Smart n’ Tasty treats are also made in the USA. They do smell rather “fishy”, so if you have a cat they may try to steal the dog treats!

Ethical Pet - Pet Speak Long Neck Dog Toy

Check out this cool Pet Speak Long Neck squeaker toy from Ethical Pet! Oh boy! “Poop Happens” – how funny and so darn stinking cute! This is one of Ethical Pet’s three character assortment. They are all adorable! The long neck makes for an easy place to grab hold of and the squeaker is in the round belly of the toy.

Ethical Pet - Pet Speak Long Neck Dog Toy - Sallie

I picked it up and squeaked it and here Sallie came. She may be a senior girl, but she LOVES squeaky toys! We were on a playtime outing and it even enticed her to join in the running and playing! That says something, since she rarely runs and plays anymore. She prefers to laze around and watch the world go by. But that squeaking sound brought her to life and away she went!

I do need to stress that the Pet Speak Long Neck squeaker toy is fine for a game of fetch and supervised play. However, if you have pets like mine that are heavy chewers, I would not leave it with them unattended. Unsupervised, my pets would probably eat this little guy!

Evangers Super Premium Dog Food Chicken & Brown Rice

There’s Ozzy and his big nose again. He can sniff out treats and food from across the yard! Included in our PetBox was this sample package of Evangers Super Premium Dog Food in Chicken & Brown Rice. It must have been mighty tasty, because I could not make Ozzy go away while trying to snap a picture. You guessed it! With his big mouth and tongue, he pretty much took out that sample bag, leaving the others wondering why he was smacking his lips!

The Evangers Super Premium Dog Food is 100% natural and is suitable for all life stages. It is a nutritionally balanced meal containing vitamins and minerals. Besides the Chicken and Brown Rice, it also comes in Pheasants and Brown Rice and Whitefish and Sweet Potato. Sounds pretty tasty!

Prairie Nature Bison Chewies Dog Treats

I believe these Prairie Nature Bison chews took number one place for favorite treats this time! These nutritious treats are made with food grade, range raised American Bison, vinegar and natural smoke flavor. Oh yea! Like what dog wouldn’t want these?!

From a furmom standpoint, it’s all about what they don’t contain! They have no grains, soy or any other filler and no salt, chemical preservatives, hormones or anything else! They are just a soft chewy treat. While the whole pack of 7 taste tested them, they would be perfect as training treats because they would be considered high value in your pups eyes!

Copper's Classics Beef Ears Dog Chew Dog Treats

We also received a Copper’s Classic Beef Ear Dog Chew. These all natural beef dog chews are made in the USA with digestible beef ears, with no added ingredients. They are great for medium to large dogs. I immediately held this little jewel back for Sallie. She is the senior dog, so I wanted her to have first dibs on it. After running and romping with the squeaky toy for a while, she was ready to settle in the house and enjoy her treat. While the younger dogs continued to play, we went on in the house so she could enjoy it in peace. And, enjoy it she did! She chewed, chewed and chewed some more. After playing with the squeaky and all the chewing action on the beef ear chew, she was ready for a long nap! I think she thought it was Christmas!

January Petbox Resolution Card

I had to show you this cute card that came in our PetBox! How perfect can you get for doggie and kitty resolutions?! Fits them to the tee doesn’t it?

So many cute and tasty things, not to mention fun toys! PetBox outdone themselves once again! As you can see, their monthly subscription boxes are loaded with tasty and fun things! Be sure and check out our other PetBox Reviews for fun pictures and info on new items that come in the PetBox every month! Want to get your pet a fun box each month? I’m sure they would love it as much as the pack does! Check out how below!


How does PetBox Subscription Service work?

1) Tell them about your pet: Answer a few questions about your dog or cat and they will create a personalized list of products.

2) Pick your plan: Members get $50 of value in each PetBox for as low as $29/month (if you choose the annual plan). And shipping is always free within the United States.

3) Pack your PetBox: Each month, choose the items you want in your PetBox, or ask us for a surprise selection of our favorites.

Purchase your pet a subscription!

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Linda Manns Linneman

Sunday 22nd of February 2015

Great products in this box. I love the toys and I am sure my dogs will love the treats. Thank you for sharing

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