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Keep Your Pets Happy & Healthy with Oakwood Pet Care Products

There is nothin’ better than feelin’ clean, smellin’ clean, and lookin’ pawsomely fabulous! But, I gotta tell ya, there are a couple of my brothers and sisters that hate gettin’ all spiffed up! Not me! I love my spa days and especially our new Oakwood Pet Care Products!

Oakwood shampoos and conditioners clean gently and my lady says they smell oh so goooood!

Keep Your Pets Happy & Healthy with Oakwood Pet Care Products

I gotta tell ya right now that “I’m the gentle type” but my Lady said, “I’m a filthy beast”! Well, that wasn’t very nice of her.

I even rolled extra good on that dead frog to get my doggy perfume just right for her WOOF! Obviously, she doesn’t prefer that scent – go figure!

Anyway, now that I am spiffed up, I have a playdate and I don’t wanna be late WOOF! So, lemme fetch my Lady to tell ya more about our new doggie spa products!

Here’s what my Lady says about Oakwood Pet Care Products

Did you know that grooming is an essential part of keeping our 4-legged friends healthy and happy? It is! It is next in importance to the nutrition and medical care they receive.

Regular bathing, conditioning, and brushing with great pet products like Oakwood pet grooming products not only help their appearance, and smell, by ridding them of dirt, dandruff, and dead hair but also help keep them healthy and happy.

While dogs may not take as many baths as we humans do, it is important for them to be bathed on a regular schedule. Of course, the schedule will be dependant on the breed, hair/fur, etc. and if/when they are dirty from rolling around in the latest mud puddle or dead frogs!

While bathing helps get them clean and smelling good, regular brushing is also important! Brushing helps remove the dead hair and helps to redistribute the natural oils for a healthy shiny coat, and helps control mats on longer-haired dogs.

Grooming time is also a time when you are touching your dog all over and can be alerted to changes in your pet such as a new lump, bump, swollen place, scaly patch, etc.

While bathing, you should also clean and inspect their ears, along with inspecting their paw pads and trimming their nails.

A clean healthy dog is a happy dog. And, well, a dog without regular grooming is ripe for health problems! Skin issues can arise from built-up oil and dirt as well as matted hair, sores, and irritation that can become very painful.

With all that said, let me tell you about our favorite pet care products from Oakwood!

Oakwood Pet Grooming Products

Oakwood Pet Grooming Products

Regular readers know that my furbabies ARE my babies and I want the very best for them both in nutrition and grooming products.

For their grooming and pet care needs, we are loving the line of Oakwood pet products! Here are a few of our favorite products from Oakwood:

Doggie Spa Day with Oakwood Pet Products

“I’m A Filthy Beast” Pet Shampoo With Tea Tree Oil

Don’t you love the name? I use the “I’m a Filthy Beast” for a few of my dogs because, well, they are truly “filthy” from rolling in who knows what. From the smell, sometimes I don’t even want to know! It seems they can’t go outside without finding something new to roll in!

The Oakwood Pet Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil is a cleansing shampoo that helps maintain a fresh, shiny coat without drying the coat.

If your dog seems to attract dirt and emit offensive smells, no matter what you do, then you will love this shampoo! It is an intensive yet gentle pet shampoo that also conditions and removes unpleasant smells.

The Oakwood Pet Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil will improve their coat, create shine, and provide a long-lasting fresh fragrance from the natural Tea Tree Oil.

Oakwood Pet Grooming Products

“I’m The Gentle Type” Pet Shampoo With Oatmeal And Aloe Vera

I also have a couple of dogs that qualify for the “I’m The Gentle Type” shampoo. While they may do their share of getting dirty and stinky, they have sensitive, dry skin that needs a gentle soothing shampoo.

The Oakwood Pet Shampoo with Oatmeal & Aloe Vera is a gentle, soap-free shampoo that moisturizes the coat to promote a healthy clean wash.

This shampoo is formulated to pH balanced levels to improve coat healthiness, long-term performance, and shine. It also provides a long-lasting Oatmeal & Aloe Vera after fragrance to your pet’s coat.

Keep Your Pets Happy & Healthy with Oakwood Pet Care Products

“Condition My Coat” Coat Conditioner With Aloe Vera

Some dogs, like my German Shepherd Maggie and my Australian Shepherd Seager literally BEG you to “Condition My Coat“!

After bathing them with shampoo only, their hair is literally dry, fuzzy, and puffed up like they have been electrified! However, I have found that using a great condition like Oakwood Pet Coat Conditioner with Aloe Vera tames the frizz and leaves their coat soft, shiny, and smooth!

The Oakwood Pet Coat Conditioner with Aloe Vera is an after-wash coat conditioner that nourishes dry coats. It also helps remove stubborn knots and tangles from the coat, leaving it soft and silky smooth.

The pet coat conditioner is comparable to our own conditioners. It moisturizes their coat, helps in strengthening the coat’s fibers, and improves long-term manageability and shine. It also helps with stubborn knots or mats in the coat.

“Quick, Fix My Stink” Pet Odor Eliminator & Cologne

Every dog owner needs the “Quick, Fix My Stink” in their arsenal of pet products!

Some dogs can be totally clean from a recent bath yet emit an odor after being outside. I call it their “sweaty” odor even though I know dogs don’t sweat. And, we all know how their beds and kennels can harbor pet smells.

The quick fix is Oakwood Pet Odor Eliminator Cologne! It is a scented cologne that eliminates offensive odors on pets, pet beds, kennels, lounges, and carpets.

This unique product emits a clean and mild fragrance that freshens and eliminates stubborn odors on your pet and household items.

Pin & Bristle Brush for Daily Care

Pin & Bristle Brush for Daily Care

Brushing! Where do I even begin? With 10 dogs in my home, brushing is a never-ending thing and something I know well!

What I also know is not only is brushing good for the dog and necessary to keep their coats in good shape, but it also helps cut down on the loose dog hair in the home!

Brushing is not to be reserved for spa days only! All dogs need or will benefit, from being brushed at least 2-3 times a week. This will keep their coat and skin in top condition. Even short-haired dogs benefit from brushing as it helps with the skin and distributing the oils.

However, when it comes to brushing your dog, you NEED a good brush that is comfortable and easy to use as well as hold up to the task at hand! We love Oakwood’s Pin & Bristle Brush!

I love the easy to hold handle on the pin & bristle brush. It has comfy rubber grips on both sides to keep it from slipping in your hand.

The Oakwood Pin & Bristle Brush is ideal for dogs with thick, curly, or wooly coats. It makes quick work of smoothing out tangles. The rounded pin side detangles and assists with the distribution of healthy, natural oils. The bristle side leaves the coat smooth and shiny and is gentle enough for use around the face and other sensitive areas.

Oakwood Pet Products- Oakwood Urine Stain & Odor Remover

Oakwood Urine Stain & Odor Remover

If there is one thing guaranteed with pets, it is accidents! So, it’s no surprise you need a great stain and odor remover. One of my favorites is Oakwood Urine Stain & Odor Remover!

It has fast-acting ingredients with bio-enzymatic technology to permanently remove both urine stain and odor from the surface area as well as the pheromones that cause pets to revisit problem areas.

It is useful for:

  • For use on all water-safe surfaces including rugs, carpets, upholstery, tiles, molding, grout, and concrete.
  • Useful when toilet training pets.
  • Safe around pets and children.
  • Safe for use on all surfaces.
  • Easy to use spray pack for quick application.

How to use the stain & odor remover

To use, simply spray directly onto the soiled surface area ensuring all urine deposits are well saturated. Then, lightly rub down the surface area with a soft cloth, wiping away any excess soiling and to remove any surface stains. Finally, simply allow the area to naturally dry.

Oakwood Leather & Synthetic Wipes

Oakwood Leather & Synthetic Wipes

Obviously, these Oakwood Leather & Synthetic Wipes are NOT a grooming product but have come in quite handy in a multi-dog household.

**NOTE!!** Before I tell you the how-and-why on these wipes, I must tell you Oakwood DOES NOT recommend them for furniture. The wipes are part of their leather horse tack collection.

However, I stubbornly wanted to try them on my leather couch and chair for the slobber buildup the dogs insist on leaving. For experimental sake, I did try a spot on the back of my couch first just to make sure it was not going to harm it.

The why of using them is simple. I replaced my upholstered furniture a couple of years ago with leather furniture as it is easier than fabric to keep clean with so many dogs in my home. However, that was until they started rubbing their noses and mouth on it leaving behind a build-up of slobber and boogers EEK!

And, for the record, I agree with Oakwood that you can’t use just any kind of cleaner on leather furniture. However, once I tried the wipes on a test spot AND they passed, it was a go for giving them a whirl at cutting through the slobber buildup. Guess what! They work! I am finding the wipes to be a Godsend for cutting through the slobber buildup!

Oakwood Leather & Synthetic Wipes

What are Oakwood Leather & Synthetic Wipes?

Oakwood Leather & Synthetic Wipes gently remove dust, dirt, and grime from leather and synthetic surfaces. The unique leather & synthetic formulation moisturizes to maintain softness and shine and protects articles from color fading and deterioration associated with everyday wear and tear.

The wipes are a great size to work with and are crafted with carnauba wax to restore, protect, and buff to a lustrous finish in one simple process. And, as stated above, equine owners will love them as they are ideal for use on saddles, stirrups, bridles, head collars, chaps, boots, gloves, footwear, and more.

Oakwood Pet Care Products

Miss Molly and the pack love to be pampered with the luxury feeling shampoos and conditioners. They smell amazing! I love how shiny and healthy they look. And, did I mention, no more digging and scratching from irritated skin?

I am also loving the “Quick, Fix My Stink”! There is always one of my pups rolling in something not so great smelling. I also love it if we have to make a run to the vet or elsewhere as a freshen up before we go.

Oakwood pet care products are high-quality products offered at a super affordable price. So, why not give them a try? Visit Oakwood to learn more and check out all the products they offer.

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Molli Taylor

Friday 4th of December 2020

these look like high quality products. i wil l grab some for pet stockings!

wendy hutton

Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

those sounds like wonderful products for the pets

Dawn Keenan

Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

These look like great products. I love the double sided brush!

Bea LaRocca

Tuesday 1st of December 2020

This sounds like a wonderful product line. Thank you for sharing this information.


Saturday 28th of November 2020

like to try theses products

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