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Natural Anxiety Relief Supplements for Pets to Help Ease those Stressful Occasions #Review

My sister Sallie is gettin’ on up there in years. Most of the time she’s pretty chilled and spends her time nappin’ at my Lady’s feet. There are other times she can be down right cranky and moody. My Lady says it’s cause she’s gettin’ old and has a lot of ailments. Us pups just go on about our business and leave her be. When it comes time for Sallie to go see the lady in the white coat, we all wonder what stories my Lady will come home with. Sallie has been know to take that vet’s office by storm! She even tried to bite em one time WOOF! I don’t know why she’d want to go and do that. They seem purdy nice to me. Even though I end up gettin’ a shot sometimes, I always get an ear scratch and a treat. Sometimes, I even get a kiss! When it came time for Sallie’s vet visit the other day, my Lady gave her some new Anxiety Relief supplements from PL360 to help her not get so worked up.

PL360 Anxiety Relief Supplements

My brothers and sisters and me just kinda looked at each other. We didn’t know if them supplements would work or not. When Sallie gets somethin’ in her head, she can be downright onery! She may be old, but she can be one tough cookie! Lemme get my Lady to tell ya ’bout their vet visit and what did, or didn’t, happen WOOF!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Anxiety Relief Supplements

There are times when all pets get anxious for one reason or another. Four of my dogs have serious anxiety issues during storms. They pace, pant, whimper and cling to my legs. They work themselves up into a total ball of stress! Then, there is Sallie! EVERYONE knows about her trips to the vet! With the commotion she causes, I’m surprised they even allow us back! She has been seeing the same vet since she was 3 weeks old and she is now 11 years old. You would think she would settle down. But, no! My little ‘sweet pea’, as I call her, turns into a snarling, snapping, demon dog! You’ve probably read the post of the past disasters! Not only does she dread it, we dread it, and the vet’s office knows what is coming their way. We always get a laugh when I call to make the appointment.

In the past, I have resorted to giving her Benedryl, or the vet would give me a prescription med to give to her before her appointment. I hate giving her these kind of medications, but it was the only way the vet could touch her. Sallie had her ‘senior’ appointment a couple of weeks ago. This is where they check her over, do a blood panel, and all the works to make sure everything looks good. It’s kind of like a wellness checkup for us. Before her vet visit, I gave her 2 of the Anxiety Relief supplements (dosage according to directions for her weight) from PL360. The supplements take about 20 minutes to kick in. I was a little apprehensive giving the Anxiety Relief instead of the usual Benedryl or prescription medication not knowing if it would work. There would be no backing up once we were on our way. But, ready or not, we were about to find out!

The Vet Visit

Natural Anxiety Relief Supplements for Pets to Help Ease those Stressful Occasions

Sallie sat calmly in the seat, but this wasn’t unusual. She loves riding in the car. She just doesn’t like the vet destination! The Anxiety Relief didn’t seem to make her sleepy. She sat and watch the world go by as we went down the road. Once we arrived at the vet’s and I opened the door, I could see her tense up a bit. I helped her out of the car and we headed for the door.

Natural Anxiety Relief Supplements for Pets to Help Ease those Stressful Occasions

This is usually the point where she puts the brakes on! She knows that door and we are usually there scrambling trying to get her through it. But, this time she walked up to it. I looked down at her and she looked up at me and I thought alright – so far so good. I opened the door and she stepped right in. We went to the scales and got her weighed and then on back to the room. She actually looked like she was smiling!

Natural Anxiety Relief Supplements for Pets to Help Ease those Stressful Occasions

As we waited, she kept peering around the corner of the exam counter. She seemed calm enough, but we hadn’t met the biggest obstacle yet of the vet actually coming in the room!

Natural Anxiety Relief Supplements for Pets to Help Ease those Stressful Occasions

We could hear the click of the door knob and the door opening. Sallie’s eye got wide and I thought uh oh, here it comes! But, to my surprise, she continued to sit as the vet and I talked for few minutes. I then lifted her up on the exam counter and for precautions sake (since the biting incident) – I placed a muzzle on her. She doesn’t mind the muzzle, but will only allow me to put it on. She seemed a little tensed up, but cooperating. Continuing to surprise us, Sallie allowed the vet to examine her, take her blood, and even clip her toenails! It was AMAZING!

We finished up, paid the bill, and she even allowed the receptionist to scratch her ears!

Natural Anxiety Relief Supplements for Pets to Help Ease those Stressful Occasions

As we started home, Sallie was all smiles! It has taken 11 years to accomplish a vet visit without any mishaps. So, yes, we LOVE the Anxiety Relief from PL360! I also love that it is a natural supplement! The Anxiety Relief supplements are an “as needed” type of supplement. You only give them when needed, not everyday.

Storm Anxiety

Beyond helping Sallie with vet anxiety, we have used it for the four dogs with storm anxiety. We’ve had a couple of storms in the past few weeks with heavy lightening and thunder. With all four dogs being around 100 lbs, I gave them 3 supplements each. Three of the dogs seemed to be a lot calmer and laid down by my feet and stayed there. However, poor Maggie continued to pace. For some reason it just didn’t work for Maggie. Well, that is until after the storm when she took a really long nap – go figure! One difference in the timing of giving them the Anxiety Relief that I noted was that the Anxiety Relief works better for storms if you can give it before the storm is full blown. The second time I gave it to my dogs, I caught the storm right at the beginning when it was just raining heavily. It worked a lot better than the first time when they were already worked up.

Do you have a anxious pet? Storms and vet visits are notorious for making pets anxious. Why not give the Anxiety Relief natural supplements a try for your pet? You can find the Anxiety Relief online at PL360! PL360 also carries natural pet grooming products and natural household cleaning products!

Natural supplements are the way to go! And, if you have horses, you can find natural horse supplements for your amazing friend too!



Tuesday 25th of September 2018

Good thing to know! When other methods don't work, a supplement might! Neat!

Sherri Gibson

Monday 30th of October 2017

Thank u for this info! I'd love to try this for both of my fur kids. They both have anxiety issues... wonder if they have any samples!

Darcy Koch

Sunday 9th of April 2017

I am very supportive of this product. Dogs, just like us, can become anxious over certain situations. I'm glad they can also get relif.


Tuesday 24th of November 2015

Hi Miss Molly,

I love these supplements and hope to get some for my sister in law and her crazy dog. The dog doesn't sit down in the living portion of the house - EVER! She will only sit or lay down in the bedroom. If she is left out of her room for too long she just walks in circles, and walks, and walks.... the dog is nuts! I'm sending the link to my SIL so she can check these out!

Thanks for the fantastic review.


Christina Strapp Lambert

Tuesday 24th of November 2015

I have 2 small dogs that could use these. 1 of them has very bad anxiety and gets so worked up.

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