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How to Make Sure Your Dog is Getting Proper Dental Care

Those of us fortunate enough to regularly visit dentists know their recommendations all too well. Recommendations include brushing twice daily, flossing at least once, using mouthwash regularly, and chewing sugar-free gum throughout the day. Most dog owners don’t take their pups to the dentist, however, nor do they brush their teeth. However, proper dental care is just as important for canines as it is for humans.

Puppy parents should take responsibility for their furry friend’s dental health. Thank goodness dental health is relatively easy!

Check out these methods of doing so.

Puppy Smiles How to Make Sure Your Dog is Getting Proper Dental Care

Feed Your Dog

Wait—maintaining proper dental care for canines isn’t that easy.

On a serious note, feeding your dog dry, hard dog kibbles is an effective means of keeping their teeth clean.

Soft food—all soft dog food fits this profile—leaves dogs susceptible to excess chow getting stuck to their teeth.

Dogs can’t floss, rinse, or wiggle food out of the gaps between teeth with their tongues like humans can.

So, try to avoid feeding wet food if at all possible.

Seek out Specialized Toys

Manufacturers of dog toys already know that pushing the dental benefits of their products can and will boost sales.

Next time you go toy shopping, seek out tough rubber toys with plenty of ridges and varieties of textures.

If you live in a rural area or area with a lack of new toys your pet hasn’t yet experienced, why not use the World Wide Web?

You’re on it right now, why not skip the stores altogether?

Ask a Veterinarian for Help

It goes without saying, that veterinarians know leaps and bounds more about doggy dental care than laypeople.

While this article is intended to inform readers of the various techniques doggy dentists and vet specialists use to keep their mouths clean, you should visit a vet.

At the very least, consult one via phone or video.

This is true, especially if you’ve tried every reasonable dental care option available to you and your fur baby.

Physically Check Your Dog’s Teeth

Learn what your dog’s teeth and gums look like. Every week take time to pull your pet’s gums back and inspect their teeth.

Search for pictures online of healthy dog mouths and compare them if you aren’t sure.

Doggy dental care is just as important as its human counterpart.

Remember to never take canine dental care into your own hands!

If your dog seems as if they are in pain, you should see proper dental care from a veterinarian.

Debbie P

Sunday 5th of December 2021

Tooth care for puppies is very important. Thanks for the ost.

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