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Real Life Pet Weight Loss Success Stories! Plus a #PerfectWeight Pet Food Giveaway!

Hill’s® Science Diet® Perfect Weight 10 Week Turnaround

We’ve all seen em. The waddlin’ dog, or the cat that can’t jump. Many pet parents think their overweight pets and their ‘fluffiness’ are adorable. But, lemme tell ya – that fluffiness can lead to some serious health problems for us pets further down the line! That’s why it’s so important for you humanz with overweight pets to get em back to their perfect weight.

Real Life Pet Weight Loss Success Stories! Plus a #PerfectWeight Pet Food Giveaway!, Molly

The Struggle is Real Folks! I mean really REAL!

If’n ya don’t believe me, just take a gander at this video to see what I’m talkin’ ’bout! My, oh my! But, it don’t have to be this way! After ya watch it, my Lady wants to share a couple of weight loss success stories from our friends with ya. Then, she has a Giveaway to share with ya too! WOOF!

Here’s my Lady to tell ya more and share a couple pet weight loss success stories with ya:

Did you know that more than 50% of pets in the US are overweight? That means that more than half the pet population is not only overweight, but at greater risk for cancer, diabetes, and joint and tendon problems. As a pet parent, that cuteness turns terrifying really quick! If you’re like me, and I know you are, you want your pets to live as long and healthy of a life as possible!

Real Life Pet Weight Loss Success Stories! Plus a #PerfectWeight Pet Food Giveaway!

Pet weight loss is no easier than it is for us humans to lose weight. To help with pet weight loss of your overweight pets and get them back on track for healthier, longer lives, there is Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight FormulasThis stuff works! Studies have shown that 70% of the dogs and cats that were fed Perfect Weight pet food lost weight within 10 weeks.

Perfect Weight uses a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, prebiotic fibers, and 100% balanced nutrition together to bring a food that is both great for getting the weight off of our overweight pets and for ensuring their continued good health. Hill’s even has toy breed formulas designed to help smaller dogs achieve and maintain a healthy weight!

Overweight Pets and the 10 Week Turnaround

Overweight pets are going to need help getting the weight off. They don’t realize that being chunky is terrible for them, so it’s up to us pet parents to help them get the weight off.

The Hill’s 10 Week Turnaround is a 10 week program designed to help owners get their overweight pets back to their healthy weight. The calendar is an easy way to track what and when you feed your pet, as well as monitor pet weight loss.

I posted some pet weight loss tips in a previous article on how to help get overweight pets back into shape, but I’ll give another brief overview.

  • Consistency: Set a food schedule and stick to it so your pet doesn’t ask for food constantly.
  • Measure: Always measure out the exact amount of food for your pet.
  • Feeding Guidelines: Start your overweight pets out on the recommended amount of food on the bag, and adjust the amount according to your pets’ needs.
  • It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Remember, it took your overweight pets a long time to get where they are. It will take them a long time to get back to an ideal weight.

Real Life Stories of Dog Weight Loss!

We have been talking about overweight pets, pet weight loss and perfect weight for a few weeks now. While we have been talking about it, we have had real life fur friends that have been taking the challenge! Now, I am excited to show you a couple of our canine friends, their journey and how they are coming along.

Keira’s Journey

Real Life Pet Weight Loss Success Stories! Plus a #PerfectWeight Pet Food Giveaway!, Keira's Story

Photo credit: Trendy Pet

Keira is a gorgeous furbaby that had gotten a bit on the fluffy side. Keira had added a few pounds and was weighing in overweight at 84.4 lbs. The excess baggage was starting to slow her down from the fun things of life. Now, 10 weeks later after doing the 10 week turnaround challenge, Keira is loving life at 75.1 lbs! She met her challenge and lost a total of 9.3 lbs! Wonderful job Keira and congrats to you!

Be sure and read Keira’s journey of dog weight loss and see what she and her mom had to say! Watch Keira’s short video below to see the lovely Keira in action! Be sure and give her a paws up for such an awesome job!


Miley’s Journey

Real Life Pet Weight Loss Success Stories! Plus a #PerfectWeight Pet Food Giveaway!, Miley's Story

Photo credit Golden Daily Scoop

No disputing that Miley is one super gorgeous dog! However, she had packed on a few pounds over the winter months. You could no longer feel her ribs, she had no waistline and her energy level was down. Miley and her parents accepted the 10 week turnaround challenge and started to work on getting her back to her perfect weight!

Read Miley’s journey of dog weight loss and check out the before and after photos of her waistline! It’s amazing what 5 pounds will do for them! Miley – you go girl! Watch this gorgeous girl in action in her short video below:


Are you, and your pet, ready to take the challenge?

Here’s how you can get started! Download the FREE 10 Week Turnaround Calendar. The calender will help you stay on a routine (routine is very important). You can find lots of great information in our other post in the series: Post 1, Post 2, and Post 3. Then, we have a Perfect Weight Pet Food giveaway to help you get started!

Enter to Win 10 Weeks of Perfect Weight Pet Food for Weight Loss


Tuesday 15th of August 2017

You ask Funny or Sad on the dog with its belly dragging. My first thought was the poor baby.


Wednesday 6th of April 2016

Luckily my dog does not have to lose weight but my sisters dog could lose a few pounds so I will share this information with her.


Monday 25th of May 2015

I don't have any pets, but if I had a dog or cat I would definitely feed them Hill’s Perfect Weight food.

Kim Hampton

Sunday 24th of May 2015

Love the pics! This would be great for my dog.

Cindy S.

Sunday 24th of May 2015

This looks like a great program. It is easy to lose track of a pet's weight gain. The longer you wait, the harder it is. Thanks for sharing a great solution to this common problem.

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