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Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

Your pet means a lot to you, so you’re likely aware of what your pet looks like when they’re sick or hurt.

They might act differently, or you might notice that your pet has symptoms that indicate that they might be sick or at the very least uncomfortable.

These are some of the most common signs that your dog, cat, or another type of animal needs care from a professional veterinarian right away.

Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

Bloated Abdomen

If your pet has a swollen or bloated belly, take them to the vet right away.

A swollen abdomen can be a sign of a Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV), which occurs when gas builds up in an animal’s abdomen because the stomach twists, and this is always a medical emergency for a pet.

The buildup of gas can happen quickly, and if it isn’t taken care of, the stomach can swell to the point where it cuts off blood flow to surrounding organs.

While some cases of stomach bloat won’t progress into GDV, you never know when it will, so simply monitoring it at home can be very dangerous.

Large golden-colored dog being examined by vet

Difficulties Urinating or Defecating

When your pet can’t poop for more than a couple of days, you should take them to the vet because this could be a sign of a more serious health condition that needs treatment from a veterinarian.

For instance, tumors or intestinal blockages could be to blame.

If your pet can’t urinate, they might have a UTI, stones, an obstruction, or kidney disease, which can be very painful.

Vet listening for heartbeat on a cute black and white Chihuahua wearing a checked shirt

Problems Breathing

Animals that are having difficulties breathing or are constantly coughing could have a number of medical problems.

For instance, they might have something in their throat that’s causing them to choke, or they could have lung cancer, pneumonia, or an infection.

It’s also possible that they have heart disease.

Small brown puppy being examined by vet

Bloody Stools

Dogs get bloody stools for a variety of reasons, including bacterial and viral infections, which could need immediate treatment.

Some other explanations for blood in stools include stomach ulcers, parasites, and trauma to the gastrointestinal tract.

When you have a pet, you should know what kinds of signs you should look out for so that you know when to take your pet in for an emergency visit.

Some types of illnesses can wait until the morning, but other illnesses can progress quickly, so it’s important to take a pet in as soon as you notice certain critical symptoms.

willow l

Tuesday 15th of March 2022

this is a very important post! most people should know these info but too many don’t. thank you for this!💕

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Monday 14th of March 2022

Thanks for sharing, it's important to recognize these things

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Monday 14th of March 2022

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Debbie P

Monday 14th of March 2022

It's never a bad idea to be extra mindful of how your furry friend is acting etc.. Sometimes it's the little things. Thanks for the article.

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Sunday 13th of March 2022

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