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Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl: Quench Their Thirst On-The-Go! #Review #petpalooza

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Welcome to the Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl Review
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You know how you humanz are always hauling around water glasses and drinks of different sorts? Well, have ya ever thought that us pets get mighty thirsty when we are on the go too? Well, if’n you ain’t  – we do! Ridin’ in the car, we get all excited and get to pantin’and then our woofer gets so dry we can’t even bark! My Lady has tried all sorts a ways for us to get a drink, usually endin’ in a mess WOOF! The other day she got us a new fangled Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl from our favorite friends over at

Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl: Quench Their Thirst On-The-Go!

For a minute I thought my Lady was goin’ a bit on the daft side! That thing was flat as a pancake! Now, how on earth did she s’pect us to drink outta that? Well, lemme tell ya – it’s magic! It popped open and turned itself into a bowl WOOF! I’m tellin ya! It was pure magic! While I try to figure out ‘xactly what I saw, I’ll let my Lady give ya the scoop on this magic bowl!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl

With 7 dogs of all different personalities, they still have one thing in common  – they stay thirsty! It doesn’t matter if it is hot scorching temperatures outside or cold winter days, they all pant like they are dying of dehydration! While at home, of course that’s no problem. But, what if you are traveling or going to the vet or other short trips? A short ride to the local vet can have mine panting and begging for water. In a moving vehicle it’s hard to find a way to bring water along for the thirsty canines. Water bottles make a mess and I’ve found that the dogs waste more than they actually drink. With my “not so small” pack, we’ve had a lot of trial and error finding a comfortable routine and a way to keep them hydrated on the move. The Solvit HomeAway Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl  has solved our troubles!

Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl: Quench Their Thirst On-The-Go!

The  Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl holds up to 8 cups of liquid to quench your pets thirst while on-the-go. We take our collapsible pet travel bowl on our trips to the vet or whatever short trips we are taking. It’s perfect for getting out, stretching the legs and having a quick drink and snack and it is large enough to accommodate even our big Ozzy!

I love the wide base! I have tried a few travel water bowls in the past that were smaller at the base and they just end up getting turned over. The Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl stays upright, making it ideal for trips! You can even use it in a moving vehicle if need be.

Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl and Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats

On Sallie’s latest senior visit to the vet, we took a detour and had a little fun first. If y’all remember, Sallie has major anxiety issues with going to the vet. We thought a little fun on the way might help her out. We strolled through a couple of trails at a local park and then it was snack time. The Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl was perfect for a quick break. Sallie thoroughly enjoyed her Wilderness Trail Treats and water before we continued on our way.

The Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl measures 7.5 x 7.5 x 4.5 inches and includes a helpful carrying strap for easy transportation. I LOVE the strap! If you are hiking or enjoying nature trails, you can fold it flat and clip it to your belt! With the Solvit collapsible pet travel bowl, it is easy-peasy to keep your dog hydrated wherever you are! I am loving ours and my dogs are probably thinking – why have we not been using this “magic bowl” all along?!

Purchase it!

The Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl is an amazing and very inexpensive way to ensure your pet stays hydrated, or fed, wherever or whatever you’re up to! You can find the Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl at our favorite company –!

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For more information about the Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl and other pet supplies visit Fan them on Facebook and follow on Twitter! They are my go-to place for pet products and supplies! You don’t want to miss out on their sales and specials!


Sunday 26th of April 2015

It is so important to keep your pet hydrated and this looks like the perfect solution when your on the go.

Michele Ash

Saturday 25th of April 2015

Thanks for the Fantastic Review on Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl: Quench Their Thirst On-The-Go! This product is wonderful! It's terrific to take if you are on a long car ride or camping or even going to visit grandmom! I just love how this bowl flattens itself out and pops up to put the water in it for your furry babies! I just really love this bowl!!! I'd most likely use it all the time! Thanks for sharing your fantastic review, all the pictures of your babies, and the personal and professional information on Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl: Quench Their Thirst On-The-Go with all of us! I honestly truly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele :)


Sunday 19th of April 2015

This would be great for traveling, no more messes.

Michele Ash

Wednesday 15th of April 2015

Thanks so very much for the Fantastic Review on Solvit Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl: Quench Their Thirst On-The-Go! This Bowl is absolutely Terrific! I know that when my babies go to the vet, they are always panting and all in the car! Also, when they get done getting groomed at my friend's place, they are panting all over the place when they get in the car! They don't however get that way when they travel in the motorhome! I wonder why? We generally keep the motorhome up at the race track all summer. If Tim decides he's going to race and it's a double weekend (meaning they race Tim's class on Sat. and Sun.), he'll go up first and get the motorhome all set up before me and the babies come up in the car. It's about a 45 minute drive and they get a bit panty, however, they know where they are going and then they settle down! This Travel Bowl would be absolutely terrific for them and their Panting time in the car! I absolutely love it! They would too! Thanks so very much for sharing your fantastic review, the pictures, and your personal and professional information with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks so much again! Michele :)

Holly Thomas

Tuesday 14th of April 2015

This is a great product to keep in the car.

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