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Solvit Smart Ramp: Give Your Pet a Lift and Save Your Back! #Review

Review Disclosure

Y’all know I am fit as a fiddle, or at least I hope ya do! I can run and jump with the best of em WOOF! But, I gots to say my sister Sallie is not doin’ so good these days. She is an old girl and havin’ some problems with arthritis. Even before all her troubles set in she still couldn’t jump like I can. But, nowadays, when ya hear her standin’ and a barkin’, ya know she is wantin’ lifted onto somethin’, whether it be the couch, the bed, the steps, or the car. Well, to make a long story short, my Lady got a chance to check out a Smart Ramp from Solvit and you can bet she was excited!

Solvit Pet Ramp

Ya see, my Lady ain’t bigger than a mite herself, so when she’s dealin’ with us pups weighing almost as much as her it can be tricky sometimes. Pickin’ Sallie, or any of us, up would cause her back to ache and then we were in a pickle cause it meant we were stuck layin’ with her on that thing she calls a heatin’ pad!

So, I’m a likin’ the Smart Ramp from Solvit! Not only does it help my Lady, I think it is fun to run up and down WOOF! However much I like it, my Lady and Sallie loves it more! Sallie likes it cause she can get where she’s goin’ without all that noisy barkin’ and waitin’ on my Lady to come help her! Since all I know is this new pet ramp is fun and my sister likes it, I better get my Lady tell ya about it…

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Solvit Pet Ramp

As y’all probably know from previous postings, our senior girl Sallie, has been having a lot of arthritis problems in her back hips and one of her knees. The arthritis is causing her to have trouble getting up and down. You may remember, I told you the other day about the special supplements we have been giving her to help alleviate the stiffness and pain of the arthritis. They help, but I am afraid the rest is just old age. She not only has trouble getting up and walking, but you can imagine trying to jump when it comes to getting into a vehicle or climbing steps.

Unfortunately, the need for vet visits has increased for her. Not only is she a senior girl with arthritis, she also has other health problems going on. Needless to say, most of the time I am left to pick her up and maneuver her into the vehicle or door. At her weight, it puts a tremendous strain on my back and is becoming uncomfortable for her and me! That is where this nifty Solvit Smart Ramp comes in! I’m just going to go ahead and say it – this pet ramp is one of the best things we have ever come across! Check it out!

Solvit Pet Ramp info

Solvit Smart Ramps – features:


•The pet ramp helps reduce joint and back strain for pets and owners alike! Not only does it give the pet a comfortable way to get up, it saves the owner a backache from lifting their pet!

•The contrasting color of the side rails aids pets in seeing where they are so they can stay on track. The surface of the Smart Ramp is covered in a Shur-Foot tread surface, which is basically a rough coating making for confident footing whether wet or dry.


•Whether your pet needs a lift up onto the sofa, onto the bed, in the door, or a boost up into the vehicle – the Smart Ramp has you covered, making it perfect for both home and away.

•It has a sturdy design that is great for both small and large pets. If you are wondering – some of my dogs weigh over 100 lbs and it does a wonderful job.

•Dimensions: 42-70″L x 17″W x 5″H

Solvit Pet Ramp sliding together

Ease of Use

•The Solvit Pet Ramp weighs only 16 lbs., which makes it easy to use, store, and transport! It’s easy to collapse by sliding one end into the other without pinching your fingers. To extend, just pull it apart and your done! The pet ramp also features comfortable built-in handles to carry it with. It’s perfect to collapse and carry in your trunk!

Check out how we’ve been using the Solvit Smart Ramp!

Solvit Smart Ramp: Give Your Pet a Lift and Save Your Back! #Review

Here is Sallie on one of her many trips to the vet. Above, I mentioned other health problems. Well, if you notice on her back leg there is a large white spot. This is actually a fairly good sized tumor. It has been determined that my Sallie possibly has cancer. With her health issues, and at her age, surgery is very high risk. Also, they have said if they cut in and it is cancer, it will cause it to spread faster. As the spot doesn’t seem painful, for now we are doing a waiting game and checking it out often. But, back to the pet ramp. As you can see, Sallie is making it up on her own into the car. No more strained back for me or squishing on her trying to pick her up and put her in. With a small car, trying to maneuver a hefty girl like her in was really hard. She is enjoying being able to climb in on her own and is much more comfortable doing it!

Solvit Smart Ramp: Give Your Pet a Lift and Save Your Back! #Review

Miss Molly loves car rides and decided to come along. She also loves running up and down the ramp! Today, she ran up and jumped in before I could stop her. But, that’s fine! I was willing to let her come along for the ride. But, wait!

Solvit Smart Ramp: Give Your Pet a Lift and Save Your Back! #Review

She heard the word vet and said “oh no! not me”! She made a quick escape back out of the car. She darted out so fast she startled my hubs and he was reaching for her thinking something was wrong. I guess Miss Molly didn’t want that car ride after all!

Solvit Smart Ramp: Give Your Pet a Lift and Save Your Back! #Review

Once back home from our vet trip, it is just as easy for Sallie to come down the ramp. She can easily walk down, without me having to reach in and pick up dead weight and get her out of the car.

Solvit Smart Ramp: Give Your Pet a Lift and Save Your Back! #Review

At home, our back door is our favorite place to use the Solvit Pet Ramp. Our back steps are a little steep, but this is the door all the pups use. For Sallie, it has been a chore to go up them especially. She would stand and look, rock back and forth getting a good start, then barrel up them. Just don’t get in her way or it would end with her falling. Then, there were days when she was really in pain and just couldn’t climb them. She would look up at you and let you know she needed help. Here again, we had to lift her into the back door.

With the Solvit Pet Ramp, she can make it up just fine! No more lunging! And, no more lifting! Sorry about the blurriness, but she is going up at a good pace. She is ready to get back to her soft bed for a long nap!

We are extremely impressed with Solvit Smart Ramp! Not only is it easy to use, easy to carry with you, but it makes it very comfortable for my pets! Ironically, if I had a pet ramp a couple of years ago, Sallie would never have had the knee injury that is causing so many problems in the knee now! She tore the ligaments in her knee attempting to jump into a vehicle! Not only did she spend months in pain and limping then, now she has severe arthritis in her knee! Yep! If I had only known of such a device then, I could have saved that accident from happening!

I do have to say, there is a slight learning curve for some pets. Once telling Sallie what to do and patting the pet ramp, she went right on up. I think she is part human or it comes with her old age wiseness! While a few of mine took to it like ducks to water and thought it was fun, I had a couple that I had to work with for them to know what they were suppose to do with it. By attaching them to a leash and showing them, it only took a day or two for them to catch on to what it was for. Then, they were using it like pros.

On that note, I would strongly suggest getting one of these nifty pet ramps from Solvit! Not only will you save your back, give your pets comfort in climbing, but also prevent accidents that can easily happen in the blink of an eye that can lead to other health issues! We are truly loving our Solvit Smart Ramp! I only wish I had it years ago! The Smart Ramp can be used inside or out and is great for all pets, especially seniors! You can find the Smart Ramp at Solvit. They carry different types and sizes of pet ramps, so I’m sure you will find one that meets your needs! While you are there, don’t forget to check out their amazing pet safety harness we told you about! From getting your pet in the vehicle to safety on the road, Solvit has you and your pet covered!

laurie murley

Sunday 27th of September 2015

this looks like such a great product, I would love to have one

Christina Strapp

Sunday 27th of September 2015

This is pretty awesome and something I could have used for my senior. All my dogs are seniors now but they are little except for my foster dog. She is bigger and has a hard time getting in and out of the vehicle. I usually only foster seniors so this would be perfect!


Sunday 27th of September 2015

Well written with great pics. Like the paw prints left on the ramp too. ;) Glad they are all enjoying and putting it to great use. :)

Richard Hicks

Sunday 27th of September 2015

This is a nice ramp and essential if you take your dog with you often to other places


Sunday 27th of September 2015

These are awesome! Would love to have one for my dogs. Thanks for sharing!

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