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Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness is a Necessity to Keep your Furry Friend Safe! #Review

Review Disclosure

When my Lady gets ready to leave the house, all us pets start beggin’ to go. We all love to go a ridin’, especially me! I love to to sit back and see all the sites go by. As the world whizzes past, I sure see a lot of things I’d like to give a sniff WOOF! I like ridin’ with a some of my brothers and sisters, but some of em just don’t know how to act. They are all over the place! Trying to run back and forth in the seat, tryin’ to crawl up front, and just bein’ a pain. It kind ruins a good time when your’re worried ’bout gettin’ stepped on! On top of that my Lady says it ain’t safe for us to be jumpin’ all over the place like that. But, she also says that ain’t the only reason for usin’ a Car Safety Harness.Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness is a Necessity to Keep your Furry Friend Safe! #Review

She says a Car Safety Harness will help protect us if we get in one them crashes you hear about vehicles gettin’ in. One of my pet friends was in one of them crashes and ended up flyin’ right out the vehicle! While flyin’ sounds like fun, he said it was scary and it hurt. So, I’m right proud of the Car Safety Harness from Solvit that we’ve been tryin’! I’m sure it’ll hold me in this drivin’ machine cause ya should see the heavy duty buckles on this thing! I’ll let my Lady tell ya all the particulars. I’m just glad to know it will help keep me from that scary flyin’ my friend told me about WOOF!

Here’s what my Lady had to say about the Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness

One of the very first things I do when I get into a vehicle is buckle up. I don’t do it because it is the law, but because of safety. If not for a seat belt, I would have been seriously injured in a wreck a few years back. Well, the same goes for our furbabies. You hear it everyday! In a wreck, they can easily be thrown out the window or through the windshield if they are not buckled in. It’s taking a huge risk of them being seriously injured or running away from the scene in an accident and getting lost.

On the other side of the coin is the factor of what Molly was talking about. Some dogs will sit and be perfectly behaved while riding, but others can be a major distraction when they are jumping around and trying to crawl over the seat. This could actually cause you to be in an accident. Either way, the best thing you can do for your dog’s safety is to buckle them in too! While we have always used harnesses for this, we recently had a chance to try a Deluxe Car Safety Harness from Solvit.

Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness is a Necessity to Keep your Furry Friend Safe! #Review

I think you already know that Solvit is one of my favorite companies for pet products. Well, this is no different! I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and strength of the Deluxe Car Safety Harness! While made for safety, they have truly thought of everything and kept the comfort of the dog in mind!

How does the Car Safety Harness Work?

The safety harness works with your seat belt system. After putting the safety harness on your pet, the straps works with your seat belt system to hold your pet steady – more or less like a seat belt for your dog! While protecting your pet, the car safety harness also provides enough range of motion that they can sit or lie down comfortably, but not go running all over the vehicle. It provides security in the case of a sudden stop and reduces driver distraction.

The Deluxe Car Safety Harness’s design has been crash-tested in a DOT-approved facility according to leading industry standards. The harnesses have also undergone extensive static testing to 3000+ lbs. to ensure strength and durability.

Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness is a Necessity to Keep your Furry Friend Safe! #Review

The strength-rated straps are attached to a fully padded vest, which has a breathable inner layer for optimal comfort. You can see in the picture how padded it is! I think my dogs would agree that the padding is so much more comfortable than the thin ones I have tried in the past!

Solvit Pet Harness sizes

The Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness is available in four sizes:

  • Small for pets from 6-25 lbs
  • Medium for pets from 20-55 lbs
  • Large for pets from 45-85 lbs
  • Extra Large for pets from 60-120 lbs.

Most of my dogs are around 100 lbs, so we chose the Extra Large.  I love that there is leeway in adjusting the straps to fit the shape of your dog. I have tall dogs, short dogs, bulky dogs, etc. While they may all be around the same weight, they are all shaped different. So, I love the fact that one car safety harness can be adjusted quickly and smoothly with an adjustment to the strap to get the perfect fit for which ever furry friend I am traveling with. Once you get to your destination, the safety harness has a convenient place to attach your leash, making it easy and convenient to lead them down the pet ramp to your destination.

Check out this short video that shows exactly how the Deluxe Car Safety Harness protects your dog – It’s also eye opening on just what could happen – EEK!

For us, a Car Safety Harness is as necessary as seat belts for us humans. Our dogs are important members of our family and they deserve to be protected too. If you have ever been in a wreck like this, then you understand exactly what could happen! I want to know that if it happens to me again that my dog traveling with me is just as protected as I am!

Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness is a Necessity to Keep your Furry Friend Safe! #Review

My dogs all love the Deluxe Car Safety Harness. They are perfectly happy to wear it and be “buckled up” because they still have a bit of range to move. They can sit, lie down, and move to a certain extent. What they can’t do is run all over the vehicle, climb into the front sit and create distractions going down the road! I hope we are never in an accident, but I feel so much better knowing I have given them the ultimate protection! For anyone with a dog, I would highly suggest looking into a Deluxe Car Safety Harness! It may just be the ultimate gift of life for you and your pet.



Tuesday 11th of September 2018

Looks like a great product. Our dog is that one who alway wants to jump around while riding a car , we need this harness

Christina Strapp

Sunday 27th of September 2015

I need these for all my dogs! I think it is important to have harness and special seats for dogs in the cars. Keeps everyone safe while driving.


Sunday 27th of September 2015

Looks like a happy harness. :) Your last photo s a fave of how happy she looks even in the harness. GLad to hear that it is better than ones you have tried in the past. THanks for the great review.

Richard Hicks

Sunday 27th of September 2015

Such a simple but effective device. Everyone needs this


Sunday 27th of September 2015

Everyone should use these for their fur babies. Better safe than sorry! Thanks for sharing this!

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