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Home Remedies for Dogs with an Upset Stomach

Dogs of any breed, shape, or size can experience acute intestinal distress, commonly known as an upset stomach. Serious cases of upset stomachs in dogs require veterinarian care. For the occasional, mild cases, there are several ways that you can treat your dog’s upset stomach naturally. Treatment options vary depending on the severity. Take a look at these symptoms, causes, and home remedies for dogs with an upset stomach.

Home Remedies for Dogs with an Upset Stomach

When our pups have an upset stomach, it is certainly no fun for them or us! And, if you have a pup, you know they do have an occasional upset stomach.

The trick is in trying to figure out why and what to do about it.

While an ordinary, ate something that didn’t agree with them type of tummy trouble, it is possible to treat it at home.

However, please keep in mind, the severity and how long it last, as an upset stomach can be a sign of a more serious illness that requires a trip to the vet!

Let’s move on to some common symptoms and causes of an upset tummy in dogs and then we will discuss some natural treatments you can try at home.


Before treating a dog for an upset stomach, it’s important to understand the symptoms of the problem to eliminate other more serious illnesses.

A dog with an upset stomach will typically experience diarrhea, vomiting and/or gas.

When these symptoms are severe, you may be dealing with an illness more serious than a simple stomach ache.

During the phase of stomach upset, the dog’s appetite and energy levels may decrease.

Some dogs will eat grass when they have a stomach ache.

Causes of an Upset Stomach

Common causes of stomach upset in dogs are most often related to something the dog has eaten.

A change in diet, overeating, the wrong type of food or an allergic reaction to an ingredient can all lead to stomach upset.

Physically, dogs can experience stomach upset from motion, stress, or trauma.

Natural treatments

Treating a dog’s upset stomach naturally involves finding the underlying cause and treating the symptoms.

At the very first sign of a stomach ache, owners can begin a 12 to 24 hour fast by eliminating all food.

VetInfo does not recommend fasting for puppies for longer than 12 hours.

In some cases, water is also eliminated; however, dogs that have severe diarrhea or vomiting need water to prevent dehydration.

Following the fasting stage, begin a very bland diet and provide plenty of water.

Bland foods include rice and skinless chicken or turkey. Foods should be cooked and unseasoned.

Cottage cheese and yogurt are also good choices during the first stages of food introduction following a fast.

Dogs that are refusing water can be offered ice chips or an electrolyte such as Pedialyte mixed with their water.

Over-the-counter medicines designed for humans, such as Pepto Bismol and Kaopectate, are often used in treating upset stomachs in dogs.

For Pepto Bismol, VetInfo recommends “one teaspoon per 20 pounds of weight, every four to six hours for stomach upset” and for Kaopectate, “give one teaspoon per ten pounds of weight, every four hours for stomach upset.”

However, Jon Geller, DVM, advises that Pepto Bismol “will not be effective for diarrhea, since it only acts on the stomach and is long-dissolved and absorbed by the time it reaches the large intestine.”

A short fasting stage followed by a simple bland diet is the most common way to treat a dog’s upset stomach naturally.

If your dog does not respond to this remedy or the symptoms prolong or worsen, seek veterinary medical attention to rule out a more serious health condition.


Sunday 6th of January 2019

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Thursday 3rd of January 2019

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Julie Lundstrom

Friday 28th of December 2018

Some good information for me when my dogs stomachs get upset. I never thought of Cottage cheese. I will remember that one.


Thursday 27th of December 2018

my dog ad cat all got sick this yer and i gave them pep to and it cursed them pep to have pill i have them on hand for the pets

Sarah L

Monday 24th of December 2018

Good things to know if I ever get a dog.

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