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How to Keep Your Dog and Cat Safe Outdoors

Keeping pets is arguably one of the best decisions you could make. Pets enrich our lives in a way nothing else can and they provide us with companionship and unconditional love. However, if you aspire to be a pet parent, you must know that there are certain responsibilities you will have to deal with. One of these is to keep your dog and cat safe outdoors.

Here are a few tips to help you do that.

How to Keep Your Dog and Cat Safe Outdoors

Fix your fence

The first thing you must do if you are to keep a puppy in your yard is to make sure your fence is up to the task.

Take some time to thoroughly investigate whether it has some damage where your dog could escape.

If you’re dealing with a little digger, consider enclosing a part of your yard and adding a flooring option that is both suitable for your dog and impossible to dig through.

Make your garden safe

Even if you have a well-enclosed, well-maintained outdoor space for your pets, there might be hidden dangers lurking around.

For instance, do you know what common plants are dangerous for your puppy?

The same is true for cats.

Something as harmless-looking as daffodils, lilies, or tulips can do harm to your pet if they were to consume it.

Therefore, examine your garden and keep this information in mind during your future landscaping attempts.

Make your pet identifiable

Cats pay absolutely no mind to fences. There is no way for you to prevent your feline friend from straying away.

In addition, some puppies can be especially crafty at escaping.

In those cases, you have to be prepared in different ways.

An easy way to make sure your pet will find its way back to you is to equip them with handy dog and cat tags.

You can have their name engraved on the front and your phone number or address on the back.

This way, if your furry friend gets lost, the founder will have an easier job getting them back to you.

Protect them against ticks

Ticks are a serious threat. Pets that spend a lot of time outdoors are at risk of getting a sickness that these parasites spread.

Therefore, it is of crucial importance that you regularly protect your pet against ticks.

There are all kinds of products on the market for this purpose. So, find the one that best suits your pet and apply it regularly.

Track their whereabouts

If you want to be always aware of where your pet is, you have several options.

The most straightforward one is perhaps having a microchip inserted under their skin.

Your vet can do this and you can rest assured that you will find your pet if they get lost.

You can also consider investing in a GPS tracker collar.

This technology allows you to follow your pet wherever it goes through an app you can install on your smartphone.

This is especially handy if your pet has a tendency to stray often. It will keep you from having to go looking for them through the streets.

Spay or neuter them

Of course, there are several reasons why you should spay or neuter your pets.

For cats especially, it also serves the function of keeping them safe.

Neutered male cats are less likely to stray far and get into fights with other cats.

This extra step will help you prevent your little troublemaker from getting hurt.

Carry water

If you go on long walks with your dog, don’t forget to always carry water for them.

You do not want them to get dehydrated.

During the summer months, you have to make sure your pet doesn’t get a heat stroke.

Besides water, you might also want to equip your dog with a cooling vest in these cases.

It’s not an easy job to keep your dog and cat safe outdoors, especially cats that tend to wander away.

However, you can at least make your garden a safe place and implement preventive measures, such as tick protection and identifying tags.

Good luck in keeping your fur baby safe!

Sandra Preti

Tuesday 4th of June 2019

All great tips! We must protect our furry friends <3

LeAnn Harbert

Monday 3rd of June 2019

These are all very good tips and suggestions to keep in mind.

Hannah Evans

Sunday 2nd of June 2019

interesting read

Christina Gould

Saturday 1st of June 2019

I had a dog that could chew his way out of any fence. I miss him. Thanks for posting!

Richard Brandt

Friday 31st of May 2019

Nothing worse than having outdoor cats and having new neighbors move in whose pit bulls start eating holes in your fence.

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