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Top Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet!

puppy and kitten, spay or neuter

Puppies and kittens! Everybody loves ’em! So sweet and adorable!!!

rottweiler puppy, spay or neuter

Ain’t this Rottweiler puppy so cute? Must be what my sister Sallie looked like 🙂

kittens, spay or neuter

Or, how ’bout these bright-eyed lovable kittens?

german shepherd puppies, spay or neuter

Or these German Shepherd puppies?
My sister Maggie looked like this once upon a time!

Ok, the truth is folks – all puppies and kittens are cute, adorable, everything sweetness and all that jazz!

But, ya know what? Lemme tell ya the truth ’bout the matter!

Surprise! They grow up!!!!!!!

And, then you human folks don’t seem to think we’re so cute anymore 🙁 Unfortunately, that’s where things go really bad for us furbabies!

Well, I am here to tell ya a little ’bout it today!

I was a cute little puppy at one time myself believe it or not – freckles and all!

But then, somewhere ’round 5 or 6 months them folks that had me must a decided I wasn’t so cute no more.

They set me loose one day to make it on my own, boy that was scary!

I ’bout died ‘for I found my lady!

Oh yea, I know I hit the jackpot with her!!!

But, a lot of my furbaby dog and cat friends arent so lucky 🙁

They are still runnin’ loose out there, tryin’ to fend for themselves and havin’ a hard time of it!

Sometimes things happen for different reasons, but I am here to tell ya folks – the best thing ya can do is spay or neuter your furbaby!

It could, and would, solve a lot of problems us furbabies are havin’.

It is a simple thing to do at that vet’s office.

Yea, me and my sisters have all had it done and we only had to stay there for one day.

I mean I know I am just a mixed breed, but like my sister Maggie – she is a full-blooded, and registered, German Shepherd!

But, my lady didn’t plan on no puppies and said the benefits of having it done would outweigh not doing it.

I trust what my lady says!

She has only been good to me. So, lemme tell ya ’bout a few of those “benefits” she was a talkin’ ’bout.

Before I get started, just know she also says “the younger the better”!

I was like 6 months, but I think my sisters were only 3 months when they had their surgery.

Seems I had to have some shots first. Anyway, it wasn’t bad.

Not sure what they did to me, I know I was up and playin’ the next day – so oh well whatever 🙂

Reasons to spay or neuter your pet:

Females – Reasons to Spay

Ok, so if your furbaby is a female, do you know she will live longer if she is spayed?!

Spaying helps prevent breast cancer and uterine infections. Oh, and if you can do it ‘for her first heat cycle it helps too!

If you don’t, and you have her in the house, you will have to deal with heat cycles and furbaby diapers!!!

My lady use to breed German Shepherds and I have heard her talk about what she had to do.

She said she had to put doggie diapers on the females when they were in their cycle!

Can you even imagine?

Lemme just cut to the chase here and say it the way it is!

It is compared to a lady in her cycle. Does that clarify it enough?

Come on folks, just use your imagination!

Males – Reasons to Neuter

If your furbaby is a male, neutering helps prevent testicular cancer if you do it ‘for they’re six months old.

Not only that, it will solve a lot of these UNWANTED litters happening. Ummm!

I guess furbaby males seem to need to spread their wild oats too!

If your male furbaby is outside, he won’t have an urge to go roamin’ ’round, jumpin’ fences or diggin’ under ’em to chase them cutie pie females 🙂

I mean think about it! If he isn’t neutered, he might take a notion to go chasin’ one of them females and get seriously hurt in traffic or get lost!

Plus, he will be a much better behaved furbaby fer ya!

I know some of those cat friends, and dog friends, of mine will start a sprayin’ things everywhere, includin’ in your house if they ain’t neutered.

I’m not too up on male behavior, maybe they think us females might like that smell.

But lemme tell ya – ya really don’t want that happenin’ cause it is really, really a bad odor – BELIEVE ME!!!

Or, maybe I just think that ’cause I’ve been spayed. Who knows?!

I just know my lady wouldn’t put up with that sprayin’ in the house!

Pet Overpopulation:


Did you folks know that every year there are lots of my furbaby friends die and get put to sleep just ’cause there are to many of us to take care of!

I mean come on folks! It’s not a lot to ask is it?

It doesn’t cost all that much if ya think about it.

If ya have a litter ya didn’t plan on what’s that gonna cost ya? Or, what if your beloved furbaby gets into a fight out there ’cause of it and gets all beat up? What are those vet bills gonna cost?

Miss Molly begs you to please, please think on it a bit!

We are all cute when we’re little, but we do grow up and need a carin’ for!

Just sayin’, me and my sister Sallie were unwanted puppies for whatever reason. But, my lady saved us!

But lots of my friends aren’t so lucky! I don’t like seein’ ’em in them shelters or a dyin’ when it can be helped!!!!!

Oh, and by the way!

If you are a lookin’ to adopt a new puppy or kitten why not give your local shelter a try!

There are a lot of my friends in there that would make ya a really good and grateful friend – just take my word for it PLEASE 🙂


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